Moto Race Bike - Race with Motorcycle Rider Speeding Through Highway Games App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English, German

Seller: Camera LLC(TX)

fixed minor bug

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Check out this fun motorcycle racing game.

Tilt your motor bike to dodge obstacles and see how far you can go without crashing.

Try it out for free!

Customer Reviews

  • great game

    by Hugoool43

    just love these type of games! so exciting :)

  • Cool and awesome

    by Cameron Shepard

    Awesome whoever hates it your crazy

  • What?!

    by This app is waste

    This is in the App Store. Oh my god this is the wort game ever after about four ads it starts and says push to speed up. One the graphics are pathetic two you can't steer at all this is awful. I don't often write reviews. ( I feel it is a waste of time) but this is a special case save your time and energy on this one. Probably the worst game I have ever played from the App Store. Wow is all i can say it looks like a bunch of inbred apes made this game.... Additionally anyone that wrote a good review was paid i guarantee it

  • Terrible

    by flowerpowerchick

    To much ads

  • by Almost

    I've never once written a bad review, but this game gets the honors of my first. If you're lucky, after the app store's loaded multiple times due to pop-up ads appearing exactly where you're told to 'press & hold' in order to speed the bike up (in what's a poor rendition of another game), you'll get approximately 0.01 seconds to see the game in action - more accurately to watch your bike blowup as you've had no chance to steer the thing clear of it's pre-destined demise. It's one thing to include ads in a free version, but another to time them so poorly that it renders your app useless.

  • Horrible

    by Christopher Pratt

    Complete crap

  • SCAM

    by BARBUSA1

    This is my first review. I can not believe this app is even available. I had to fight with the free app popup, just to get to the game play. Then the race starts, crappy graphics abound and you die right away ... then the fight continues with the free app popup. I could not delete this app fast enough.

  • Horrible

    by BlueGamer69

    This game was free but still is not keeping on your i phone just all around horrible gameplay and graphics that look like a gameboy game.

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