Restoration Hardware Source Books Catalogs App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English

Seller: Restoration Hardware, Inc.

Minor bug fixes

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Browse, search, zoom, bookmark and shop Restoration Hardware from your iPad or iPhone. Our Home and Outdoor & Garden Source Book App offers hundreds of interactive pages filled with furniture, lighting, bed and bath linens, drapery, flooring, hardware and more.

Bookshelf Feature:
- View catalogs through an internet connection
- Download catalogs for viewing offline
- Navigate between catalogs within the bookshelf
- Our newest catalogs will be pushed to your iPad and iPhone automatically

While Viewing the Catalog:
Finger Swipe Navigation
Pinch to Zoom
Single or Facing Pages based on device orientation
Share to Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Email
Convenient Table of Contents Browsing
Thumbnail page slider
Fully-indexed search

Customer Reviews

  • I love restoration hardware


    Why are your products so expensive!

  • Download the catalogs!

    by LoneMule

    I see a lot of negative reviews on here and I wonder why!?! You have to download each catalog individually once you download the app... If you do as the app suggest it's great and you can view offline! Why do people only write negative reviews. Nobody bothers to say anything when it's positive. Great app RH! It's nice to be able to browse when I'm not connected to wifi or data.

  • Great app!!

    by SBonner

    Fantastic company!

  • Great way to shop

    by Spinferno

    Great app. I use it on my IPad and have no I technical issues as others. I love the fact that I can click on an item and be taken to the web site to order the item and /or get more info on size and selection. Better than a catalog, easy to navigate and inspiring.

  • Leave the coffee table catalog

    by _wish_bone_

    I love that I can take it anywhere I am, what a great reference tool!

  • Horrible

    by AppleTimNC

    I'm getting the same download errors that other users are reporting. What a bad reflection on the brand and the quality of its products. They should fire whoever made this app, and get it fixed ASAP. Even the design of the app logo is not in keeping with iOS7.

  • Download doesn't work

    by sslbun

    What a shame. We have so many clients who love their products. It'd be so nice to be able to bring the catalogs with us to meetings and browse via iPad.

  • Wasted opportunity

    by Elwood-66

    Seems like listening to your customer feedback regarding the app is a fail. Looks like RH has some great product but not being able to download your largest catalogue is a huge problem that is being ignored. The link for app support is a ridiculous entry to a labyrinth. RH is better than this, the app should be too.


    by RiverbendIL

    Well, this was a waste of time. I also can't download RH's current Fall 2013 catalog. I get the same error code that other reviewers are getting. Hey RH - please fix your app!

  • Download Error

    by Everyone has the same nickname

    I am not able to download the Fall 2013 catalogue.

  • Fall catalog cocoa error

    by No Complaints Here

    Can't download the Fall catalog using the RH app. An attempt to download displays cocoa error code 256. Please fix the download.

  • Not good!

    by acendero

    The store is great! But the app is not. :-(

  • Did anyone actually...

    by LeeHarrisReview

    Test this app? A classic case of "well, it worked on my machine" and that would be where it probably should have stayed. Like the rest great brand so shame on you guys for releasing this

  • Worst app I've tried

    by odomamo

    The thing doesn't even work. Gives you error code right away

  • Broken

    by Wino91015

    I've used this in the past, it currently does not work please fix!

  • Don't bother!

    by Sptierney

    App does not even open after it's installed! Worthless!!

  • Errors plus Annoying

    by Sector3

    Same "cocoa"error downloading as everyone else. Navigation barely works. Slow and gets stuck often. Seriously lame. Is this developer serious?

  • Totally worthless

    by Meliss r

    This app is just a frustrating much slower version of reading the catalog. I deleted it within minutes of downloading it. It is useless as a way to browse their products.

  • Needs more development, not ready for implementation!

    by North Whidbey island

    This app is useless. Doesn't open properly unless you're on Internet. If I wanted to look through catalog via the web, I'd open in safari. Needs more development! Great store and products, make the app measure up to the brand name.

  • Horrible

    by Kristynf24

    Doesn't even work!!!

  • Dead on arrival

    by No Signup pls

    Someone in IT needs to get fired..the web site is slow and the App doesn't work.. However, I Love their paper catalog,

  • Slow slow slow

    by mark212

    Another example of designers not making the transition from Photoshop to iOS. Basically a WebKit wrapper that downloads massive photos. I'm on wifi at home and this is slow as molasses, even swiping to the next page hangs. Worthless

  • This app is a joke

    by Lbhlbhlbh

    this app brings shame to this brand.

  • Worthless

    by hotziggity

    You read that correctly

  • Poor attempt at an app

    by jrd4t

    Love the store but this is almost useless. Try again guys - it's worth the business you'll get. Even if you can't shop the app, showing real inventory is better than shoving PDFs of your source books into the App Store.

  • App needs revision!!!

    by Aveline Rose

    I love this store, but the app is terrible. I have yet to be able to download all sourcebooks. Try one at a time, but you will still likely end up w/the cocoa error message. Wait until they update the app before installing.

  • Not yet

    by PBT001

    This app obviously is not finished yet ! Back to work guys.

  • Virtually Useless - Don't Waste Your Time

    by Paul Fazzone

    Provides an error message ("cocoa error 256") when trying to download catalogs, so I can only view catalogs with an Internet connection. I don't need an app for that!!! Tried customer support - it's a third party & they were unhelpful.

  • Awful, Useless, Slower Than A Turtle

    by Hoppysport

    What a dead app. Don't even bother. Great store, terrible implementation. Get it together.

  • Disappointing

    by Sperry3310

    Expected an app that would allow me to shop online with a format designed for mobile devices. This app is almost useless! If I wanted to simply peruse a catalog I'd rather have the actual catalog as it is easier to read and sells the products much better. I love RH but this app needs work.

  • weak

    by Chetwynd2000

    clunky, slow, pretty weak effort guys. but, you have great products so stick with that core competency. :)

  • Terrible App!

    by chloe3938

    I have been trying to find roman shades for an hour. I have the catalogs, now I want to order online not search slow, clunky PDF files of the catalogs. Can't even find the products. Very surprising for this great company.

  • Buggy. Fails to launch!

    by mtv3906

    Don't bother downloading. Launching the app does nothing. The screen sits there with no network activity, nothing!

  • Bugs!!

    by Chris in Raleigh

    Love this app before, but recently it locks up at the title page as everyone here recently has said. Love to know when this will be fixed!

  • Crash bugged

    by ajmorris79

    You can only use it after the initial download, then just the logo appears and you have to delete the app and re-download it. Definitely bugged.

  • App crashes

    by mike brown

    Love the app, but after it is downloaded, that is the only time I can use it. If I close the app and restart, I just get the logo. It definitely has bugs. If it gets fixed, I will re rate it.

  • App won't open

    by UNEARTHEDhouseofleather

    Nothin beyond re restoration hardware logo. Won't open, can't access a single thing.

  • Little Bummed

    by Joecaveman

    I have downloaded the app 3 times with the same result. A single screen with the Restoration Hardware logo. Nothing else. Hope it gets fixed. Until then disappointed.

  • Not great

    by Alex22314

    I honestly don't much care for it. I think the app is a huge miss. It's basically a collection of PDF document catalogs. Small spaces, outdoor, etc. I thought i would be able to browse the full site kind of thing. Like my home depot or lowes apps do. I'll prob delete the app or just never use it.

  • Technically inept

    by KaelinDesign

    When I downloaded this app, I was very much looking forward to a wonderful browsing experience. Unfortunately, this app is served by for Restoration Hardware. I opened the app, and received an error pertaining to retrieving information. So I visited the app support link. Only to discover that Dirxion's entire site is currently unavailable. CloudFlare promises they'll be back soon. It is the height of ineptitude that if a company overreaches their data allotment all content served is summarily cut off. Redundancy goes a long way people!

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