Naughty or Nice Matic Pro Catalogs App Review (iOS, $0.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Double A Games & Apps

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Christmas is almost here and is the moment to know if you has been Naughty or Nice.

Naughty or Nice Meter and Scan is Fully customizable app, you can record personals messages and customize the results (Naughty or Nice).

Great for Parties, family gatherings, or maybe just to help get the kids motivated to go out and rake leaves.

And over 100 Motivational Messages for Kids in Random mode.

* Customize answer
* Customize results (Naughty or Nice)
* Over 100 Motivational Messages for kids
* Smooth Animations
* Funny Sounds
* And Many more features.

+ Use the moose button to access to the secret menu for personalize your answer and customize results (Naughty or Nice) +

+++ This app is intended for entertainment purposes only +++


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