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Need an instant mood-booster? There’s an App for that!

Insert your head into one of the FaceMe-videos and become a character evoking uproarious laughs! Lighten up your day or cheer up a grumpy friend with the hilarious FaceMe animated eCards!

Just take a full-face photo of you, your colleague, your boss, your beloved, your mom or even your dog and insert it into an animation of your choice.

Fit the head into the hole and morph yourself into an amusing character.

Got a bang-up animation? Share it with your friends on Facebook or send via Email.

Cheer up all of your friends with the outstanding FaceMe eCards directly from your device!


Photo credits: ©iStockphoto.com/ pidjoe

This is a subscription based app:
-By subscribing to FaceMe you will get the full access to all eCards available in the app
-You can choose between 3($1.99), 6 ($3.99) and 12 ($5.99) month subscription services
-This subscription service is NOT auto-renewable and will not charge you without your confirmation or will to continue receiving FaceMe services

Customer Reviews

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    by Dragonfly5150

    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 stars

  • Awesome



  • Sweet app!

    by Thezombienu

    The vids are wicked funny and easy to make and there's a good amount of options for specific selection for specific ppl ..

  • Love this app

    by 2004 2004 2004

    This is such a fun app lol

  • Very cute

    by Txdesigner

    Love the cute cartoons! Very cute to send to anyone!!

  • Fun !

    by Wordloveralways

    My grand daughter love it .

  • Love it!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Dancestar44

    Keeps me laughing out loud

  • Ksbdisjsb

    by A-dog448121


  • great

    by Amiriraqi

    thanx for thos app

  • Funny

    by Video game nerd2

    This app is so funny I love the super hero

  • good

    by luk-tarn

    so fun with^^

  • AWESOME!!!!

    by KateRocks123

    This game is the best!!! Love it!!!!!

  • Faceme lite

    by Butter boy 5000

    Crazy funny:)

  • Cute!!

    by Princess llama

    Love it!

  • faceme

    by Kia@145

    its toats hillarious!!!!!HAHA!!

  • Amazing

    by Gangnam T

    I always get laughs with this

  • Funny

    by Choua27


  • Awesome!

    by max1LLA

    Fun app to play with!!

  • Funn

    by Rosey1313

    This is cool and funn!!!

  • Love it

    by Kiekie2030

    It great and fun

  • Wouldn't recommend

    by Vanessa626

    You have to pay for the rest and you only have 5 to choose and they aren't that funny !!

  • Face me

    by منصور البريكي

    Created: 10/23/2010 Updated: 2 years ago Favorited: 53,540 Visited: 1,287,127

  • Love it

    by Jvnjnh

    This is awesome P.S this is not the real harry styles

  • Makes me laugh but...

    by Angeletia

    Really fun makes me laugh just wish it gave u more than things

  • Love

    by ShelbyG1234

    It's the funniest app I ever had

  • Like

    by Делиция


  • Face me

    by Sophieboo22

    It's funny but it is bad that they charge you for a upgrade

  • Funny

    by Nonny fan

    It's okey my Cuz live the super hero one

  • Cash money

    by Ac7754

    Cool app

  • Rbelknap

    by I love my animals

    This is a cool app

  • Hi

    by Miho el tipo

    Love it

  • Lovvve iiit

    by Shelby Anne Sims

    So funny love it

  • Rate

    by Meemee566

    Is awesome!!!

  • Its kinda good

    by Freebeelolsee

    I mean its not really tht good cuz i cant put my fce in any of them unless i pay but i can see the video and if u guys could would u make maybe one or to of them tht u dnt need to get in the upgrade just so the app isent a waste

  • Face Me

    by PoppyRev

    Abso-freakin-lutely BLAST! I put my face into a chubby, dancing, beer bellied, pink bunny, with BIG OL' flat feet, floppy ears, and a clumsy clownish walk. Everyone who enjoys hearing and seeing laughter, should have this app!!!

  • Love app

    by Lil mini mama

    I love this app so funny lol love all face me products and apps

  • Cool

    by Jacie Reagan

    It's so amazing I totally luv this app it's so funny

  • Faceme

    by Buruca

    It's a funny app

  • Only funny when u get the upgrade!

    by Kay;)59887

    And it costs money for the upgrade!!!!! It is not fair!!!! But still... Without the upgrade u can still get a cheap laugh ok! So get it for fun or get it for MEGA fun with money......!!!!!!

  • Awesome

    by DashTheKnight

    Love this ™

  • I love it

    by Tj Washington

    Lov love love thus came boy

  • Funeeehhh

    by Andyana24

    Cool app worth ur space if u wanna smile laugh

  • Funny stuff

    by Myrddin Wylie

    Some good fun.

  • Good

    by Kekekekekke878787


  • Funny

    by Somebody's dad


  • Faceme lite

    by Mybabyaple22

    I don't like it I love it

  • Facey

    by (@ the mall)

    Cool it's so funny I put my older sister as the disko dancer.and she loves dances and she dances 100,000,000,000% just like the Disko dancer.

  • Kinda lame

    by Mindless behavior6486699762

    It's ok and boring cuz I like the cool ones but U pay the lame ones u don't

  • Awesome

    by Melmyling

    This game is so cool,funny haha I love this game

  • Awesome!!

    by N@<0

    Hilarious app, really

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