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Free for the next 5000 downloads! Get it now!!

Want to master your game? Then this is the app for you!

Cheats Guide for PS3 - has the largest cheats database for PS3 in the app store.

-search over 200,000 cheats
-save your favorite cheats for later use
-chat with other gamers

Cheats Include:

-The Walking Dead
-Prototype 2
-Sniper Elite V2
-I am Alive
-Devil May Cry
-Ridge Racer Unbounded

..and many many more

New update is always FREE!

Customer Reviews

  • To many ads!

    by Let's go PS3 players great app

    Wonderful app but Crashes to much,has to many ads which makes me think someone is PAYING THE OWNER OF THE APP TO HAVE IT'S ADS! But good app.

  • Fantastic

    by Wish it Worked1*

    Great for all games i have. BIG help with skyrim.

  • PS3 cheats

    by Arc mind

    Great app ton of games and the codes work super

  • awesome!

    by Hunter Cook

    friend me- Buffdarkly

  • We Want More Apps Like This

    by KirbyGuns

    Read the Title We want more cheats for different Consoles Plz!

  • Turn on airplane mode

    by Rickaaayyyy

    Turn on airplane mode and no advertisements!

  • Awesome.

    by Anynamers123

    Best playstation 3 cheats guide

  • Good

    by A.C. Chills

    Really good

  • Best

    by Bdjdjrj

    Ok 2 word best app helped me out with some of my old games thx u for this app I read like it

  • Cool!

    by Numba144

    It keeps saying " gay marriage is good for gaming"???????

  • Cool

    by Og app

    Cool app

  • Ps3 cheat

    by Leatherneck 1/7


  • Great

    by Black_Fire_469

    Fantastic for kinda old games. Also easy to use. The only people that don't like it are little kids that want cheap ways to finish a game when cheat codes don't even exist for their certain games.

  • PS3

    by CheezeMan--->

    This is awesome

  • Title

    by Cpt.winterfeld


  • Why

    by 10ginger10

    It won't let me use the search engine!!!! And I can't find skyrim on it!!

  • Yes

    by Fez def


  • ,

    by Hubba bubba 2


  • Batman Arkham city

    by Piff*

    Does it really work

  • Epic

    by Sara D'Auray

    I love this app

  • PS3 cheats

    by Bratbaby

    Is not letting me sign in with favebook ect ect.

  • Horrible

    by joshbgosh10592

    I was forced to tap on at least 3 ads, and had to close the same popup ad about 4 times all within less than a minute. Still have no idea how to even get cheats. Deleted.

  • Add's junkyard!

    by Cupertiino

    Add's, add's, add's

  • Full of ads

    by 1Dskillz

    Full Of ads every second

  • Notification

    by Justin Lawler

    The app has a notification that will not go away, its kinda annoying, i click on it to het rid of it and it wont go away. Please fix.

  • Don't bother

    by Random names potayo

    Barely opened the app and had to close 3 ads, all in a row. Ads also pop up at random times in random places. Google for the win

  • Lousy

    by Bigbigdoug

    Don't get

  • Gfdtyhf

    by Jake the kid


  • Stupid

    by Qaummaluk

    Most stupid apps out there!!! Keeps getting pop ups,it annoying!

  • Useless and slow

    by Doomsail6

    It's so slow it crashes at the title and its useless and annoying. DO NOT GET...EVER!!!!!!!

  • Useless

    by Republican hater

    It only says what the idea of each game is. That is easy and explained. I toyed 5 different games and it was either not listed or stated the obvious.

  • Useful

    by Esso88

    I found this app really easy to use and informational. Turns out there are lots of cheats and glitches for The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

  • Better than most

    by McBraden

    Not too bad. Has a ton if games and it's free.

  • Awesome

    by Big bad buster

    Tells cheats and stuff. Awesome. It's free get it

  • Good

    by Jshehsjshs


  • Actually pretty useful

    by Chickennipples13

    I found the app really useful, I found out a lot of useful cheats and facts

  • Awful

    by Qhshakqvs

    Literally every 5 seconds an ad comes up and every 10 it kicks me out and takes me to the app store! Don't waste your time

  • Dont waste ur time

    by PEANUT BUTTER!!!!

    It quits everytime u log in if u really want this kinda app download the first one.

  • Cool

    by Lznuckols


  • Great

    by Huh secured

    It's amazing, but I don't know what it is but it's missing something

  • Awesome

    by Joeyvotto

    It has a million games

  • Grate app vary helpfull

    by Hamerabe

    To manny adds

  • It's Okay

    by Awesomeman26473765

    I like cause useful ( as in I don't have to go on the Internet and open a tab and look for it on different websites, all the codes are in one place ) But the ads are annoying but please dont flash the the ad when I'm about to scroll it always make go to the app store and I can't even scroll peacefully for 5 min without an ad appearing

  • Ew! This app is terrible.

    by Wazzagga

    Holy crap! If you have a phone that can use apps anyway, just look the cheats up online! It will be so much faster than having to X out of 3 adds, close the browser pages it keeps switching you to, and finally locate the game you wanted to cheat. Or you can just fricken google it and have an instant answer. This app seems like it would work okay.. But you cant even read the details of the cheat without safari opening up and interupting with an advertisement. Just make it a paid for app, theres no point in enduring the annoying amout of interuptions here.

  • epic

    by z5hadow

    does not require Internet and has like every game but what's with the "gay marriage is great for gaming that keeps poping up

  • It's awesome

    by Parkourkid7

    Awesome cheats

  • Decent

    by Godlikewarrior

    It has it's uses

  • Terrible

    by Lindsey Welch

    I didn't last 2 minutes after being forced to click on advertisements....terrible

  • Okay -

    by freddy anthony

    Is good to knoe bout games but too much add's ..

  • Has good skyrim stuf

    by Orionzion

    Its good

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