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Cat Breeds Wallpapers Background HD - Home Screen and Wallpapers. Customize your Screen and preview your background before you select it.

*Multiple Categories
*Coolest images available
*High Definition Resolution
*Eye Candy

-Add as Wallpaper and Background
-Add as Lockscreen
-Browse through multiple Categories
-Save Favorites
-Search through even more categories

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Customer Reviews

  • Cat Breed wallpapers hd

    by Catlia

    Cool I love cats a lot must buy for cat lovers But can only search cat breeds with wifi :(

  • Awesome

    by Lylebuddy

    I love cats. This app is the BEST!!!

  • Bad

    by Liam's Jessie

    I do not Lyk this app to many ree petes

  • Cat

    by Silas2431

    Hope 2 love this app I am a cat lover and the other choices didn't look as good as this

  • This app does'nt work

    by Kitten love54

    As much as I love cats and kittens and I think that the pictures are beautiful and the kittens are adorable , I had trouble with a lot of pop-up ads and also the app kept on freezing up on me making it very difficult to use when I was trying to share some pics with a Facebook friend. I wanted to share some pics with her for a suprize on her birthday because she is a cat lover too but I could not get it to work after several attempts:(:(:(:(!!! Furthermore this is supposed to be a cat breed wallpaper app but there are also pictures of horses,chickens,dogs ,people , buildings and puppets ! SINCE WHEN ARE ANY OF THESE CAT BREEDS? STICK TO THE SUBJECT PLEASE ,THESE OTHER ANIMALS AND THE PEOPLE, THE BUILDINGS ECT... SHOULD HAVE THEIR OWN APPS AND THE CAT BREED APP SHOULD JUST BE ABOUT CAT BREEDS PLUS WHEN YOU GO TO SHARE THE PICS ON FACEBOOK IT SHOULD CALL ITSELF A CAT BREED APP AND NOT A DOG BREED APP. CATS ARE NOT DOGS THEY ARE CATS SO CALL IT WHAT IT IS !!

  • Not well done

    by k77777i

    Some breeds are inaccurate and mixed up. Also, the app keeps closing every once in a while. On top of all that, most of the pictures are of very low quality. AKA needs more jpeg. Don't bother with it unless you are persistent and desperately want the few beautiful high quality pictures mixed in the bundles of jpegs.

  • Stinks

    by Unknownkat

    I can't get any of the photos and nothing will load this app stinks

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