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Seller: Punchtab, Inc.

Sort the list of giveaways by popularity, newest, or ending soon.
Search the list for prizes or sites.
Already entered giveaways will be indicated with a badge, and can be hidden if desired.
Bug fixes.

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With Giveaways by PunchTab you can browse an extensive list of giveaways and sweepstakes powered by PunchTab's technology and enter to win a multitude of different prizes. Surf for websites and brands you know, or enter to win based on the prizes you want!

Customer Reviews

  • Brilliant idea just too buggy

    by blueeyeleo

    Loved it when I found this app to be able to enter giveaways on my iPhone. But it will not LIKE anyone on twitter I can click the icon until the cows come home and it just won't do anything. I filed a report with them months ago and guess they just don't want to fix it. One would think by now their customers would notice not much fan increase on twitter. But if you only want to use some of the entry methods this does work but any sweeper knows less entries makes your odds go down the crapper.

  • Pretty nice

    by Ninjapayer

    I like this app! It is really fun.

  • Pretty

    by Dudemaneghomie


  • Good App but...

    by Plaws525

    I uses to be able to follow people I twitter to earn entries but I can't anymore. What happened? Please fix!!

  • Twitter bug

    by Amandapandalol

    Won't let me follow people on twitter. Everything else I'm satisfied with.

  • Pretty good!

    by Prada0825

    Would be better with a share option for facebook and a list of all the sweeps by punchtab instead of just a few.

  • Good but......

    by ;6;/)@:6&(79

    It's good but it would be better if it had a search bar

  • Awsome!

    by Vvplayer06

    I love this app so much!

  • One Thing

    by PM2126

    I can't follow anyone on twitter to get more entries on this app, everything else works though

  • Cool

    by PinkColorLover

    I hope I win something!

  • Great App

    by Brent's Films

    Every thing is setup perfect and runs great! This is a 5/5 app! Just please make an IPAD APP! That would be awesome! Also no bugs and runs great on iOS 6!

  • Follow on Twitter doesn't work

    by Wesden

    Please fix the big bug that doesn't allow us to follow people on twitter!

  • Don't install/Spam

    by Moe

    Thought it was cool at first. First complaint was can't get much detail about the sweepstakes, just generic explanations. Next complaint, It wouldn't allow the "follow on Twitter" for additional entries...lame but ok, deal with it if other entries work. It will send the Tweet though. Then, every one of my followers got spammed through a DM. This is the only app I have allowing Twitter access. Not cool!!!

  • ???

    by Emagggg

    Has anyone won anything ???

  • How to use this

    by Obeybigjay

    Have some one won some think in here or how it work to get ur stuff ? Help

  • Not worth it

    by Richard Lanois

    I won head phones fr app but never received them and when I wrote to email that was sent to me it was deleted and there is no one to write to to complain about app or prizes Will be deleting app

  • Hacking

    by Crystalwatch

    I used my Twitter account to sign up for the giveaways on here, only to find within minutes pornographic links posted on my Twitter page. Do not recommend this app.

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