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  • Publisher: Gismart
  • Updated: Jul, 21 2012
  • Version: 1.61
  • Size: 23.4 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Gismart Limited

Minor bugfix

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Our new interactive cars encyclopedia is the most informative and entertaining encyclopedia you've ever seen. It includes all cars released from 1941 till 2012 with their detailed specifications

◆◆◆ What’s inside ? ◆◆◆
150 manufactures
3400 models
8500 pictures
16500 modifications

◆◆◆ And the best part ! ◆◆◆
You can choose cars and go drag racing
You can compare and analyze two cars
Find out what’s hot and what’s not in the cars you like

This handy app is an automobile world in your pocket !

Customer Reviews

  • fine

    by Prometei7

    fine app about cars

  • Cool

    by Hendrick piedle

    Awesome but I wish u could race every single car

  • Sorento

    by Raperas

    Kia sorento from 2007 , it has 170 hp, not 140

  • Good car options

    by Alex3-553-675-

    Still needs to make them all race And missing the zl1

  • Racing

    by Bonetc

    Very intertaining

  • Nice

    by Bloonsy

    You need to add some more cars and a little better graphics but over all nice app

  • Stopped working

    by Ponch&Jon

    I cant even open the app anymore because of this update ( on iPod touch 5) but when it worked it was great!

  • Great Idea weak execution

    by Baalic

    Such a great Idea, although I find most cars have the specs wrong. And I mean the factory rated specs, not just underrated or overrated numbers, just flat wrong numbers. That's no a big deal when you can fix, but having to submit it for review each time is absurd, should be optional not mandatory. It says car mods also, what car mods, apparently this isn't implemented. So far, it doesn't seem to bad, cars could be listed better, the calculator for 1/4 and 1/8 are decent, but the 1/2 and 1 mile dont account for drag coefficient, and cars seem to top out well before the "max speed" posted. Given not all cars can top out in a mile, but not all cars will stall at 85 mph for a full half mile. Not bad, but needs some work. Paid the .99c and feel as though this app is not deserving of being a paid app..

  • Okay..

    by Carfreakboy

    Hopefully more car models available in the next update like the Subaru BRZ, Camaro ZL1, Subaru GL. There are lots of models but I wish I could race a lot more cars because most of them aren't available. Otherwise good app.

  • Great App

    by jrooney22

    I love this app

  • Rip off

    by ThisAppIsARipOffforTheIpad

    A complete rip off for the iPad.

  • Ehh

    by Cayut

    App is good when it works properly but it is extremely buggy lately.(wasn't before) some cars go in reverse at the drag race start line and some cars close the app when you race them! Please update and fix the glitches

  • Used to be great.

    by Pezho405

    This used to be a really good app before the stupid update. Since the update there's a few inaccuracies. And you can't race some cars you could. Also photos are inaccurate

  • Horrible

    by Nathan658

    Got new cars but can't race half of them they got good company but the pictures like the corvette stingray is on there you can't race them

  • Horrible

    by Zjfjfcnj

    Completely innacurate! Please fix car stats!

  • Horrible waste of a dollar

    by Asdfman16

    I don't usually get upset over a dollar but this is frustrating. 20 percent of the cars listed you can't even race with, like the Subaru legacy 2.5 for example, it just says not available. There is also no ability to edit the cars yourself to do the things you want to them. Especially because the stats of all of the cars are off, making actually racing the two cars together pointless. It could be good, if they add the ability to modify the cars stats to what you want instead of having to submit a change to the app creator. 2/10

  • Fun, but...

    by ShikataGaNai!

    The app is fun to mess with but it's not accurate, doesn't support any kind of modding or social features, and is just bullcrapped about in the description. The racing and car support could use some serious work. Get the free version, but don't waste the dollar because it doesn't do hardly anything they say it should.

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