dELiA*s eCatalog Catalogs App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Catalogs
  • Publisher: YUDU Media
  • Updated: Jul, 30 2011
  • Version: 9.2
  • Size: 6.56 MB

Languages: Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Spanish, Welsh

Seller: YUDU Ltd

- Dynamic Layer Support
- Additional Fixes
- Note and Highlighting Improvement

Customer Ratings

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10 Ratings
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151 Ratings


Introducing dELiA*s shoppable app! Now you can browse, search and shop our latest catalog on your mobile iPad, iPod or iPhone. You can zoom in on any product, get all the details and click to buy. The dELiA*s app is the ultimate destination for all the latest styles & trends, plus must-have jeans in extended sizes and lengths.

Download this mobile app to get every new dELiA*s catalog at your fingertips.

Customer Reviews

  • Finally found the app!

    by Da cats

    I didn't know there was an app! I'm just downloading i

  • Coupons?

    by Katie:) :(

    Would be even better if they added coupons.

  • This app it the best!

    by Unicorn!:)145

    This is so much easier then trying to find the website all u have to do is hit the app and BAM! Your there and it up dates the newest styles!!!!!

  • Luv this app!!!

    by Kay time

    This app makes it so much easier to view Delia's catalogs on the go! You never have to worry about which catalog to bring, you will always have them right in front of you! I'm not a big online shopper but I am sure it would make online shopping 100% better!!!

  • Luv!!!

    by Phil Byle

    I luv this app!!!! It just gives me more time to look @ clothes and makes me want 2 shop more!!!!! Liv this app! But its not my fave clothes app 2 look @.. I have a lot of those apps!!!!

  • Good

    by GoldenHanaaa

    Finally They Made This Now I Can Shop

  • Delia's love!!!

    by Delia's fan

    I love Delia's!!! It has so many cute clothes!!! That's where I am going back to school shopping!!!

  • Wish List Wanted!

    by SheriffWoodyPride

    This app is really easy to use and browse. I love that you can go straight to the product from a picture! However I would like to see a wish list or page where you could save products separate from the shopping bag. I'd give it 5 stars if there was a wish list! Otherwise, very handy and user friendly! :3

  • Great app

    by Timmy2625

    Love this!!!!! But doesn't automatically download the new catalog you have to update the app... But still love this!!!!

  • Delia*s is awesome.

    by Drama Queen 741

    Practically my all-time favorite store. This app makes shopping there so much easier. The only problem is that, when ever you try to download a catalog it works half of the time. Please fix this problem! Thanks!

  • My Favorite Store

    by Nyjahi the NBC Girl

    I love this app because it's my favorite store.

  • ..

    by Gobie234

    Why is it that every time I wanna download the march catalog.. It always wanna be acting crazy saying that it can't because their are missing files..?? Like... What?

  • ?

    by Canyounot????

    March? Where art thou?

  • March won't load...

    by LilyLarson14

    Every time I try and load March's edition, it won't download :( please fix it!


    by Kiki22154

    Lovin the app but my march edition wont download and it says something about a xml file plz help!!!

  • Good and Bad :)- :(

    by Awesomely-awesome girl

    I like this app a lot but it keeps crashing when I turn it on and I can't get on it

  • Great but..........

    by Game Lover

    This is a really good way to look at their clothes. But yesterday I downloaded two more catalogs and I downloaded one today and now I can't open the new three. I can only open one that I downloaded a long time ago. Now it randomly shuts out of the app. I would give it 5 stars until today. Can you ppppppppppppppoppplllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaasssssse fix it? So really can you fix it please. Please.

  • Nice but..

    by Ilovetodance22

    I really love this app but it doesn't update when they're new catalogs out.

  • Great

    by Trade nations v3.0

    Its an awesome app, but the app wont even open, so i cant enjoy the awesomeness.....

  • Love it but please fix glitch

    by juliaissuppaasikkkk!

    I absolutely love this app and the clothes but I haven't been able to open it since the last update PLEASE FIX!!!!!

  • ARGH!

    by Tatyaanaaa

    I downloaded it and it won't even open! This is so annoying.

  • Pointless app

    by Wwf fan333

    This app just lets you view the catalog-- it doesn't actually let you shop or order. Waste of time. Don't bother.

  • Don't download

    by SammyGirl71

    This app is very confusing

  • Terrible

    by jillinois

    Don't waste your time. This app makes you first download the latest catalog and then you can "flip" trough the pages of it. It would be easier to navigate the regular website on an iphone or just look at the actual catalog in person

  • Good but

    by pig346456774

    They haven't put a new catalogue out in 2 months

  • Not good anymore

    by Heather Giardino

    Where is the new catalog? Hasn't updated...

  • Good app

    by Halle-12

    It's a good app but it hasn't even updated for the December catalog and its January

  • Not loading

    by So Cal Kev

  • Slacking

    by Spitza98

    Loved it! But now it always freezes, never downloads, and randomly exits out of the app. Please fix that..

  • Won't open

    by o h h h (:

    Ever since the last update the app won't open :[

  • Great but glitchy

    by Mrs.NiallJamesHoran

    I really like the concept of it. But I haven't used it in like three weeks an when I opened it today it wouldn't even open!

  • Keeps crashing since update

    by jennvc

    It will not open now.

  • Review

    by JuStIn BiEbEr!! <3

    It keeps crashing it will not open

  • dELiA*s e-catalog

    by Olivia Axelrod

    Great app best deals ever. Totally cute clothes

  • Good resource, but...

    by angrybirdslover#1

    I love this app so much, but it's been crashing on me! Please fix(:

  • Crashes

    by AJ's wifey

    I used to love this app but now it just crashes

  • It's great

    by HopFroggy

    It's great cuz it's all free and u can look at great styles. Good app but it's better to go online

  • Good at first...

    by Sydneythesinger

    I loved this app! It was so good!! But after a while it started crashing after opening. Please fix cuz I really love this app :(

  • WORST APP EVER!!!!!!

    by Fitzie1975

    This app gets me really frustrated... I rate it no stars at all. Although I love the clothes, this app is really a bummer. The app keeps crashing, and after I download it again, it crashes AGAIN. So I don't really use it because it never even opens for me! Awful app

  • Good, but now it taking FOREVER

    by JungleJim

    It was an amazing app at first, then i tried downloading the august edition and then it started taking FOREVER, and i dont mean 20 minutes forever, I mean FOREVER. Im still downloading a magazine!

  • Luv Clothes

    by Tayrocks5678

    I absolutely love this app. It's nice because I don't have to carry around the catalog

  • Cool!!!

    by Bunnybo58

    Luv this store but always crashes please fix it.

  • :)

    by Shakanika


  • 4 almost 5 stars

    by 13Hello13

    OMG all you complainers! if the app crashes, reboot your phone, and if that doesn't work, re-download the app from the store. and when u get it, it doesn't just make u click help, u go to the "my editions" thing, and download the different catalogs. people, this is a great app! the only thing that's not so great is that when u r flipping through the catalog it sometimes takes a long time to load the pics; they are really pixely at first.. fix this and it is a 5 star app to me:)

  • This app stinks!

    by Justsharinmythoughts

    When I first opened this app, it would only let me look at the help and my editions tab, but not the actual clothes. I have restarted the app and downloaded it again many times but it still won't let me look at any clothes!

  • New update.

    by Someonee.

    Crashes. When I get on it exits out. Please do a new update.

  • Delia's

    by Yeayeayeat789619

    It sucked

  • Great clothes

    by Someone that u might know

    It crashes so much!!! To many bugs. Although I love their clothes and to shop here every time I launch this app it exits it afte 3 seconds:(

  • Just crashed!

    by Asian123:)

    I love this store! But this app just crashed on me and I really want to see what's new!

  • Great!!

    by Juliagirl12

    I really love to shop on the delias website. Now i can look at the catalogs on the go or anytime. I love this app.

  • Love it but needs fixed immediately !!!

    by Awesome-0 ra ra yeah

    I loved it until I downloaded the latest issues and not it doesn't even work!!! It just crashes !!! Please fix!!!!! I really want to see the latest issues!!!!

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