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  • Publisher: aucir
  • Updated: Apr, 03 2013
  • Version: 3.1
  • Size: 9.41 MB

Languages: Danish, English, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese

Seller: Ping Lu

This release contains the feature improvement.

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NOW(News, Stock, Weather) is the best client for reading Google news and RSS feed, monitoring your stock, getting the live traffic, getting the current weather condition and forecast.

It is easy to use the app.
Open the left menu for navigation.
Right and Left swipe to change the news categories and cities.
Pull down to get the latest data.



-== Google News ==-


* All kinds of News in one place

* Define your own news by Keywords or Location

* News in your Current location

* News in your Languages(More than 70 Regions)

* Supports iPhone, iTouch, iPad

* Supports News Near You

* Supports Different Regions

* Personal news - Make your own keywords

* Supports full article share through email

* Easy to switch between news categories: Right, Left swipe

* Nice and clean UI design: big news picture and news title

* Support landscape reading mode

* Support to share the article to Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Sina Weibo, Email, Instapaper, Diigo, Pinboard, Tumblr, Pocket

* Support local cache

* Support font size and color customize

* Support read flag, scroll up to mark the item as read

* Support RSS feed

* Support to import Google Reader

* Support add/edit RSS subscription

-== Weather ==-


* Weather forecasts and local time for several locations

* Magical weather scenes reflecting real-time weather conditions

* Search for a specific location by postcode, zipcode, latitude/longitude, IP, Airport Code, city/town name

* 5-day and 24-hour weather forecast

* "Feels Like" temperature

* Today’s Max and Min

* Wind direction and speed

* Humidity and precipitation information

* Sunrise/Sunset and Moonrise/Moonset time

* Fahrenheit/Celsius and Miles/Kilometers

* Day time and Night time modes

* Easy navigation between cities: swipe either to the left or to the right to switch between locations


-== Real Time Stock ==-


* Free real-time streaming quotes, no more refresh, no more 15-20 min delay *

* DJIA, NADAQ, S&P 500 futures

* Prices are always associated with time, you will never be misled

* Symbol look up

* Create unlimited watch-lists

* Add unlimited symbols to existing watch-list

* Delete/Re-order your watch list and symbols


-== Exchange supported ==-






Asia Pac


* real-time quotes for USA stocks only

Customer Reviews

  • Excellent news source

    by Early to rise again

    I'm very happy with the speed that news articles are picked up.

  • Perfect so far

    by Pickle430

    Now were just waiting on Apple to catch up :-/.

  • Another must have news app

    by kruXader

    Another must have news app

  • Good central app

    by rbrock1225

    Well, it's not iGoogle, but still very useful. I like having the news, weather, ...available in a single app

  • Nice app

    by Aeneas Yul

    Nice app

  • Good job

    by ddd111133

    Great app for google news, stock and weather. Use it every day. Keep update.

  • Amazing!

    by Highlyhj

    I love this app. It is super cool.

  • Quick access to news any time of the day.

    by Love this App (2.06)

    Great way to learn what's happening on a large variety of topics. I open it first thing every morning.

  • Very nice

    by Nimsoso

    Perfectly ok

  • Perfect!

    by trixiesirisheyes

    Use it every day.

  • Good job!

    by david wang88

    It is my favorite app. I use it every day.

  • Great app

    by Try n to be a runner

    Great app works great

  • Has a little of everything

    by KmOnEy2268

    I discovered this app through a news app I usually use and have really fell in love with it. It combines a cnn based app with stocks and live traffic. I like the premises of having everything in one location rather than have an app for weather a app for news stocks and gps navigation app. I think everyone should definitely try the app out. You bought a smartphone to have everything easily accessible to you. This app takes that further.

  • Works as expected

    by Bandersnoot

    Good app, works as I hoped.

  • Rrsearcher

    by Cthruandthru

    Very nice app. Every imaginable type of news right at your fingertips. A+

  • Great News Source

    by Pete Ridder

    Lots of updates. Many diverse sources.

  • Google now

    by Peter41239

    Good app, but I like google news better. Google now allows one to see more articles.

  • Great app

    by dwall67

    This is a great way to keep up with current news events in all areas.

  • Nicely done

    by maryzpal

    Great way to access news. Well organized. No frills, which is ok with me.

  • Google Now - a Winner

    by GreatIdeaButDisappointed

    Google Now is an excellent app. It provides me with the information I need to start my day. I highly recommend for active persons like myself who need to know what's going on in the world, business and technology but do not have the time to watch the network news in the evening. 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes after lunch keep updated throughout the day! Great app!!

  • Please stop updating

    by SaveryLady

    The app needs to be editable. I have a dozen defunct sites I cannot eliminate. Before the update this app was good. Now it has no idea where I am. Frustrating.

  • Needs to be filtered

    by Bobbidhy

    I would be much more enthusiastic about the home page if I could filter out sports and entertainment and exclude them from real news. So many of those stories belong in gossip and sports sections, and they overwhelm actual useful news.

  • Please stop updating

    by SaveryLady

    Before the update this app was good. Now it has no idea where I am. Frustrating.

  • Fail!

    by BelBlok

    News is a waste of time, headlines and summaries are basically the same, so why waste screen RE with a preview that does not provide different information than the headline? Most egregious is some headlines don't match the content!! Chosen material as "news" is pathetic. Sharing a link to Google+ is flawed and extremely frustrating, only useful if you're a bot sharing the link-- if you add a comment to the link, composing your entry is very frustrating; gone are the text positioning magnifier, zooming, and spellcheck.

  • Garbage

    by Mojosto

    If you want a google app, download google

  • Broken update

    by Matt71667

    • When you open an article there is no way to close it and return to the news. • I can't log in to "my" google and get "my" news • you have close the app and then shut down the app in the background in order to get back to the main news page

  • Great app

    by Ehmoda

    I use this app daily. I like this app because it is smart. You tell it your preferences and brings to you news about what you like to hear about. Say you're interested in news about some law that is been discussed in the congress, you can add a tab to this app specifically for news about that law. You also get to choose your sources of new - left or right. Or you could leave the default settings and you will get your news from everyone and you be the judge..

  • Wonderful information app

    by lzroelofs

    The title says it all

  • Still sub-beta

    by Anxious Alan

    Powerful forces at work still have not come to a final platform able to be modified by users

  • M

    by ReviewerMJ

    Great app. Easy to use easy to navigate and has all the news.

  • Great way to review news

    by Nmoreman

    I cancelled my paper (can see local on tv) so this is a great way to get an update on national and world news. Everything shown in snapshot, so can pick to get more indepth info. Use it everyday

  • Language problem

    by Katzenbacher

    The App worked fine and in English when I first opened it. When I selected my location, which is in Germany, it change to the German language. I changed to UK and it switch to French language. I reset it and it did nothing. It would be great if I could get it to work in my language while in another country.

  • Review

    by Jibacoa

    Great app

  • Works!

    by Marty Beer

    Timely; concise; perfect; useful; proper headlines!

  • Good

    by flwrtatoo


  • GREAT but please add Google sign in!

    by 10s4jh

    News,Weather,Financial info all in one place... Would be even better if I could sign in and have my own personalized account like on my laptop!

  • Support for Pocket

    by Zer00s

    Nice aggregation, but like Flipboard and Zite, I would like to be able to save articles for later in Pocket. Without that, I'll use it less.

  • Google App

    by JImmyGeee

    Quick; Easy; Concise

  • Great

    by Andrew Denson

    Great stuff here

  • Fantastic app and news aggregator.

    by spammesilly

    Love the app. I get a lot of news that is constantly updated. The only complaint I have is the icon on iOS. It's kinda harsh on the eyes.... I'd still give the app 5 stars though.

  • Wes in review

    by Foggy momma

    Great way to catch up on news while on exercise bike

  • Mr

    by Dave10500

    Great for news

  • Now

    by The tonester gamester

    Great for news

  • No Google Sign In?

    by Denster2u

    The app looks terrific, but there doesn't appear to be a way to sign in to my Google account to access my personalized News and Finance portfolios.

  • Love it

    by Ghy123890

    Wish more people love it.

  • Now

    by Oplijkhg

    It's a great to the app. I use it every day.

  • Just Horrible

    by RonNH

    I live in NH. The local news is all from Maine. The local traffic is San Francisco. However when I use the google app instead of this app, it shows my local news, etc. Go figure! Useless.

  • Great app!!

    by Love the vale

    I love this app. I love the fact that I am able to check the most recent news when I want, where I want.

  • Great app!!!

    by Neo_rag

    use it every day!!!but I still feel google has the power to make is still good to awesome.

  • Google: Not Now

    by Freakin Create One

    Disappointing, to say the least. Not the product it was touted to be. Limited apps. How many tries do you get till the nickname isn't taken. Geesh!

  • excellent app

    by marcia262

    all the stuff I want to read in one handy app

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