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  • Category: Catalogs
  • Publisher: Gismart
  • Updated: Jul, 22 2012
  • Version: 1.61
  • Size: 24.87 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Gismart Limited

Minor bugfix

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Our new interactive cars encyclopedia is the most informative and entertaining encyclopedia you've ever seen. It includes all cars released from 1941 till 2012 with their detailed specifications

◆◆◆ What’s inside ? ◆◆◆
150 manufactures
3400 models
8500 pictures
16500 modifications

◆◆◆ And the best part ! ◆◆◆
You can choose cars and go drag racing
You can compare and analyze two cars
Find out what’s hot and what’s not in the cars you like

This handy app is an automobile world in your pocket !

Customer Reviews

  • Cool app

    by Losemik

  • Were's the henessey venom gt?

    by Siff?

    We want henessey venom gt and henessey venom gt spider.And theferrari enzo and the new veyron and the GT-R nismo and that we can drive them all.(only that we know their acceleration and top speed

  • Plain fun for quick comparisons

    by Wyn7711

    Great idea to have a rough idea how different vehicles fare with wide variety of choices

  • Nice

    by Diiiego100

    Cool app

  • Lincoln Towncar i need it

    by Lisa Libonati

    I want to see a lincoln town car race!!!

  • Very informative app

    by Frolog

    Very informative app, huge choice of car makes! Good job!


    by Jackson Amoroso

    Super awesome game but all cars need 2 b raceable

  • ???!

    by Love zonda R

    I don't think that real

  • but

    by vicugojgic

    great app but, they should add too many cars to the race list

  • Spectacular

    by Jjoe112

    Love the app has so much to offer

  • Awsome

    by Olegtolmachev

    I love it

  • Luv this app!

    by gmadea56

    side-by-side & no cops, tickets or roll overs but no pinks either!

  • Car racing

    by Hoodie#100

    Incredible game accurate facts and huge selections

  • Superb app.

    by ManjuDX

    App is surely fantabulous. Really great info. But problems of crashing occurs to a large extent. V 1.4 hasn't given the bhp.

  • Cool car catalog

    by Prometei7

    Don't listen other ppl. It's pretty cool app.

  • Used to Be Awesome

    by V1.2 was Best!!

    Version 1.2 worked perfectly and most cars were able to race, now i updated to v1.3 and this app is useless. Please can Intellectsoft revert back to the working version. 5 stars for v1.2 1 star for v1.3

  • NEED TURNS!!!!!!!!!

    by Zephyr Ohanian

    I like it but I want corner so it doesn't just measure straight line speed.

  • Crash and burn.

    by M3 s65

    Constant crashing, fun app when it works.

  • Lost cars

    by monkeybannanna

    Many cars are gone now I don't know why but it happened.

  • Car crash

    by Bibby bob

    The app crashes

  • god

    by PoooooooooooiooiAgfdds

    why is there not all cars sabu.thera hasa to be all cars sabu

  • I select a car but

    by Afatherspride

    It won't select it for racing

  • Very comprehensive; accuracy is less than acceptable...

    by RPX999

    1999 Toyota Supra (Turbo): 330HP 63lb-ft torque with a 7000RPM redline????That is impossible, that literally defies the laws of Physics. Before 5252RPM HP is lower than torque. EVERY engine ever made has identical HP and lb-ft Torque at 5252RPM.Even If the rev limit of 7000RPM is reached with the maximum rated 63lb-ft of torque,It wouldn't even be close to 330HP. (HP is directly linked to Torque, HP is arrived at only by knowing the Torque and RPM)This is one of many errors made about A LOT of the cars.

  • home

    by jeheigjdk

    every time I do a race it goes back to the home screen

  • Lack of raceable cars

    by Noah Davila

    Lack of raceable cars

  • Fixes

    by Aswome men

    Please fix the crashes for the app

  • Great concept

    by Toanster

    It's a great idea however majority of the spec are wrong and the picture of the car of that year is also incorrect. It would also be better if more of the car were able to race. The interface is decent but needs more work for easier navigation.

  • Educational and fun

    by clearblue jazz

    They added trucks. I always wondered how my truck compared to others. App crashes sometimes, but you are able to pick right up where you were.

  • Whatever

    by Mohammad649

    Its sooo nice I love it❤

  • Meh update

    by USBSVA

    I don't find the database to be much better. However I did lose my list of cars I had before updating and it lacks very much in cars you can actually race. So 3 stars at best.

  • Awesome

    by Murphdogg98

    Awesome app!!!!!!

  • Cool app

    by Nick helo

    It's awesome

  • An

    by Mmmmmmmcsrs

    It decent needs more cars to race like Grand Prix gxp and others and also needs to be more accurate on top speed

  • Love. It

    by Cobbers212

    I would keep it for ever but it needs. More cars

  • It's fun.

    by james evans

    It's fun that it to it just fun.

  • Good but needs work

    by fadil

    Fun app but it needs more cars and more accurate info. i went in my car 160 mph but in this app it can go only 120

  • Fun

    by NismoLife

    I love it, I wish every car was race-able though.

  • Good

    by Richard Villaneda

    Cool app, just hope it's accurate. Could use more cars tho.

  • Love the concept

    by MeXiCaN in blood

    Should be more accurate and should have more cars race able

  • more cars!

    by Chriscotejr

    all the cars should be raceble and needs delorean dmc-12

  • Needs edit button

    by Isaduqi

    The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport can go to 0-60 mph in 2.46 seconds not 2.5 seconds and the top speed is 267 mph not 257 mph.

  • Misleading

    by Sk33n

    ... I have a car that is on this game and on the game thing I timed 0-60 in 9.7 seconds. In real life it's a 5.6 second 0-60 car

  • Bad

    by Xedg

    Not many cars worth seeing in here...

  • App

    by Kevinbell77

    I love this app please put the new corvette stingray on here! Please please please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Needs a lot of updating...

    by slipknot 012345678

    This app needs to be updated badly, better quality photos, and from what i looked at, some info was wrong. There is a lot of content but I can't trust it to be true.

  • Thanx

    by Only1kyro

    Love it...add more cars!!! Especially the newer exotics

  • Very Good!!

    by PH-BR

    The details of the cars in race can be more realist, like a Ferrari diferenciate a Jeep ;)!. But still very nice. Need more apps thats type. Can you do more?? Congrats!! *Less one star: Evo X with just 197km/h in max???? Original go to 250km/h, fix it!!

  • Great!!

    by C Groff

    One of my favorite apps. Keeps me busy all the time

  • Nice application

    by Guessr

    The best

  • Great car catalog

    by Xxevilypro

    Many many cars. Add something more than 1 mile drag and maybe a "create your own car" to race against real cars?

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