Emoji Characters and Smileys Free! Catalogs App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish

Seller: Component Studios LLC

Bug fixes.

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Customer Reviews

  • Download now

    by  Thtgurll

    Sweet emojis

  • lol

    by Anicanuto

    its ok

  • fine

    by okfine2345


  • Love it

    by Reguna5974

    Love it

  • رائع

    by *~Sara~*4251

    جيد جدا

  • Tat

    by Plopy990

    Tat rat

  • Live it

    by Krhmedic

    So much fun

  • Bomb.com

    by  salandsharilyn

    Such a cool app!

  • Dig it

    by Jers~One

    Love it!

  • Omg

    by StarReviewer8601

    love it

  • Over the top app.

    by Myla Anne

    This a awesome app. Lots of characters to choose from. Thanks

  • Lovvvve it

    by Jadyn Davis

    It's really fun and has things you don't have on a iPhone

  • Yay

    by Diana Larios


  • Love it

    by moor99

    Love it

  • The best ever!

    by LouHoo

    I have wanted this forever..always wondered how it was done !!!

  • Cute

    by PrincessAlly45

    Love it!

  • I LOVE IT!

    by Mamajmz

    Best app ever

  • Yeah

    by endibo

    Veri nice

  • Emojis

    by Blueworld213

    This is an awesome app

  • Nice

    by Epicgamer678

    Love it

  • Sunshine35

    by Majic25

    This is an awesome app. I truly enjoy sharing it with family and friends.

  • Fun app!

    by ConnieLLRedmond

    Love it!

  • Soowooooo

    by Javiar

  • Get it it's fun!

    by Chaps632-01

    It's ok I can't find the pop stars on it like it said it had so its not my favorite and most trusting app! But get it it's funny and cool!

  • Retawdid

    by Retawdid

    Love iht

  • Bad

    by Back the tank up

    It froze my ipad

  • Good app

    by Chalenk

    Nice app

  • Gay

    by 3699250

    .-''''-.,.-''''-. ! I LOVE ! ". YOU ." '''-.,,.-'''

  • Nuce

    by What,p


  • Lindsay

    by Greenbeans21 


  • Better

    by  SailLP

    This game is better than the first one

  • Awesome

    by A Random iPod User

    It is fun to text your friends a smile or something. It is useful on Instagram because u can say merry Christmas and put a tree or say u love something and put a heart.

  • Love it

    by Superman1238

    Love it

  • Fun!

    by Phoebe C T

    Great fun

  • Fun

    by No nick name.

    Sops fun. You should download it

  • Emojs

    by Oplplkojk

    They are awesome I can't wait to show my friends

  • Did it again

    by Bsoudi111

    Emoji is back again!!!! Yay I always love this

  • pink_s

    by pinknesss

    awesomes thing ever

  • Impressive app

    by Emoji hacker

    Really useful with a lot of fun!


    by Ajk@$

    u can get the EXACT same actually more on a emoji keybord in settings

  • Not the best

    by kkmalliemar10

    Not many emotions. I've seen apps with many more. Don't waist your time

  • Really good

    by Munnmk

    It is a really good app their is also a 99 cents and it is better!!

  • Great

    by Knsphill

    Great app, simple to use!

  • Chimuel

    by Chumuela


  • Love

    by rbav8r333


  • Nice

    by Robb Mahan 

    Luv it

  • I love it!

    by theRealMickster 

    Very fun :-)

  • Emoji

    by winona!@#)#


  • This app...

    by SXYTZ 

    AMAZING !!!

  • Cool !!

    by 3Dot 

    Cool !!

  • by jlrainone1


  • Smileys

    by Acrda

    I like it it's cooooool!

  • So Cool!

    by The boy who got this app!

    This app is really cool because... Just because! get the awlsome app!

  • Lose It

    by RichieRum

    Confusing to hard to use don't waste your time!!

  • Nic

    by saqrias 

    Love it

  • Great app!

    by tish280

    Love these!

  • Awesome

    by SkullFire6668

    Great app

  • Awesome

    by Blimp one

    This is a great app

  • Lame

    by TimidTangoGunfire

    They wanted me to buy stuff to use it :(

  • Awesome

    by ItzJoey x3

    Love it

  • Best

    by Minecraft buck

    I love it this is the best

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