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* Fully featured Free Music & Videos Downloader!!!
* Unlimited DOWNLOAD of free and legal music, videos and audiobooks over the web!!!
* Thousands to Millions of free songs, videos and audiobooks available!!!


**Music player**
- Music playback of .mp3, .wav, .aac, and .m4a formats
- Built in repeat and shuffle mode
- Ability to play music in a folder like an album
- Music background playing (required iOS 4.0 +)

**Video Player**
- Supports .mp4, .avi, .mov, .m4v, .3gp formats
- Save videos to Photo Album
- Supports TV-Out (pre iOS 4.x)

**Web Browser**
- Browse and download music
- Bookmark manager (add, edit and delete)
- Ability to spoof browser’s User-Agent string to display web pages like Firefox

**Download Manager**
- Background downloading (required iOS 4.0 +)
- Multiple download at the same time
- Super fast download speed
- Resume interrupted downloads
- Live download progress bar and speed indicator
- Active downloads badge number
- Add arbitrary download link
- Ability to download file of unknown size

**File Sharing**
- Transfer songs via iTunes USB file sharing
- Transfer songs to and from computer that is in the same Wi-Fi network
- Send songs to friends as email attachments

**Extra Features**
- 4 themes to choose from
- Folders support (add, edit and delete)
- Extract ZIP archives
- If any songs that are not supported, ask to open in other applications
- The Lite version let you download and store up to 12 files. Please upgrade to download and store unlimited files and select more themes.

Legal Notice:

If you download a copy of video content, you must retain all copyrights and other proprietary notices contained in or on such content and material. Any material downloaded through Free Music Downloader is accessed and viewed at your own discretion and risk. You will be solely responsible for and hereby waive any and all claims from Free Music Downloader developers. We are no longer supporting YouTube in compliance with the YouTube Terms of Service.

Customer Reviews

  • Ok app

    by Linda12/1

    Ok a pp


    by Gmesly


  • Great

    by Charcoal Midnite

    It's great not too slow either I love it

  • Nony

    by Nonymaysss

    Lovely application

  • Awesome

    by Cece the awesome what what

    Awesome for itouch 2

  • AWESOME!!!!

    by BabyGirl6829

    This is by far the best music download application for Apple. It does what it says and it is well worth going and buying the full version. Best when used with!!! Everyone get this app ASAP!!!

  • So far so good!

    by Ndjahbdj

    No problems yet

  • It's just

    by Spewman69

    Freakin Spiffy, yo.

  • Hay

    by Kaymuh


  • Awesome asf it should get more rates

    by Silvabambam96

    Cool app it sholuld get more rates

  • None

    by Mgl1967

    I love best ever

  • Newbie

    by Loyal Fox Viewer

    Fair rating. Only one I found hat does what it suppose to.

  • Using is easy!

    by Mehr.Mehr


  • Like it a lot

    by Randomthot

    Some songs are a little hard to find In nice quality, but aside from that I like it a lot

  • Ool

    by if u love shooting


  • Yup

    by Valex63


  • Like

    by Sabrina Rodriguez


  • Awsome

    by Angrypackofelfs


  • Ahh :)

    by iFail4u

    It's too good to be true :3

  • Awesome

    by Kendricka Lamaria

    Very cool

  • Bad

    by Just_gonna_be_me

    It's not that good its hard to use I wouldn't waste your money on this

  • That is it

    by Wayneobraino

    It's boss

  • Better

    by Adnan Hossain

    That's a better app.

  • Highs

    by Fchrdb


  • Awesome

    by Ninja123451224

    This app is great

  • Aswome

    by Dre925

    Great app

  • Review

    by Kboyswag

    Omg it's so good

  • Good

    by Kellin1122


  • awsome

    by Marry manor


  • Hmm

    by Crux06


  • Awesome!!!!!!!

    by Pv12awesome

    This downloader has shuffle,repeat once ,repeat all the time,you can put your songs in playlists that you create there's sometimes pictures that come with the song but anyway the music downloader is perfect for people with iPod 2nd gen but if have a newer one you should get this one to backup cause sometimes people "accidentally" erase something when they for that they didn't press the home button to take the editing off so.anyway GREAT APP

  • Yo

    by Finnick O'dair


  • Yaaay

    by TylovesGod

    It's great

  • Music downloader

    by Wolfmike2

    It's ok but it only give u a little bit of songs but by the way it is good so far

  • Awesome i love this app {^~^}

    by CRISTIANO {^7^}

    Is a great app I love it ;)

  • Perfect

    by Burdie19952003

    I absolutely love this app it is so easy to use

  • Mp3 downloader

    by Ke_ke145

    This music downloader is ok it got better when it stop asking me to rate but it only gives me little songs so...

  • Lxlmoblxl

    by Lxlmoblxl

    I don't care

  • Blahh

    by Yo mama936

    Yhu only can downloead a few songs

  • app

    by zxcvbnmmnbvcxz546

    great app anoyyed from app review other then that sick as app

  • Good

    by Vvffvhdvd

    No upgrades to get more song :)

  • Rated

    by Country girl 19


  • Rate

    by Nhdjsioquh

    Great ap

  • Rate

    by *tito*

    Good app

  • Good

    by 1353848294736283638393662

    Good app

  • 3/5

    by Slax2013

    Good app, takes a while to get used to and it continuously asked me for a rating which annoyed me.

  • This app

    by Skiyttles

    Its great now stop asking me to rate it!!

  • Best downloaded

    by Tanya Sifuentes

    Once you get to know how to use it which is not hard it works like a charm

  • Bird

    by Butterfly556109

    This app makes me angry and happy lol it makes me happy because u can download good songs I but I hate it because you can only download up to 10 songs. I give this app a negative 3.

  • My fav app

    by antbug1228

    I love this app it's the greatest music downloaded ever I have tried the others but they don't work but this was the one for me.

  • Music

    by Deesharon32

    Great app

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