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-Upgrade to support iPhone 5
-Updated with latest cheats

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Everyone need a little help sometime with their favorite game.

Cheat Guide For Xbox 360 give you the best and most up to date information.

Customer Reviews

  • Ads and crashes

    by Nesbittboy

    Too many ads and crashes on me from time to time but over all good app

  • Awesome app

    by bcschaub

    Really good app! Lots of fun!

  • Osaka kid 187

    by Daikoku futo

    It's nice.

  • Best app

    by BlackOpsFan2014

    I can't find a app like this it's amazing I use it for codblackops it really helps

  • Good app but needs to be updated

    by HDfkkfsukc

    Update the app to get more new cheats for new games such as AC4,GTA5, COD Ghosts, and more other wise it's a great app

  • Jinny cache

    by 8bookie21

    Pretty straight to me


    by Wit tames

    I don't care about the ads. It has so many games!! Wether they are old or new. Also the game cheats are also tips and hints.

  • Update Grand Theft Auto 5!

    by Idff

    Good but update new games like GTA 5!!

  • Good

    by Gqevsuvfrccvtkddikk

    I already knew all of it. But it was good for beginners that don't know anything about the game. 4 stars

  • Love it

    by Mza0315

    Love this app, every time I get stuck I just look my game up.

  • Great app

    by Billy7134

    I got so much done on GTA IV with the cheat codes! Thanks, Billy.

  • Cool

    by Cool it has server crashes

    Awsum app guys download it (its super)

  • Has Problems

    by SnowSniper08

    Good app, but there are a few issues. There need to be more cheats and games listed on it, ads pop up too much, and when you click on some of the cheats there are no cheats at all just a message saying gay marriage is good for gaming.

  • Lalakers#1therethebest

    by Lalakers#1therethebest

    It's awesome!!!!!!! The best app you could get lol

  • Review

    by Halder-grabb14

    Not too bad. Was hoping for something more

  • Hella coo

    by gerrytart74

    Is aight

  • Xbox

    by Carol5438

    It is awesome

  • Quaint app

    by AnotherDarkLink7

    Nice app.

  • Problems

    by Minecraft profession

    To many ads and my search bar "broke" !!!!!

  • Helps out a lots

    by Tjvoss130

    It's a really good app

  • Adds

    by Minecraft pretty good game

    All this app is is adds anytime I open it all I see is adds and that's why I deleted don't download wast of time there are way better apps

  • Help

    by 1233445456647687788900

    I can't get past the first page, the one with the compass thing on it!!! If I get it to work, it had better have minecraft on it!

  • Ads

    by Ducky ducky duck duck

    An add pops up, literally every five seconds!

  • Please don't download wast of time

    by HotPinkZombie

    Adds every 3 scent and when you do touch the right button it sends you to a add Big wast of time

  • terrible

    by Jesiah334

    i got it 80 seconds ago and am already annoyed, instantly you get a pop up ad every 8 seconds, if you can somehow stay in the app without it redirects you to some website and then the AppStore every 5

  • Afoul!

    by XcceLL

    Don't download this unless you like pop ups taking over your screen! Get this crap out of the App Store apple!

  • Bad

    by W0rgen

    There is a lot of pop up adds and it doesn't have skyrim cheats even though it says that it does

  • Terrible

    by EDtheMAKER

    Too many ads; terrible UI, the developer should pay people to download this crap-app.

  • Huh?

    by Tyhalo10

    I looked up halo and on a bunch of the cheats at the bottom it said 'gay marriage is good for gaming' WHAT THE HECK!

  • Stunk

    by Great game lover(((!$!)))

    To many ads and what are the controls can't stand it! ),:

  • No adds

    by Uuuuu jeeeelllllyyyy bbbrooo

    I hate the deal if the day it pops up I hit the ex out and it somehow thinks I clicked to get the app which I didn't just take that away and it'll be great

  • Stupid

    by Stuntbackup

    Don't waste our time on this dumb app. You can't even look at the cheats because ads pop up constantly! Even when you close the ad another one opens up within seconds!

  • Gay marriage?

    by AmyLynnHubb

    In the banjo kazooie: nuts and bolts game with the mumbo crate guide. If you scroll to the very bottom it says “Gay marriage is good for gaming.” I was wondering if you guys could fix that

  • Thank You!

    by Ushiboy

    Oh my god, thank you for putting the effort into this app! It brings back the memories of having a cheat book nearby while you play a game. Thank you for bringing back that experience! :)

  • Game

    by Coolcats3743

    Good game

  • Ya

    by Dakotaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


  • Amazing

    by Lasdghjk

    This app is great. It also has all the coordinates i need 4 just cause 2

  • Best App ever

    by Skullcandy127

    Has everything you need to know for almost every game!

  • Ty

    by SuperSwaggKid23

    I love this app

  • Good app

    by Suchetk

    It's cool I m alone on xbox if some body wants to talk then my gamertag is suchet1999

  • by Megster2463

    Hey I'm bored anyone up for some Minecraft?

  • Having issues

    by Froggy love pie

    Your application will not let me type in the search bar. Pretty annoying when I can't find a game to try to type the name and I can't...

  • Missing some of the simple things

    by Taterman36

    It works fine, but you need to include some of the simple things such as how to earn achievements

  • Don't get it

    by Gaybaredie

    It froze my iPod for like 30mins and did nothing

  • Wont work

    by Bigtexas1212

    Please listen to me do not get this app the people that are rating it five stars and crap are just trying to scam u this app do not work


    by rdswear

    Do NOT waste your time. This app does nothing. Nice graphic of a button though.


    by Sneakyassasin57

    I have hade app fore 10 minets and its crashed 8times

  • Boo

    by Tycvn

    Big rip off can't even get on

  • Scam

    by Simaan Barday

    No cheats

  • BAD

    by Killerpanda2012


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