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Languages: English

Seller: Maria De Lourdes García Chavez

+ include all new pokemon from X and Y

+ check all new pokemon from # 650-718

+ type xy on search bar for show only X and Y pokemon

Good feedbacks help us to improve and keep the program updated, please support us with your feedback, we are current updating locations and extra info for new pokemon from X and Y thanks for your compression and your support.

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The most complete poked stats, including all up to date pokemon description also all X and Y new pokemon.

718 full detailed pokemon including:

+ Totally Offline, you don't need internet connection to use this app.
+ Tech table
+ Type defenses
+ Stats
+ Pokedex descriptions
+ Evolution charts with images
+ Moves learnt by level up
+ Pre-evolution moves
+ Egg Moves
+ Move Tutor moves
+ Moves Learnt by HM
+ Moves Learnt by TM
+ Sprites
+ Where find each pokemon
+ Pokeathlon stats
+ and many, many more features.

get today at special introduction price of 0.99

Customer Reviews

  • Great app, but...

    by DanielIzDuhMan

    Need locations for pokemon in x and y, but overall great informer.

  • Pokemon

    by Anargo's

    Good job like the app a lot

  • Needs 6th gen

    by uyecwiuerfbwiue

    Needs 6th gen information and sprites and the mega evolutions

  • Great App!

    by Bringmepie

    A few suggestions: 1. Please add the Mega Evolution pictures and the locations of the stones. 2. I noticed the “‘pokemon' is compatible with these technical/hidden machines” line ups really don’t make sense. I understand the listing is for a particular version, but all the versions are bunched up on the top of the particular section, making it a little confusing. I would suggest “‘pokemon' is compatible with these technical/hidden machines in ‘black/white/rudy sapphire/etc.” You could potentially remove the small shortcuts with that. Keep up the great work with this app! Very Impressive!

  • Almost perfect

    by Read this if your gay

    We need the ability to set the pokedex into generations to easily scroll through the Dex. Other than that, it is filled with plenty of useful information on each pokemon. Please add that little option and the app will definitely be perfect.

  • Great reference but needs to be updated to iOS 7

    by Steele71

    Great reference but needs to be updated to iOS 7

  • Great

    by Dhrnnfjr

    A ios 7 redesign would be great though

  • Nice for a dollar

    by Makafloka

    This app is nice but it is missing xy stats/learn sets for the older gen pokemon. And it looks like it pulls it data from pokemondb.com.

  • Great, few improvements

    by Ryanrasch

    This is great app. Use it all the time, but a few additions can be added. Like move explanations and being able to look at Pokemon in a region other that x&y

  • Lucario

    by Arianamadsa

    Here is where to find him; Diamond and pearl: iron cave Go in. Right stairs. Talk to lady. After you get her thru the cave, she will give you an egg. Accept. That egg is riolu. Congrats. Run aroun on ur bike. It will hatch. There you go! :3

  • Sometimes

    by I wub dubstep

    Sometimes it crashes after coming out of whatever pokemon index you were in. Otherwise the info is on the dot.

  • Good app

    by Alison83

    The app is good but u need to work on locations please.

  • Incomplete

    by Whorse_mpeg

    Waiting for an update to fill in missing information

  • Good

    by Dreno148

    But it would be great if there was a favorites tab and shiny forms.

  • Great overall

    by Masterniles

    App is pretty solid right now. A lot of good info at a touch. Easy interface. Needs to be updated though. Lots of info is outdated. Worth the buck.

  • Pokedex pro

    by Knightcross13

    Hey I like this app n I what to now when is the next update pls n thank u

  • Better than in game

    by D@rkrai iz boss

    Best pokedex app ever. Easy to use and great info. Needs extra X &Y update. If that happens five stars!

  • Mega Evolutions???

    by NaomiLerman

    i think this app would be better if it had mega evolutions. other than that, it's perfect

  • Worth 99

    by parker1ceo

    Everything is good but whenever you close the app it restarts which can be kinda annoying

  • Amazing App!

    by DisneyDuck09

    I really find this as a really useful app, however there are some things I wish were included in this app. - I would love to hear the pokemon's cry from the video games - More updated info on Pre-Gen 6, Fairy Type Pokemon But other than that, this a really amazing app, and probably the best pokedex that there currently is on the app store.l?klyuuky

  • Liars

    by Auston McIntosh

    Total crap. Makes you spend $.99 but then you don't get what you pay for. The worst interface. Worst details. ABSOLUTELY NOT UP TO DATE WITH THE NEWEST GENERATION'S INFO. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!

  • No x and y

    by Mayhem15

    Cool app but you guys need to put details on pokemon for x and y like you wrote it down.

  • It's not updated with sixth generation

    by coolmario69

    The screenshots show it's updated with the new Pokemon and it's typing but beyond that, that's all you're going to get it. The app doesn't have a native feel at all. The list of Pokemon you're going through feels like it's part of the app but after you click on a Pokemon, it sends you to this web-style page where you have to pinch to zoom in to see what it says but even then, the information is outdated as it's giving you information on generation four and five. Everything just feels disorganized. Consider going on a website that shows you the current stats of a Pokemon instead of this app.

  • Layout

    by Crash21man

    This is a pretty good app, but it needs improvement. So far, I have been using it for about 20 minutes and it has already crashed on me twice. Also It would be better if it didn't look like a webpage and more interactive. It looks like I am online and I don't like that very much. Other than that it is a straight forward app and gives you some of the information you need

  • Could be better

    by Psycle2049

    There is no support for multitasking. X & Y info is limited. This app needs a serious overhaul.

  • Not updated

    by Tidalslam

    Clefairy is still a normal type (along with others) even though it has has additionally been a fairy type for almost three months now. Unreliable information

  • Truly Amazing

    by CoLaBe97

    Has everything you could possibly need all in one convenient app. I love it. If you're a Pokemon lover, get it. :)

  • Just a copy of pokemondb.net

    by Sad Burnt Toast

    This app is just a crude list that allows you to look at an outdated copy of pokemondb.net. I'm quite disappointed since this doesn't have anything the website doesn't, and the website is actually up to date. I'm asking for my money back. Save your time and your money, this app is garbage.

  • Not what I expected

    by Pefiln

    Is great for a simple pokedex but it is pretty much just a copy of the Bulbapedia page. Wanted something to help track the pokemon I have caught. Might be great for some who do not have internet but not much use for me.

  • Luv it! Awesome! Too much scrolling...

    by bbteddy

    Luv the app! Whenever I'm watching the anime and Ash takes out his pokédex, I'm like, "Not this time buddy," and I take out my phone and read it and then like, "Hah! I know more than you!" I've also invented games to play with another person!

  • Awesome

    by Tridentace

    Most pokedex apps make you buy extra regions for additional money. This one doesn't. Easily worth the dollar. Seriously, buy this.


    by waffleboy187

    This pokedex IS NOT UPDATED TO X AND Y! Sure it has the Pokemon but Pokemon types aren't updated. For example, Snubbul should be a fairy type but he is not in this awful app. It is not reliable at all. The UI also stinks. It is not iOS 7 at all. GO GET OAK INSTEAD. It is more expensive but worth it with reliable info.

  • Great Pokedex

    by Shaymin77

    By far the best pokedex app out there. Should change the pokemon that went to fairy type like jiggypuff and add hidden abilities but totally worth $1. Also you need to complete the moves and stats for kalos pokemon as well as shiny sprites.

  • Heh. Brother loves this

    by Phatfil12

    Now that Pokemon X and Y are out, are you able to update the app to include their 3d model? That would be a nice optional addition.

  • Great app one problem not too big

    by Preacher71509

    On the older pokemon ( at least 1st gen didn't check intensely ) can fairy weakness be included in type weakness ( say dragonite can it say weake to fairy and so on ) other than that it's a great app

  • Wishful Thinking

    by DaveInStereo

    Great app for $1, but it needs some work: • Definitely needs a GUI update to iOS 7 standards. •I'd like to see the "information sheet" either thinned down on the side so it doesn't fly all over the place or be an actual window of coded information and not a .pdf. • Needs a Movedex, Itemdex, and Abilitydex.

  • Wishful Thinking

    by DaveInStereo

    Great app for $1, but it needs some work: • Definitely needs a GUI update to iOS 7 standards. •I'd like to see the "information sheet" either thinned down on the side so it doesn't fly all over the place or be an actual window of coded information and not a .pdf. • Needs a Movedex, Itemdex, and Abilitydex.

  • Please update

    by J. Rue

    X and Y have been out for over a couple months now. This will be five stars when you add full details for x and y

  • Good app

    by Masterbash

    Very helpful like their previous pokedex app but writing is to small as well with everything else and you have to zoom in to see anything good app but please add ios7 accommodation

  • Good but...

    by Pyrocow

    Good app but really needs an update for xy

  • Needs more info

    by grim1ock

    Good app, but missing most X&Y info including where to find any of the Pokemon.

  • No regions

    by Sarina Miller

    There needs to be more info and the pokemon needs to be separated into regions from Kanto and all the way to Kalos and maybe also the cries of pokemon and an iOS 7 update

  • Crashes

    by M at the UU

    Good app and the display is easy to follow, however every time I click on a pokemon to read about there info it crashes!! Need to fix that!?!

  • FINALLY! An inexpensive Pokédex!

    by Yoshi's #1 fan!

    I have seen many Pokédexes on the App Store for 5 bucks PLUS another 2 per region! This one is ONE dollar. Every Pokémon, even from Pokémon X and Y! If you're looking for a Pokédex app, this is the one!!!

  • Hmm?

    by car to low

    Needs a better update. With areas of pokemon and all that good stuff.

  • Great app

    by Karbsguy

    Love this app. Never crashes or has problems but the only thing keeping it from perfect in my eyes is that you can't tag which pokemon you have caught. That being said it's the best pokedex on the market and well worth only a dollar you have to spend.

  • Um

    by MechaSonic

    Terrible. Ugly UI. Doesn't list location data for anything in XY. Waste of a dollar.

  • Best pokedex but....

    by Bubblyisbeast12

    This is a wonderful pokedex for anyone looking for one. Has all the pokemon stats, moves, etc. But it could be a bit better. 1. Sprites for the XY generation 2. A seperate tab for Pokemon search. It should include region, type, what pokemon can learn which moves,etc. 3. A complete list of where to find TMs and HMs in each of the games.

  • Best pokedex app ever!!!

    by Mlbfreak97

    This is so useful for playing Pokemon!!!! It gives you all the info you could want!!!

  • Pretty good, needs more.

    by Joeyyyyyyyyyy Z

    This app is great, but I feel like it could use a lot more. Like if there was an option to set the Pokémon up into their generations. It gets annoying to scroll and everything too. It’d also be good if they had town maps and where you can find the Pokémon, but my biggest concern is how you can’t separate by generation. That should definitely be added to an update in the future. It’d be cool to have a strength and weaknesses chart in here as well.

  • My reveiw

    by Tyler schussman

    I really like the app, but when will you add the mega evolutions?

  • Still love Bulbapedia but this is a good second

    by Princesshetawriter

    It still needs to update gen 6 pokemon locations and shinies. New fairy type should be added to previous gen pokemon. Only had info on pokemon no items or gyms. No info on items at all (like what a pokemon might be holding it when you capture it.) Decent information for people with no Internet yet want to look up stats and such.

  • The best!!

    by zefaiella0823

    99 cents is wayyyyy better than 25$ for the "official" app. Must buy but plz update for X/Y soon!

  • Ok

    by Omgthisissofunbut

    This app is ok it gives you basic moves and stats and location but it seems that it's a copy paste from an actual pokeweb site that gives more detail than this if they add some other features besides from just a scroll up and down pokedex than that would be better but for this is not that great

  • It's great

    by Dmndtwm

    Love the update. Can't wait for the next one.

  • I'm confused

    by Nekoliea

    When I got this app I loved it. Then when I updated it it stopped working. When I tap a pokemon I want to see it just crashes.

  • Update #1-649

    by Jraymarsh

    The earlier gen pokemon need updates for X/Y Otherwise it's a great app for its cost

  • Worth it!

    by Dude24681

    I enjoy all the features that the app gives me. But I continue to have the problem of the app quitting every time I try to look at a certain pokemon... Even with the new X and Y update I can't view them. Please do fix to make my app more enjoyable.

  • Gotta Ketcum All!!!

    by lolololol789

    Thus is by far the best pokedex app I've ever seen. Definitely worth the dollar

  • Good, need something more.

    by Wooyi

    Good pokedex app but needs extra for five star. Like Clicking on evolution to navigate. Where to find for X&Y iOS 7 design. Overall good

  • Great!

    by Nickname 217

    Very helpful and full of information! Pokemon is the best

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