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Languages: English


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- Fix Boxset D ( In-App Purchases )
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Customer Ratings

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3 Ratings
All Versions:
39 Ratings


Emoji 3 Emoticons - Use 5000 Emoji 3 Emoticons & Gif Animation Emoji 3 Emoticons in your Kik Messenger, LINE, KakaoTalk , Messages, Emails, WhatsApp, WeChat, Twitter, Facebook, Weibo, Assign to Contact, Save to Camera Roll, Print & Copy ...

- Home Page: Hello, Touch, Angry, Cry, Love, Surprise, Happy, Grimace, Goodbye ( 450 Emoji 3 Emoticons )

2500 Emoji 3 Emoticons & 2500 Gif Animation Emoji 3 Emoticons

- Boxset A ( Crazy Girl, Fat Pig, Lucky Bear, Fish Rabbit, DD Cat, Beer Beer Cow, Fat Rat, Lucky Chick, Askar Dog, Skeleton Demon, Copy Cat, Cute Cat Princess, Wood Cat, MissuBear, Kungfu Paradise, Xiudou Bear, Dante Giraffe, Pear Duck, Funny Frog, TNN, DoDo Dog, Tupa Empire, Hey Li Cat, Pistachios, Bubu Tiger. )

- Boxset B ( Fung Fung Rat, Tutugo, YoYo, Little Dinosaur, Mocmoc, Maomaoshu, Doje Dog, Shaven Head, Samwoo, Seven Girl, Cuckold, Bobi, Stupid Cat, Magoo, Panst, Pineapple Head, Peas, Star Cat Baby, Gold Sparkle, Tuzki, Abnormal Monkey, Wretched Man, Beer Baby, Lecherous Cat, Amoy Peach. )

- Boxset C ( Anky, Potato, Dance, Yellow Face, Douwa, Hobo, Jon Jon, Y Box, Uncle, Wula Tortoise, Wu Li, Stupid Eagle, Rabbit Pui, Convex Sheep, Variety Fox, Stupid Pig, Black Ear Kitten, Milk Bottle Boy, Worm, Q Duck, Chestnuts Monkey, Ginger Egg, Snails Abu, Owl, Dou Dog. )

- Boxset D ( Hana, Gold Pig, Big Mouth, Strawberry Girl, Meow Cat, Blue Snail, Power Boy, Rabbit Ears, Cow, Vampire, Presto Dragon, Yu Guo, Red Beans, Guapizai, Cauliflower Baby, Egg, Panda Girl, Basketball Boy, Rice Head, Monster, Stupid, Ba Fu, West, Rice Chicken, Bad Cow. )
- In-App Purchases ( Boxset B, Boxset C, Boxset D )


*2500 Emoji 3 Emoticons Can Support WhatsApp, LINE, KakaoTalk , Kik Messenger, WeChat, Messages, Mail, Twitter, Facebook, Weibo, Assign to Contact, Save to Camera Roll, Print & Copy...

*2500 Gif Animation Emoji 3 Emoticons Can Support Messages, WeChat & Mail


FREE of charge by sending GIF Animation by iMessage

iMessage is only applicable for iPhone with iOS 5.0 or above.

User Guide:

1. Start up the app "Emoji 3"

2. Choose one picture for the category you like

3. Press "Gif Animation" button at the bottom of the screen

4. Choose any animation you want

5. Press "Messages" button
6. SMS function will be automatically started up

7. Find a recipient who has activated the function of iMessage

8. Ensure wording "iMessage" is shown in content bar
9. Tab content bar once

10. Select "Paste" to paste the saved animation

11. Press "Send" button


- Support iPhone 5 (4-inch Retina Display)

Unofficial Product. This application is the sole creation and responsibility of KYK. This application is not endorsed by or affiliated with WhatsApp Inc. WhatsApp Messenger, its name, trademark, and other aspects of the app are trademarked and owned by their respective owners.

If you believe that there has been a contravention of your proprietary rights, please email details to iphoneulink@gmail.com

* Do NOT copy this App, you will be held liable to the fullest extent of the law.

Customer Reviews

  • Cool

    by Ruth1285

    Cool App!

  • Love the pics

    by Huajia pa

    Great image, wish the size is adjustable and wish it was easier to use with social media apps

  • Emoji 3

    by Bozzykitty

    I love this app and I have been using it since it first came out. Each one is better. The only thing I hope for is when I insert the characters that are suppose to animate, they don't. Maybe this could be fixed? Love Emoji!!!!

  • I like it a lot..

    by Istivary iPad2

    All those icons always makes me laugh.. It's so cute..

  • I like the app, but I thought you would gimme the whole app

    by Im like totally unknown.

    I thought you didn't have to buy section 2,3, and 4.

  • Great App!

    by Conelrad58

    Fun and interesting!

  • It's okay.

    by Catiemack

    They need a middle finger emoji!

  • Love it!!!

    by Skyler2500

    Soo cute!!! I love this app,my fav has got to be skeleton daemon!

  • Ok

    by Zane102.738

    Okay, needs more faces though

  • Lovett!

    by JuJu

    Love it!

  • Ehhh

    by Willyphilitny

    It's ok

  • I like

    by Lightning Dust #1

    This is a great app! But you could add more faces but other wise it's AWSOME!!!

  • Best emoj annimated app ever! ❤❤❤

    by nardeana

    It does work!!!!! U have to click on the emoj animations to get to the animated pics! It's on the bottom of the image u choose. If u dont then u will just see static pics and u can use those too. And to use the emoj keyboard u have to install it in general settings then to keyboard settings and use emoj. It works u just have to learn how to navigate the page! It's really easy and super fun animations! Love this app!

  • Emoji

    by invrno99

    Works fine for me

  • Emoji

    by Pucca1414


  • Nice

    by mr.Almohannadi


  • Stupid app

    by Cocared

    It says you can integrate it with your keyboard and that is a lie!

  • Not accurate info

    by pinkluvvr

    States on the first screen shot that it is intergrated into the original emoji keyboard but it is not. It is not right to state that especially since it's a paid app.

  • Don't buy!!

    by Gregory Wagner

    It makes messages lag (very slow). It doesn't download to keyboard so you have to cut and paste the individual emogi. The artwork is lousy too. Waste of $.99

  • Fake

    by .(.(.) unknown

    It is not integrated in the emoji keyboard, it seem's to be. I would not reccommend buying this, i want my money back

  • BOO

    by The MAS


  • Review

    by SuperMomSuperRN

    I initially bought the app because I liked he emojis but I am unable to download the app. I'm not sure if its because I already have an emoji keyboard on my phone.. But these new emojis are not showing up and I would truly like a refund!!

  • Not cool

    by Hmendoza762010

    Don't get the emoji's that they offer

  • Hate new update

    by Wifey0929

    I paid $1.99 for the old version and had a ton of cute emoji. Today they updated and I have 1/4 of the emoji and they want me to pay $6 for 3 more boxsets!! And they changed the emoji. They were cute before. Now they're ugly! I want the old version back!!!

  • Why??

    by Residentjimmy

    I love the one emoji now this new ones don't work as well!! I try to get the new ones and I have to buy them!! There are 3 new set.. But they don't work to but then cause they take a long time to load but it ask you to buy again and again so I don't like this emoji now!!!

  • It doesn't work

    by Peechure

    Don't bother. It's a waste of money and time -.-"

  • I can't use

    by Fuzlsel5

    Ever since I downloaded I haven't been able to use the emoji's. they tell you to install it but I have and still have the same old emoticons I've been using so what's the point of having something I can't use!

  • Good

    by Shorty Vegas

    Well love the app noi don't

  • Save your

    by Rgmac is bored

    No new emoji in this app , shame on them.

  • waste of money, dont buy

    by nikking122

    there is no emoji keyboard, i m using os 6.1.4, there is not button to activate this thing. all u can do is copy and paste it to the message. waste of money

  • Ok

    by Rottylady1

    It's just ok

  • Emoji 3

    by Yayapamela

    Stupid app. Waste of $$

  • It's not working for me...

    by Phialuv

    It won't show when I click on the Emojies Keyboard! I think that's why most users are saying its a bad app...I know I regret it!

  • مزييييييف

    by Alatawe

  • worst app ever!!!!!

    by Oddball#1dog

    dont buy it stinks!!!!

  • Horrible!!!

    by gIb0

    Its not emoticons to put on ur txt, is just pictures u can attach.... Big waste of money!!!! Dont buy it!!!

  • Horrible

    by Ashley Cunningham

    Doesn't work waste of money

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