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Seller: Fossil, Inc.

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Discover our entire vintage-inspired clothing and accessories collection with our easy-to-use social shopping app.

* Browse and shop the latest Fossil catalogs.
* Snap a picture of your wrist to virtually try on any watch on the Iphone.
* Locate your nearest Fossil store.
* Get inspired by the Fossil blog (updated daily).
* Share Fossil items you like via email, Facebook, and Twitter.

Customer Reviews

  • Great!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Lisa444566654

    This app is so helpful when I'm looking for watches, charms, and handbags!!

  • Fossil

    by D. Hill

    This is a nice simple well designed fashion brand app that while can be a little inconvenient is also effective getting across what the company offers. The design is simple with a quick moving navigation interface that allows you to easily from looking at catalogs to shopping to watching videos to trying out a watch on your wrist. While you do get taken out of the app to shop under the brand's different categories and watch videos, the transition is quick and exiting is easy. The user can easily hop from section to section and get a better look at items you may be interested in as well as scrolling down and selecting videos in You Tube. A nice little feature the app has that separates itself from the standard fashion brand application is the ability to see how a watch model looks on a wrist. This displays mobile shopping at its best and what we would hope other fashion apps offer down the line. It would nice to have a few more catalogs to look at and download rather than the two offered now.

  • Didn't work for me

    by Carlos Zalamea

    I downloaded and it didn't work, it gets stuck while trying to download the catalog. Other than that, it looks like a pretty cool app, if only I could get it to work...

  • Updated app :)

    by Foniksonik

    The fixes for try on a watch work great. Now it is flawless. More catalogs too. Very cool. Still wish I could see pricing but no wrong prices at least.

  • Very nice app

    by Angelbabydoll4j

    This is the best store app I have Ever seen. I totally love the try on feature!! It makes it so much easier to buy a watch online when you can try it on. I like the layout also which makes it seem less like an app which I like.The videos are also catchy.

  • Amazing App!

    by Gabe/real

    This is the most amazing app I have ever seen. It's interactive and fun, these videos are sweet and catchy. Try on the watch feature... Perfect.

  • Great app!

    by Brandon5757

    Go fossil! I love your watches and clothes!

  • Awesome!

    by BMWEnthusiast

    Really like the Try On! feature!!

  • Great!!!

    by rookie1414

    This is how an app should be made on the iPhone

  • Not much to browse

    by Alexiisryanne

    You can only look at the "seasonal" handbags. Doesn't actually have all the products available to view.

  • Nothing works

    by Freakyseashark


  • Fix this please

    by Vuziwala

    It doesn't work.

  • Not worth your time

    by Snoopy Reed

    Just use the web page all this app did for me is open the web page for me last i look i am not helpless.

  • Fossil.Life.Style

    by BuddynLodi

    All I cared about was the watches. On the bottom on the app is a icon that says' "Try on a watch" and it takes you to a page showing watches but when I tap the "male" icon on the top it shows nothing. It appears to target women only. I deleted it.

  • Great if you want to look at charms

    by Allie Roads

    The app only seems to host current catalogs and you can't search or sort for what you want. If you want to look at charms or watches its ok

  • Lame app

    by jhuther

    Appears to be PDF catalogues.


    by Seriouslyboredpiper

    Ok, so, I like LOVE the fantabulous charms and charm bracelets here!! I thought that they would have a better selection of things in the catalog! It kinda sucked... Not my favorite app. I only have it 3 stars because I like their stuff so much. I there stuff was junk, it would be a ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Angry face >:(

  • Junk!

    by Astrozombie2099

    The only cool idea. Is try on a watch and it don't work! Has a huge white box around the watch. Junk!

  • Ridiculous app

    by Gth0tti34lif3

    All it allows you to do is download the catalog then sends you to safari to view their products.

  • How stupid!

    by NikkieLynn

    This app is a joke. It's just the catalog. The virtual try on is a PHOTO OF A WATCH ON A WHITE BACKGROUND that covers your wrist. No different that if you cut a photo out of a catalog. No wait! That would've been better. This has to be the most lame app ever.

  • Disappointing

    by roxyman77

    This is nothing else then a downloadable pdf version of their catalog. One can't even zoom in the pages. For shopping you are forwarded to their website. That's not what you expect from a shopping app. Could go to their website instead right away. Not worth downloading.

  • This app is not very user-friendly.....

    by KFK ~ ATL

    Really!!! Please fix it

  • needs a lot of work!

    by Ricko AK

    I recently purchased a Fossil watch & I'm very pleased with the product. So much that I'm about to purchase another one. However, this app is the total opposite and is very hard to navigate. Fix it Fossil... don't want to lose potential customers for a bad app.

  • Fix this app

    by Roboto

    Someone in Richardson, TX needs to outsource this app's development and get it right. It seems that Fossil senior management is not aware of the importance of marketing via an iPhone app, which is why this app has not been fixed.

  • Fix the bugs please!

    by Mrs.VanMunster

    Unable to view catalogs or watches.

  • Not worth it.

    by JRizzo

    Downloaded it expecting a better viewing of their expansive watch collection. Not what you get. Only worth it if you want to view their catalogs. Uninstalled.

  • Uninstalled

    by BillRulo


  • Pretty app but kinda useless.

    by Aaron Harris

    Just a catalog viewer really. No inventory search or anything.

  • fossil

    by Din't get ripped off

    the try on feature doesn't work, says memory is low and close other apps but there is no other apps running.

  • Prices inaccurate

    by Catalog prices

    The catalog list prices are not aligned with website. Almost bait and see something and when you go purchase it is double the price.

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