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Seller: Camera LLC(TX)

-fixed orientation bug.

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Check out this fun holiday frosty the snowman running game!

Get in the holiday spirit with this endless running game fun for all ages. See how far you can get without getting hit and dodge all the obstacles.

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Customer Reviews

  • I do not like it

    by Shahrin211

    I do not how to play

  • Too many adds

    by Hillyhirl567893728

    I give it 3 stars because too many adds!!! It ruined my game!!!

  • I think it's nice

    by Awashlover

    We'll I didn't play it yet but I think it's nice because I watched the movie frozen and it's blowing my mind so I think it will be the best running movie ever well.... I THINK!!! So don't judge me or anything :/

  • Totally a remake of 'oven break'

    by Ellabluebella

    It's kind of fun but it's a remake of one of my favorite games

  • Cute

    by Volleyballmom64

    Cute game. My kids love the snow man. A little annoying ads but paid .99 to remove. We enjoy the holiday music as well

  • Okay

    by Lulu31103

    This app is really fun, BUT I CAN'T GO 5 SECONDS WITHOUT AN AD TURNING UP AND RUINING MY GAME!! I suggest they stop with the ads!

  • Frozen

    by Cambeakat

    I never played this game I'm just thinking its good

  • Fantastic without adds good with adds

    by Lillian Shelley

    It's fantastic but it has 100000000000000000000000000000000000 adds more than its suppose to

  • Okayish


    It's fun and all but it's a REALLY annoying when it comes to ads

  • Frozen

    by Hxhgxhjvjbligtud:(;64)¶$(7


  • Nice

    by Kjb06

    I love this game

  • too many adds

    by Noahejonv

    i agree and this app has way to many adds!!! if i were you i would just play the practice on fun run and its the exact same thing. if that dosent work for you turn your device on airplane mode while playing. then you wont have any wifi abd the adds wont be able to show up. If you have a little kid please dont let them play this app. there are way to many adds they will click on and might download apps. if you hate adds,like me, i suggeust you dont get this app.

  • There are too many ads

    by Primrose000

    There Are WAY to many ads I can't play it without clicking a stupid ad. also it's nearly Impossible to slide under stuff in the game. My my advice is to not get this game because there's not a way too play it becuz of ads.

  • Worst game in the hole wide world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Natty and Emmie

    Hate it ! It's the worst!!!!!it dose not let you slide !!!! I don't like it It is stupid !!!!!!!!!!!

  • To many ads pop and cover entire game screen

    by Reno T D

    The ads pop in the middle of the game screen making it impossible to see the game board when you are playing deleting until fixes are in place.


    by Cut the rope4

    So, whenever i finish a game 2 ads come up and its sooo annoying

  • What a waste of time

    by Frozen343

    This game is copying Frozen's Olaf.Ive seen that movie 44 times so I'm kinda in love with it. This is a waste of time and stupid.All the adds mess me up as I'm playing. The idiot who created this game obviously thinks its okay to parrot a movie character especially if this game is for kids.

  • Not good

    by Zitropr81

    To many ads every time you die there's two ads when you start it there's an ad my daughter had the worse time trying to play it

  • (0.o)

    by Imaad Fredericks

    Warning-this is not a game,it's an invasion of stooopid ads...dn't load...I REPEAT..DO NOT LOAD

  • Inappropriate ads/ Won't load game!

    by TamamaCandyLover

    Whoever made this game shouldn't make anymore, sorry to say but all I got when I opened this app was nothing but inappropriate ads. Meaning "adult scrabble" with sexual words and phrases on the ads. Or large breasts women half naked on them. And that's not even the worst part when I press x on the ads I get a black screen with Christmas music playing. And lastly this is NOT A DISNEY APP! Its a rip off of Olaf from Frozen. Honestly, if I was a parent and got this app for a kid with these bad ads on it I'd be furious. This was a waste of my time. Deleted, 1 star. Wish I could give negative stars. Shame on you.

  • Terrible

    by Krimpetboy12

    Terrible for kids ads every second

  • AD every time we try to play!!!

    by NicoleFalk

    If I could give this a zero I would. Every time my daughter plays an AD pops up in the middle if her game, causing her to lose. This is AWFUL!!!!! What a waste of a download.

  • Attacked by ads

    by Jewel1234567

    Do not download! You will curse the ads from the get-go! Out of control ads! Otherwise, fun game if you can get through 5 seconds without an ad popping up.

  • Adds and more adds

    by Whit+5

    Don't bother downloading. Way way to many adds. Horrible!!!!!!

  • Too many ads!

    by Ninaof4

    This game has way too many ads. Played about 30 seconds of the game and had about half a dozens ads pop up. Deleted it immediately.

  • Hate it

    by Sugar candy1239

    It is super boring and has WAY TOO MANY ADS!!!!!

  • Might be fun but the ads...

    by Rierse

    Can't even tell if the game is worth playing because the pop up ads actually inhibit the game so far as to make it un-playable. It is disappointing.

  • O.K


    The game itself is good. The adds is what makes the game pretty bad.


    by So awesome to cool

    Litterly every second there is an ad. They better get rid of at least SOME (thats how many there are) ads without people having to pay to remove ALL ads. Please fix the problem with ads! Because anyway, no one is even going to play the game because the ads ruin your game. The actual game is fun(its basically like fun run except you dont race) but the game is going to start to not be fun if every single time you open the app, loose the game, or go to somewhere else like settings, there will be 2-3 adds every single time! Please fix this because every one is going to stop playing this and i dont think most people would want to pay money to remove the ads when basically you could just get fun run and it would be almost the same except there is no racing and fun run obviously isnt 'frozen' themed. So please fix the ads, at least let there be like ONE ad when you open the ad and that's it. i'm sure a lot of people are with me on this.

  • Does not. Work

    by Tbnbb0101

    When. I. Peres. On. The. Left. It. Does. Not. Work


    by Snazzy pickle lover is awsome

    I thought this was gonna be a fun game.... But when I got it theres TONS AND TONS of adds!, which are advertising other games why would you do that if you want people playing your game? Besides all you do is jump and slide over things

  • Inappropriate ads!!!

    by Hoagybun

    Extremely inappropriate ads pop up with a silhouette of a large breasted woman holding a weapon with the tag line that size doesn't matter. Advertises a war game download on a DISNEY game geared towards young children. Whatever marketing "genius" came up with that should be terminated. Extremely disappointed with this. And so is my 6 year old because this app has been deleted indefinitely.

  • To many adds

    by Bad!! & awful

    Way to many adds in the middle of the GAME

  • Boring and stupid ads

    by Frida.Sofia.G

    Really all you do is press left and right and that's what makes it BORING. And when your playing the game an ad pops up and you think the game will automatically pause while the ads pop up but it doesn't pause so you die. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP IF YOU DON'T WANT TO GET FRUSTRATED!!!!!!!!!!

  • Idk

    by GiannaTitone

    So it's kind of interesting it's just that there are way to many ads and when u are in the middle of the game I die cause a ad pops up and I suggest u not get this cause ur just gonna end up deleting it like I did

  • Ahhh the ads!!!!!

    by Ninja9sam

    It would be an awesome game if it did not have ads during the game

  • Do not buy unless u like ads

    by Pare1511

    Wish I had read the reviews before downloading. After playing for less than 5 minutes, deleted the app because all the ads. Disappointed daughter cuz she loves Olaf from frozen and this is an obvious rip off.

  • To many ads

    by Magic zoo fan

    Ok, this game has way to many ads! Every 5 seconds a ad shows up and ruins my game! It's hard to enjoy a game with to many ads popping up in the middle of your game! I recommend taking the ads off

  • The ads are never ending!!!! Do not download!!!!

    by Mrsgsloan811

    The game cannot be enjoyed because of the number of ads.

  • Worst app ever when it comes to ads...

    by CiciLela

    Worst app ever when it comes to ads... Don't lose or you will get advertised to death...

  • It's not often that I review something

    by AshleyP8299

    I often ignore the review requests, but this one time I feel that it's necessary. I actually think this game could be very fun. It's runaway pengy in a different setting. The controls are a bit on the slow side, after you learn how much you have to compensate its not so bad. Ads pop up constantly. I don't mind them when I've died or something, but we're talking mid game. And while you're trying to close the ads you die because your game doesn't automatically pause when the adds pop up. I played this game for less than 5 minutes and I'm deleting it already. Boo.

  • bad for kids

    by Vczdavis

    Not a real disney app. 2 ads for every screen. My daughter can not x them out. Controls are confusing. Jump is too slow and you have to keep finger pressed to slide. Terrible

  • Knock off

    by Miss-Pixie

    App is a knock-off of Disney :(

  • Uninstalling this game :-(

    by #Angeldove

    Ok. Its a cool game and looks like it would be fun but.... Everyfew seconds advertisements for other games keeps popping up like crazy, so much to the point that im not even intrested in this game and there is no way to stop and or block all the advertisements on this game and will probably uninstall it on my phone.

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