Camera To PDF Free Catalogs App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Catalogs
  • Publisher: Fedesoft
  • Updated: Aug, 07 2012
  • Version: 1.7
  • Size: 3.48 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Federico Rebosio

Ability to delete bad shots and rearrange pages

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Use this app to quickly and conveniently use your camera as a scanner to create PDFs and email them or save them to Dropbox. Scan receipts, contracts, paperwork without the hassle of finding and operating a scanner.

Customer Reviews

  • Fantastic!!

    by Kathyfpr2

    Easy to use and works perfectly!!

  • EASY to use!

    by LRtaxPayerMom

    Great app. Easy to use. Clear clear easy to read pdfs. easy to add page after page.

  • Fast and convenient

    by Diego Rebosio

    Saves tons of time. Click/click/click send done!

  • Best app by far!!!

    by Salesforce-Workerbee

    Awesome!!!!!! Saved me so much time and easy to use! My GM is too cheap to cough up money for a good scanner/ printer to replace the broken Brother brand we have so as i was about to leave my office to go to the mailbox etc 15 min away to send an 18 page document to a client my co worker told me about this app. Downloaded, took photos, emailed it to my client and done in LESS than 2 min!!!!! What??!! Yes, saved $$$$ and time!!!!! Thank you for this great app... my new office BFF! Thanks to my coworker for recommending it! Fast!

  • One way.

    by UltimatBlitz

    It's good at what it does, unfortunately it doesn't allow you to make pictures you already took into a PDF.

  • Convenient

    by OKEEMOM2

    Very convenient app for school use! Easily snap photos of my docs and turn them into PDF's!

  • Fantastic

    by Eric Kilfeather

    Take a bunch of pictures and then send them all in one email as a PDF. Absolutely fantastic.

  • Great stuff!

    by The J.P.Morgan

    This is a very useful app!

  • Super!

    by WTPfe

    Super app - very simple, fast and convenient. No complaints whatever.

  • Bugs to fix

    by Polikala

    When you go to camera to take a picture and convert to PDF, the APP does not let you go back to the start, and stays on the camera option. When you get out and select the APP again, opens up on the camera page.


    by WarpOne

    If you need to go from photo pic to email attachment it is perfect. I wanted to go directly to PDF file rather than the former. Really minimal Keystrokes.

  • Súper!

    by Eulalia Calderon

    Fácil y rápido método de crear un documento PDF usando la cámara de mi iPhone.

  • DUD in 5 min

    by Radgirl84

    DUD Download-Use-Delete. Most of what this app promises requires you to buy the full version. No thanks. TinyScan is much better.

  • Lack of info

    by Macganicle1

    I don't mind in app purchases but to not tell you about them up front is lame. Also to render the app useless with out the purchase by watermarking everything is a joke. Don't waste your time and certainly not your money.

  • Have to buy to delete files and to not have watermark

    by running in stl

    Doesn't convert existing pics on free version

  • Issues

    by mis understood

    After downloading this app to my 5th gen iPod touch, I tried to open it. I immediately received an error message telling me that my device needed to have a camera and access to email. After reading the other similar review, I can't help but think this app isn't compatible with the latest apple/camera devices.

  • Huh?

    by Hermano menor

    I downloaded this but it says it won't work on my brand new iPad because it needs a camera and ability to send email? (Both of which are fully functional on my iPad). What gives?

  • Not happy

    by mrskj777

    I feel tricked! I downloaded the app only to find out that it has a watermark unless you purchase the upgraded version. Lost me... I paid twice as much with a competitor just for the principal!

  • Waste of time

    by UdReks

    Scanned 15 pages, tried to send. Bait and switch, you must buy the app. So, I clicked ok. Nothing happened. Scan disappeared. Gone. 10 minutes of my life.

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