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Crutchfield has been a trusted name in audio and video gear for decades, ever since sending out their very first catalog in 1974.
In the Crutchfield Catalog app, you can browse the same catalogs you'd get in the mail -- but you also get layers of rich, interactive content built into every page. As you flip through the pages, you can tap any item to bring up additional product images, read a more detailed description, or watch related videos. You can even shop directly from the catalog when online.
Visit the application's Bookshelf to stream a catalog or download catalogs you wish to read offline. Developed specifically for the iPad, the app supports traditional touchscreen features such as pinch to zoom and both horizontal and vertical orientation.

Bookshelf Features
- Stream catalogs while on an Internet connection
- Download catalogs for offline reading
- Navigate between catalogs within the Bookshelf
- Get the newest catalogs pushed to your iPad or iPhone automatically

Other Features
- Finger swipe navigation
- Pinch to zoom
- Full or facing page screen orientations
- Convenient table of contents browsing

Customer Reviews

  • Needs work, glad there's and app tho

    by SawyerPillsbury

    If this were the actual site but in an app version with cool mobile app features that still kept functionality, that would make for this app to be helpful. Unfortunately I'm going to have to continue to go on my internet app to get to your site. I tend to think about builds while out and about, not near a computer so it'd be nice to have this app let me access all of my wish list things and my cart so I can quickly check out my equipment! I've gone through you guys for years now, but it's time to update!

  • Well.......

    by Mert_63

    This is an ok app. Yes, it's iPhone 5 compatible, but that's the only plus in my book. When you Open the app and look at the current issues, u can either read the issue, or download the issue. My first complaint is…well, it's 2013, how can you have a magazine app that doesn't support retina display? That said, all or most of the words/displays in the magazine look like

  • Great Educational Tool!!!

    by JoannaRocks

    The Crutchfield catalog is jammed with articles to help people determine which products and features best fit their budgets and needs. Not only do you get the current issue, but they also provide the past 6 issues as well. Once you have educated yourself simply visit to find and order from a vast array of everything they have available. This app is identicle to the print catalogs and is meant to inform and educate the buyer but it also has a few samples of the products available that you can check out. A great way to shop electronics and gadgets and a wonderful enhancement to the online store, outlet and scratch & dent specials. If you think this app is less than 5 stars you don't have a clue how to properly shop for new equipment.

  • Great App!

    by Rockenfield

    If you like the Crutchfield Magazine, you will love this app. Full of great information and product reviews on a wide variety of consumer electronics. You can select products for more info or launch the Crutchfield site within the app to shop. Thanks to Crutchfield for a job well done and for all the great product info.

  • Great catalog

    by GHOST x 562

    To the others who gave it a low review you should read what you are downloading and installing before complaining it says it's a catalog like you would get in the mail

  • Crutchfield... Don't listend to the hype!

    by LoneMule

    This app is great! Not sure what others were expecting from a catalog app but, that's exactly what you've delivered with the added ability to buy directly from the app. Can't wait for the July catalog!

  • Just a Catalogue.

    by Psicorps

    It's a different way to read. At least it's not killing trees to mail.

  • Great Magazine App

    by metalguy_bo

    All these fools who gave it a low rating didn't read what they were downloading. It says Crutchfield catalog, just like what you would get in the mail. It's pretty cool that the items that they feature in the articles are selectable and take you to the product info on their website. Very good and helpful articles for newbies like myself.

  • Great app

    by MG7709

    Not sure why all the negative reviews? I think this is a great app for anyone who knows about or needs to discover crutchfield. If you want to deal with a company that still understands customer service, deal with crutchfield.

  • Great app

    by Ilikeitwhenitworks

    Love this. Easy to read through just like the book. Loads fast. Beats wading through loads of paper. Save a tree. This app is great.

  • Works well

    by Generalf0ley


  • Great App

    by Five 0 scanner


  • Junk

    by Ric gri original

    This app is crap and pointless. Search does not work.

  • Pathetic

    by shadygrove

    Search doesn't work... All you do is flip through a catalog

  • No Stars

    by Deauxboy

    Well, I was expecting something at least! All i am getting is a white screen with the word Crutchfield on it. Just the splash screen I guess. Being deleted right after I write this. Too bad, I really liked shopping there. Guess I'll have to go back to regular ole web surfing.

  • Worthless

    by GhostRyder2012

    I love Crutchfield! But this is NOT an app! It is a poor attempt at an app! I expected MUCH better from Crutchfield! VERY DISAPPOINTED!

  • The Lamest

    by Shachomike

    Worthless. Does nothing worth seeing. Delete.

  • Oh no!

    by Bwanabass

    I thought I was getting a functioning Crutchfield app that would allow me to browse products and make purchases, but it seems to be a digital brochure. I expect more! /delete

  • Worthless. There is nothing more I can say.

    by Zudeen

    I would expect a lot better from a company such as Crutchfield.

  • Doesn't load

    by Macgyver24x7

    Doesn't get past the splash screen. iOS 7.0.2 on 5s, declined notifications.

  • Just a cover page !!!

    by ProGoDawg

    No content, just a cover page that says "Crutchfield"" trusted since 1974. What happened to the actual catalog?? Great work guys, another sale lost.

  • Having problem opening app

    by Nessamarquez


  • Useless

    by Remydaad

    Can't get past splash screen. Love the site, but they missed out on my sale this time - 4S 7.0.1

  • Not what I thought

    by Mikebme

    The app should allow to search and buy stuff just like the website. Disappointed in this app

  • Just a catalog

    by K3ntobean

    Wanted an app I could build a system with like their website. All this is is an electronic catalog. Can't order anything.

  • Worthless app

    by Ruiner401

    The app is just a copy of the catalog. You can't browse through the merchandise or anything.

  • Nah

    by Zatchillac

    I was hoping it would be more than just a catalog downloader, but it isn't. And it's so blurry and disgusting looking.

  • Locks up

    by Jeremymey81

    If you try to details of anything and click done the app locks and you have to delete it and reinstall it

  • love crutchfield, ***hate*** the app

    by shuking

    worst app ever, the download of catalogs is slow and often times incomplete. i bet the guys who created the ikea app are the same

  • Crashes under IOS6

    by Wolf127

    I can't get more than a few pages into reading the catalog online before the app locks up.

  • Just a reader

    by spof22

    Not very useful. Mobile web site is far more helpful.

  • Pointless

    by a1lawng

    Crutchfield is awesome but this app is pointless. It's not really interactive in any way and you can't purchase anything from it. It actually makes me angry for some reason.

  • Doesn't work

    by Merwynlee

    The app never opens

  • Likely the most useless app available

    by Super engie

    No searching on items? You cant save your vehicle. Why have push notifications? It makes absolutely no sense. Obviously the people who gave this an adequate rating, have never used a proper app. You would get a better experience by going to their website instead of downloading this app. Bottom line don't waste your time on this e-reader of their paper publication. Its a huge stretch to even call this an app.

  • Crap!

    by J3hov

    Why? Only get one star, wouldn't let me post it without rating it.

  • Don't waste your time !!!!

    by Hollywood6996

    Junk don't waste your time!!!!

  • Fail

    by UselessAppDeleted

    What a waste of an app. Used it for less than 2 minutes. Deleted

  • Crappy

    by Jjkz24

    Thought that I would be able to log into my Crutchfield acct., and/or purchase items. I was wrong. It's just their catalog. I was extremely disappointed.

  • Change for the worse

    by excelon72

    I am a long time , many repeat customer. Not sure why they went with an inadequate e catalog. The website is fine. The old app was good nit sure why they changed it.

  • Use the website instead

    by D Roc dm

    Not good. Doesn't have all the features listed in the description, pinch zoom only works to a certain extent. Using an iPhone their website is much better than the app.

  • Poor

    by Dago5252

    Seriously, what a useless app. It would be nice to be able to look up merchandise

  • This is a worthless app

    by jaymjoe

    Only loads their latest catalogs. C'mon! Unable to search and can only look at what is in their catalog. Catalogs won't download either. I love crutchfield, hate their app.

  • C'mon man!

    by Ardent7337

    Digital catalog that you can't read without a microscope!

  • Waste of app space

    by Fieldhand

    The title says it all.

  • Shockingly bad

    by Now That's The Dogs Bollox

    Let's just take the catalog and reproduce it on an iPhone???? Unbelievable!!!! Do not waste your time

  • Very poor app

    by Wallnut51

    No effort put into user interface. Basically an online version of the catalogue - useless on the iPhone. Would've expected much more from a respected online e-tailor like Crutchfield . They should scrap this app and start over. VERY disappointed and surprised.

  • worthless

    by Motor City Fats

    does not work only crashs worthless app not working on ipod touch 3rd gen 32gig on 313 the last good firmware with working features

  • Expected more

    by NastyNate28

    It's an ok app, for looking a current catalogs, but I was expecting to be able to order from the app

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