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  • Category: Catalogs
  • Publisher: Consmr
  • Updated: May, 10 2012
  • Version: 3.1.2
  • Size: 7.09 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Consmr

- Update to our editorial collections. Look for new collections like Valentine's Day and others

- Improved the accuracy of our product highlights & scores (good work Penfold!)

- A few under the hood enhancements including updates to Facebook sign-in

Customer Ratings

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569 Ratings


Consumr is the ultimate product guide. Scan, Search or Browse to find the best products, see reviews, and compare prices.

Supports barcodes & QR codes.

Read reviews, discover what's hot, see prices and contribute your own ratings to the biggest mobile community of reviewers!

The NY Times: "A slick app for reviews"

Wall St Journal: "Yelp for packaged goods"

USA Today: "Handy shopping companion"

*Barcode Scanning not supported on iPod Touch 4th Gen*

Customer Reviews

  • Good

    by MJK77

    I loved this app when I first started using it, but when they started awarding prizes, I think it went from honest reviews to, just write something long enough to get a great review point. It's so obvious people are just scanning whatever to rack up points, your own points aren't calculated correctly, and it's just become disappointing.

  • useful app!

    by Jie Zheng

    Great for finding the best consumer products

  • Consumr

    by Crystal Urieff

    Love this app. It gives us the consumr the power back. We have the amazing opportunity to tell the companies first hand what we think of the products. And because of that we can change the way we shop and how things are made. It's an amazing concept brought to life. Thank you consumr for letting my voice be heard...globally

  • Love this app

    by Frogloverforher

    It has helped me with finding reviews on products that I want to try if one star I don't bother trying it GREAT APP

  • Love but...

    by Amanda Radford

    When I try to "find friends" through Facebook or connect with Facebook it says it's searching and ends up not doing anything. Highly annoying and then I can't use the app at all!

  • Love this!

    by Liiiiiiiinnnndddsssseeeeyyyyy

    I absolutely love this app! It is so useful. I have been searching for an app of its kind for awhile and I finally found it. It is easy to navigate and I love the scan option, it easily finds the products for you that you have in your home so you can review them... Also, I always refer to this app any time I make a purchase. Every product you can imagine is on this app, so I totally recommend it!!

  • In-Love

    by Dinna rocks

    Love this app! It's amazing period.

  • Great!!

    by Rkart512

    I love the new feature scores, and the ability to see online prices versus local prices. Overall, the app is really great to use as a shopping companion!

  • very useful!

    by Qendro

    I find myself constantly referring to the app whenever I am about to purchase a product. Very good reviews from the community!

  • Love this app

    by "The Chad"

    I love all these new features. This app is getting better and better. Keep it up

  • Cool

    by HannaJBaily

    Nice shopping guide! Very helpful!

  • Great

    by Johnnycoolwhip

    Like writing reviews and getting points for it. The barcode scan works good too.

  • Good good

    by Master admin

    I like it

  • useful app!

    by Jie Zheng

    Great for finding the best consumer products

  • Good

    by Black Mist 760

    It's a swagalishis app for me

  • Absolute must have!

    by Leilei1203

    Fabulous app, reviews at the tip of your fingers for a wide variety of products. Fun to rate and review and read others thoughts!! Be a smarter shopper with this app!! Reviews you can trust and prices conveniently on the product. Must have!!

  • Great

    by aburrsmith

    Just what i was looking for! Love have real peoples opinions on anything and everything

  • Fun, great idea.

    by DearMrJack

    This lovely app allows you to review essentially everything. It is the 'Yelp' of the store land. The more reviews the quicker to a sampler pack. Keep reviewing!

  • Fun, great idea.

    by DearMrJack

    This lovely app allows you to review essentially everything. It is the 'Yelp' of the store land. The more reviews the quicker to a sampler pack. Keep reviewing!

  • Love it!

    by Kerry Doherty

    Love this app! Very useful and user friendly.

  • Love this app!

    by ohhsoocutee

    So useful to see reviews and average price for products! I'm constantly opening this app when I'm out and about, and at home when I'm making my list of things to buy~ love!!

  • Consumr

    by 5927 Deb

    Great app to have. Try it you'll like it.

  • Handy shopping app!

    by jackiej526

    I've used this app several times to compare products & prices & it made my shopping experience that much better. It lets you know the lowest price of a product by your location. Highly recommend app for those who want to save extra $$$ while buying a highly rated product.

  • Great!!!

    by OmgDuke

    I like to see what real people have to say about products.

  • Awesome Barcode Scanner

    by R4dd

    Great barcode scanner and now when I scan food it has nutrition facts! App really helps me make fast decisions!

  • Helpful

    by kjastro10

    This app is very helpful to have

  • Great App

    by Ben29real

    Love this application

  • Consumr truly is the Yelp! of consumer goods

    by Dianna_2Ns

    Super helpful app. Fast, sleek & fun! Easy to scan things & rack up points with the quick rate. Cool to see how your ratings compare with everyone else's. Also, easy to find reviews for things you're looking for. Definitely worth checking out.

  • Good app to have

    by Frozoloft

    Good app to have

  • App crashes when trying to use scanner

    by Bulldog2741

    App crashes when trying to use scanner

  • Crashes

    by Rt256

    Crashes on barcode scan

  • Needs iOS 7!

    by BlazePhyre

    Great app for finding and giving reviews but it really needs an iOS 7 refresh ASAP! Please!

  • Consumr is the new it

    by Gamer061

    Its worth the download and then some. I enjoy giving feed back on products and knowing that its being recognize for it by others, Oh yeah and rewarded as well. ENJOY. I KNOW I DO.

  • Must have app

    by ProudCatLady

    It’s bad for shopping addicted people. If it’s 4 or 5 stars I always buy it!

  • Terrible

    by Ari T.

    Soon after I installed this app, I got a spam text message for handbags and other garbage… It's most likely from this app because I've never gotten this before.

  • The app for smart shoppers

    by Hellosydneeey

    Reviews for any product you can think of!

  • Smart Shoppers App!

    by SmallWonder79

    Nice way to find products, and a great way to recommend the ones you love.

  • Love this app!

    by Kathi O.

    I'm not sure why others are having a problem with this app- I've been using it for quite some time now and have yet to experience the glitches that they mention. This is one of my favorite apps! I am able to not only review products, but also read other reviews to help me make informed decisions. If I'm at the store and considering purchasing a new item; I often refer to Consumr to see what others are saying about first. Very handy and fun app!

  • Love this app!!

    by Kaka basks snack

    Great App love using it! I use it everyday!

  • Really Good

    by The Caravan!

    This app is easy to use. Scanning works great.

  • Hmm

    by Stephniepope

    Well it seems cool but every time I try to scan a barcode it fails..leaving it pretty much useless. Oh well. :(

  • Movie section

    by DiamondGCoupe

    Add a separate category for movies that are currently in theaters for quick access to all genres.

  • love this app

    by ColonelTah

    great for rating products

  • Annoyed

    by Mzhairskinnails

    I am a top reviewer with consumr and the app keeps freezing up and won't connect with my wifi. So I'm not able to do reviews!! It's so annoying! I hope there is a new update coming soon!

  • Great but crashes

    by Beautyalisalee

    It crashes whenever I scan more than a couple products. I always have to constantly close the app and reopen. Sometimes it'll just freeze for a few minutes. It's a slow running app yet sometimes it'll work decent. It's great for personal real people reviews and it's fun to give your honest opinion on a product!

  • Great start, been waiting for this!

    by Marinasid

    Love the idea, love the execution, I need this in my life. The app crashes and freezes someone times. I hope you guys resolve this issue soon. Would be nice to have the ability to add the price in when adding a new product.

  • garbage

    by StarscreamF15

    couldnt get it to scan any bar code I put in front of it. This is about the 6th barcode scanner app Ive gone though today trying to find a good one. Isnt there any barcode app out there usable?

  • I love this app

    by tylerlydia

    This is a great app for unbiased opinions and it's also fun to scan items and review. They also award great with great prizes! check it out!

  • Review products

    by Ashley Cary

    The app is great for reviewing products but it freezes on me when I look at the history of barcodes I have scanned in. Just a little frustrating. But it works after closing out and reopening.

  • Best barcode

    by apple subaik

    Best barcode in the iTunes. Please make one for iPad.

  • Love this app

    by benzman7

    Great for rating products

  • Reviews!

    by rknaakable

    Looking for reviews on products made by regular consumers? Look no further! This app allows you to make reviews on mostly any product, but also gives you access to reviews made by others…just like you!

  • Great app


    Love this app. Like how you get points and have a chance of winning something. And the reviews are a good help!

  • Need work on

    by Lanchek

    I love this app but they really need to fix it! It's been working fine but lately I couldn't share to Twitter no more.. I can't even connect to twitter no more. Only has an option to connect to Facebook and I don't want to . please fix!

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