InfiniList Free for Disney Infinity Catalogs App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English

Seller: David Mccormack

iOS 6.0+ Required now!!

Power Disc UI Changes:
Added Search Feature
Added Set 1, Set 2, Set 3 tabs

(Yes, I read all the feedback)

iPad Version!!!!

Added more figures.

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
51 Ratings
All Versions:
81 Ratings


InfiniList Free is the premier application for tracking your Infinity collection. Simple, Easy ... but effective.

Select your items from the tabs, click the Own It Checkbox and you're done!!

Version 1.0 incudes all figures available at launch time. With dynamic data, the application will load new items as they are released!!

***Images will be added once copyright issues have been resolved with the owners.***

So before you head back to that big box store, make sure to have InfiniList with you so you can always know what you already have.

This app is for reference only and is not a game nor shall ever contain a game. It is not to be confused with any Disney trademarks, registrations or properties. It claims no ownership or license over included images. Images used were obtained publicly via web searches.

Customer Reviews

  • Very Helpful!

    by Bendar H

    Awesome app to keep track of your Disney infinity collection!

  • Great App!

    by MH Rochelle

    This app truly deserves 5 stars

  • Love it!!

    by starwarslover(:

    I love this app a LOT! It's very helpful and makes it easy for me to see what else is out there. It's also great for finding out what exactly power discs do. But, there are some things missing, so you should probable update... Also, it would be great if somewhere you listed what toy box packs are available. Other than that this really is a great app!

  • CEO

    by Qsuzyhomemaker

    Love it!

  • Very useful

    by Undertaker142

    It's a great app

  • Great for keeping up with my collection but . . .

    by matthewandkelly

    Please add iCloud support to keep list synced across all my devices. Hate having to update each phone and ipad each time I add something. Love it though.

  • Very Useful App

    by TheSilenceIsComing

    I really enjoy this app currently. I hope the developer continues to be a leader in player support and that the app grows as the game does. If M.Mouse & co. do things "right", they will look to this developer and work together instead of other possible outcomes. Thank you for getting an app out for a game that overlooked this major detail. This helps parents, kids and all know what they have/need/want. It saves time, frustration and ultimately produces more revenue for M.M.&co. There should be a successful creator-corporation partnership on the horizon. Best wishes, keep growing and DREAM BIG!

  • Very useflul!

    by l8comer

    Great app for keeping track of your figures and playsets. They even list the crystal versions of the characters too.

  • So far so good!

    by Bonnie135

    Great app so far, but I have a few requests for the dev. 1: Series1 Power Discs needs to be updated for Rares. (The TRU exclusive S1 disc album has 30 slots.) 2: Please move the Checkboxes to the left of the Name/Description column for easier readability. 3: Please add Sort function to columns. 4: Fix aspect ratio for disc images. 5: Add character images, and missing disc images. And maybe a catchier app icon. Thanks so much for your work. Add an in-app purchase Donate button and I'll send you 99ยข!

  • Infinity checklist is great

    by Shockwave22

    Great checklist, I'd would like to see some way too show bigger pics and links to best buy, wal mart, tru, ect. Very nicely done though :)

  • Disney infinitys best unnofital app

    by Thekatananerd

    Awesome to keep track of everything I have but nothing much besides that

  • Incredible App!!

    by livelimitless

    Great App, a MUST Have for any disney infinity fan. Only suggestion is to seperate the TRU exclusive discs.

  • Great App

    by imacdan

    Please add iCloud support so users can keep track on multiple devices without to enter on each device.

  • Tru power disc

    by Sissy cool

    Needs to add tru power disc other than that good

  • Great app

    by Cheesy777

    I wish you would show all possible tools and packs

  • Great App!!!

    by NeonPhoenix

    This is a really cool app that has everything I need to keep track of my Infinity collection.

  • Great App

    by xxashaleexx

    Absolutely love this app! So easy to have everything in one place and so organized...def helps with trading too

  • Best app ADDICTED

    by Ty c d

    I use this app all the time since I am addicted to the game. I use this as my tracker and I almost have all the figures.

  • A must have!

    by Sam*Ward

    Great app! Plan on using it to track my collection for years to come.

  • Love it

    by Topher1981

    Easy way to make sure you have everything

  • InFinilist

    by Scorpion 3241

    I love it thanks

  • App Crashes!

    by Satya Amar

    After the new update, the app crashes as soon as it opens.

  • Great Update!

    by TheEvilThing

    This app is very well done and the developer listens when the users give good ideas to make the app easier to use.

  • Nearly perfect

    by Fred Duck

    This app features timely & accurate info, automatic updates, offline data caching, and a speedy & well-designed interface. All that's missing is an iPad interface (and then syncing between a user's iPad & iPhone / iPod touch) and some way to shade or hide stuff that's not out yet and it'll be perfect.

  • Great app for tracking what you have and what you want

    by AnimEditor

    Simple but solid app to track your Disney Infinity collection. David is doing a great job of listing upcoming items. Big request: would like to be able to sift and just show what I own or what I don't (yet) in addition to everything. Would also be nice to sort by exclusives and by what store.

  • Infinity

    by Punkypunisher


  • Xfinity action

    by SelenaC

    I don't get it what do ou do make movies it's dumb! Is there like a video game part

  • Great!

    by Atlasky

    Constantly updated so the list stays up to date. Love it!

  • Convenient

    by Non-h8er

    I use this app all the time!! It's a must get.

  • Overall good

    by Jack-Pumpkinhead

    Overall, the app is useful for inventory. The only reason I don't give it 5 is it could use an option to sort by date of release or by series on the power discs, cause to a newcomer it looks like there are 40+ discs out right now instead of 21.

  • Pretty helpful

    by MidKid722

    This is a great way of keeping track of my collection and seeing what else I still need to get. My only problems are: 1. Toys that are available now and those that have yet to be released should be separated in some way. 2. Power Discs should be categorized by series. 3.Toys that are Toys R Us exclusives should be marked as such. Fixing these things would drastically increase the helpfulness of this app.

  • Sweet!

    by Chuk888

    Great little app for those of us caught by this awesomely charming game platform!

  • Love this app

    by Ezzn

    I love how it lets you know what is coming out months ahead.

  • Great app, but...

    by Antpsantos00

    Where are Phineas and Agent P? They are DI figures but not on this list. Please add them to the checklist. Otherwise, amazing app!

  • Simple but great

    by Tiki801

    This is the perfect app to quickly and easily keep track if your collection and what is available. The links to the external sites are a nice touch too.

  • Great idea

    by gayd75

    This is an awesome way to keep track of your collections. The only things I would suggest are 1. Make available for droid (most of my friends have) 2. Add pictures of the figures and play sets. Thanks for a sweet app!

  • Needs Images

    by Stormtruper Bob

    Great way to track your collection!

  • What's the announcement?

    by Jannajaylin

    Downloaded the new version... And?

  • One thing

    by Zombieguy2013

    the characters where released on 8/18/13 yours thing says 8/13/13 that's wrong maybe you can fix that?

  • Pics

    by Zachary Blake

    I Think it is a five star but I think it should have pictures Like you show what Venelope looks like.

  • Good Start

    by yodadog

    Needs photos of all the merchandise. Also needs some different sorting and view options. Then it would be better to have the check marks all aligned on the left to be able to tell what you are missing easier. Better yet a way to see just the things you still need and a separate my collection page.

  • Great app for keeping track of characters

    by Justcann

    This app is a great resource for keeping track of the ever expanding collection of characters and power discs. Great job!

  • Great app

    by Gchjskxjdhzjhe527383773$.

    This is a great app, but Merlin's Summon is incorrectly listed as a paint job power disc, when it is really a circular power disc.

  • Great!

    by Wiccanbostongirl

    Thank you! All the release date info in one place! Plus in app link to Great job

  • Mispellings

    by Rawrzors0

    Lone Ranger is spelled Loan Ranger in the app. But otherwise good app, wanting to see exclusives though.

  • Please Revise

    by Pictrmakr

    Nice app to have as a reference. However, the exclusive figures and power discs are missing!

  • My review

    by disneydude99

    This is app seems very professional, but when you think about it's simple

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