Big Book of Kamasutra Catalogs App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

Seller: Benjamin Satterwhite

Minor bug fixes

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57 Ratings
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Ready to test your limits? Download and explore this big book of kamasutra sex positions. As we say at Big Book, if it's not in here, then it's just not possible. We feel we have covered every possible sexual position known to man (or woman). If you think we have missed something, please email us your request and we will create the position (and possibly name it after you).

iPhone5 Ready

We feel this is the most comprehensive and sophisticated app of its kind on the app store. Featuring a beautifully designed interface with hand drawn positions, we feel the user will not be dissappointed with the download.

Customer Reviews

  • Good app

    by Msnique80

    This is a great app but I wish you didn't have to pay more for each individual position in certain categories.

  • Nice

    by 500piru

    Gr8 app

  • The best

    by Iris J

    This is undoubtedly the best app in its category

  • Lots to choose from

    by Poppinsomefun

    Cant wait to try all of them! Hopefully it wont take too long :)

  • Love it!

    by Alcpwl

    Best app out there!!!

  • Great!

    by 1st chick!

    I love this book! Lots of fun things to try;)

  • Good

    by gallowayj

    Good book and ideas

  • by Snowman's Wife

    Best yet

  • good

    by 哒哒哒哒九十五


  • Big Book

    by ZarZOzee


  • Bnasti

    by Bnasti001

    Would be good to see motion in some of the positions, still a great app

  • Great App

    by Tom-artist

    Learning alot of the different positions.

  • Mr.

    by Superman842

    Great App!!!

  • Woah

    by Jimmiealice Williams

    Lots of options.

  • Good

    by Dubya D

    Love the ball positions!

  • X

    by Jane500

    Has lots of ideas and things to try!


    by Tiffany2289

    Great app- love it!!!!

  • Interesting

    by Kaela48

    Lots of positions! Definitely worth the try.

  • Wow

    by Love-a lot


  • Great App

    by Rev. Young

    App is great many great and fun positions....LOVE IT

  • Ok

    by CDM26

    Ok app with fair instructions and mediocre pics

  • Nah

    by JazzyJeff199823


  • Kinda

    by Nihilistic Kitten

    It's ok. It has many positions that I never knew existed. I would like to buy at least one of the locked categories, but I don't like the fact that it doesn't say the price. So I just didn't buy it. The app has potential... But until they reveal prices, I don't think is worth taking space in my phone. I'm deleting.

  • Fun

    by Rayna7645

    This app is a fun to do ... All my friends enjoy looking at the positions and telling stories about trying this or that position

  • So far

    by MZ198302

    Its really good dont have complaints yet!!

  • Works Well

    by KyPie .

    Nice app , some things I have not done . Definitely will try them .

  • :)

    by Fionita18

    Excellent app

  • Great app

    by Chuck17954

    I love it

  • Good

    by Laramirzy

    Good ideas but repeated

  • Remove

    by Lebanonymouse

    Please remove from my purchased list

  • by O

    Love it

  • Well... The Price wasn't that bad...

    by Morriah

    ...just be careful what buttons you press in the App, and if you're asked to 'Login', you will probably purchase something. I think the 9 or 10 'Categories' would have been enough for this book (without mentioning any 'questionable' content, sections like: Standing, Water, etc...). I don't think anyone over 21 will be enlightened by any of the content (Over 18 in the States). Though, if you're looking for a "Back To Basics: The Obvious never failed me before." Manual, then you won't be let down (...and Im definitely not an expert). Пока, сийМор

  • Good

    by ECQ74

    Its amazing app

  • Good app

    by Dkidd1987

    Works well

  • Great App, Great Content

    by XenyOnLine

    I downloaded this app thinking that it is going to be like all the others: lame pictures, short uninteresting text. But I was pleasantly surprised. Great and clear drawings of positions and moreover interesting explanations to each of the positions. Great job! Hope to see more apps like that.

  • Remove

    by C4rlos05

    Take it away from my list...

  • Not really free, but good illustrations

    by Lemartin

    Was looking for something fun and free... But over half of this ap requires you to pay for it. The illustrations are nice and good descriptions, but not worth it for me. I would rather pay upfront for an ap than have it try to charge me for each individual item. But if it doesn't bother you that it charges for different features, decent ap.

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