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  • Category: Catalogs
  • Publisher: China Glaze
  • Updated: Feb, 26 2013
  • Version: 1.1.171
  • Size: 47.99 MB

Languages: NB, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, HE, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese

Seller: American International Industries

Now you can heart and save all your favorite colors in one place so you can keep tabs on all the new colors you want to try!
As a bonus, you will also be alerted when new colors or collections are available!

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A Whole New Meaning To LIVE IN COLOUR.

This fun and interactive mobile app puts the power of finding your perfect nail polish shade right in the palm of your hand. The China Glaze app, allows you to use an existing image in your camera roll or take a new photo, of something hot, that you want to find a complimentary shade to dawn on your
finger tips and where to find it.
Standing in front of countless China Glaze colours and wondering how it’d look on you, easy – go to
the try on feature and customize the skin and nail length to your features and play away, trying on
any of our over 300 active shades.

Key Features:

Match A Colour: Latest cutting edge technology with the ability to capture color, hues and
tones of any image and coordinate matching China Glaze Polish shades to choose from.

Try It On-: Browse categorized CG polish shades by What’s Haute, shades and finishes.
And see what the shades look like on different length nails and skin tone. Save all your
favorite shades to your camera roll for easy reference or share your favorite shades on Social

Professional Sign Up: If you are a nail professional using China Glaze, now is your chance
to register with us for product updates and the opportunity to be listed in our Salon/Service

Video Gallery: Get real time China Glaze how-to video feeds

Customer Reviews

  • Sls

    by No-1-else

    Love this app. Like the idea of saving favorite colors & you can virtually try them on. Lots of choices too.

  • by Billy4583h

    Okay so I LOVE China Glaze! There is one place in my town that sells it. So now I know that I don't have to waste my time at the store I just look to see if they have my favorites. This is a weird app. But it's cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Crashing

    by 10thDoctorfangirl

    This is a nice app and I have been using it for a while but when I go to open the "try it on" page it closes out completely. I've never had this problem until the last update. Looking into this issue would be most appreciated. :-)

  • Love.

    by Gossip Girl ; Serena

    Love the app. The Upper East Side girls are going to have a ball with these colors. -xoxo Gossip Girl

  • Almost perfect

    by Jujubie77

    Love this product. Like the app but I would really like to see a favorites function to mark what colors I have. The company could use it to get feedback on how popular its colors really are.

  • Needs something

    by puddin2014

    This ap is great for general playing around. What it needs is a way for me to check off colors I own and mark colors I want to buy.

  • The best nail color app!

    by Rynayth

    This app is fun and easy to use. The color matching app is so fun and helps to make outfits to nail colors. Navigation is very intuitive and is very easy to move from one section to another. Great job! Please keep updating when new collections come up. I'd hate to see this work so well only to not be updated further down the road.

  • super fun

    by amanjo

    Awesome app for my favorite brand of nail polish. I can't wait to add to my polish collection with colors that will match my favorite clothes!

  • Love China Glaze, but allergic....

    by Dea.will

    I have multiple allergies. I'm even allergic to Triple Antibiotic Ointment & acrylic & gel nails. That being said I can use China Glaze Polish with no problems. Love their polish & the app!!

  • Great app

    by Hotcottoncandy5

    Love the app!!!!! Will be matching up all of my outfits... I just wished it had a section on the app where u can purchase the nail colour that u like directly from the app..

  • Awesomeness

    by WendyE4

    OMG I'm so in love with tha app!! It works flawlessly and the color matching is just amazing! YOU NEED THIS APP!

  • Nail Namer

    by Nail Namer

    This app is amazing, the match a shade... Speechless! You can match anything from clothing to another companies nail polish bottle. The company really went above and beyond, most nail brand only have the try on feature and that is rarely accurate... Hats off CG!

  • Fun Yet Functional

    by Allnbeauty

    I applaud the team who built this. Functions great and is very useful. Having fun taking pictures of all my shoes and finding colors! I have a big China Glaze shopping list now! I will forever keep this app on my phone! Thanks China Glaze!

  • Excellent

    by TheHousewife

    A must have app for any gal that loves nail polish!!!!

  • Great App!

    by diddy_81

    Love the videos and everything about it. Well done China Glaze!!!

  • Beautiful!!!

    by gropptx

    Amazing app. The color matching is cool.

  • Wow!!!!!

    by Lou-e

    Very innovational, educational and cutting edge!!!!

  • Awesome. Great app.

    by LuckyPDP

    Love the color matching feature.

  • Love Love Love!!!

    by Sara Pollock

    China Glaze is one of my favorite polishes!! The color matching is amazing :)

  • Love


    LOVE IT!

  • Crashes


    Every time I try to get on it crashes!

  • Needs an update

    by BriS28

    This app needs to be updated. It's been the same stuff since January. They need to add more videos

  • Love this app!

    by Beachgal2914

    Loving this app! The "try it on" feature is making my list of must have colors grow and grow!! I did the match a color and it worked out great! Thanks China Glaze for making a great interactive app!! Love your products!


    by eastern_youth

    I love china glaze, always such a large assortment of fun colors and finishes!!! LOVE the find a match feature!

  • Awesome!

    by Honey Badger Kristin

    Whoever designed this app is amazing! Being able to take a pic of an outfit and have it match my color is crazy cool. Loving this concept!

  • Amazing

    by BE11ABOO13

    I love it because would live to have this color of my shirt and I could never find a color like it now I can!!

  • Love it!

    by ReubenD

    This app actually works!

  • Glazed

    by The tuss

    Extremely useful for my salon

  • Haute!!!!!!

    by Luisa Gutierrez

    OMG Becky look at this app!! Love the color wheel and the color match function just wish there were more vids. FABULOUS!!!!!

  • Hooray nail polish!

    by Helen225

    Thanks china glaze! Super excited to match my outfits to your new shades. Looks like a fun app!

  • Great app

    by JDPH512

    Love the color wheel and color match. Really smooth navigation, too!

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