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Address book backup -- the most professional and intelligent tool for Address book backup

* Back up contacts to Excel, Gmail and Outlook with one key; to be simple, fast, and safe.
* Quick import and export of the Address book
* Intelligent import and merging of the contacts
* Multiple backup methods offer you more choice.

Function description:

Export contacts
* Export the Address book to Excel, Gmail,and Outlook fast
* Support to export all the contact information including head portrait
* Support to export selected contacts and field
* Fully compatible with all mainstream Excel program

Import Contacts
* Automatic backup before the import
* Wipe the contacts before import
* Merger existing address book contacts intelligently

File management
* Support to share the Address book files to the computer through WiFi
* Support to back up the Address book by means of Email, Dropbox and so on.
* Support to search and download the backup address book in dropbox

Customer Reviews

  • Great

    by Hanane Najmeddine

    Great I like it

  • Mixed bag

    by hwa3

    It's able to backup and restore contacts from its own file just fine. When you try to edit the XLS file it doesn't work. Saving it as Excel 97 workbook leaves you with empty contacts, saving it as Excel 95 crashes the app. Zipping is another thing, don't use WinZip. Even when using the legacy format (plain old zip) it won't recognize it. Use the Windows Compressed Folder and it will recognize it.

  • Report

    by Dp Sharon Dee

    Good job. Lovely!

  • Great App

    by Cindefuckingrella

    Contacts Backup -- Pro is the most intelligent contacts backup app I've ever seen. Multiple backup methods makes it easy to use. And the export methods also brilliant, I can now manage my address book using excel program, it's very convenient.

  • Awesome

    by ilocesyutbj

    I have a lot of contacts and I need to back up them to Excel. With this app, I can quickly export the Address book to Excel. Everything is handy and it is well worth the money.

  • useful

    by rayraylightt

    The app is really useful, and it's user friendly so no requirements for using it. If you have tons of phone contacts, and if you are always afraid of losing some very important contacts, then you need to get this one immediately.

  • Useful

    by ygoazfker

    This app is as described and maybe even better. It's a very useful tool for Address book backup. So easy to use and I have no issues. Get it!

  • Nice one!

    by jacquesirr

    Very easy to navigate because it is very organizable, and it is also easy to use because it's simple, all you need to do is to export your contacts and then import it, as easy as it sounds!

  • life saver!

    by farmerishereeee

    I unfortunately lost all my phone contacts last time and today I needed to restore my phone again, and before I did it, I used this app to back up all my contacts to my email and it was fast and reliable!

  • good

    by yiren1

    I love this useful app!It let my contact safe ,very cool

  • Best

    by jimchou817....

    Nice. It is the most professional and intelligent tool for address book backup.It can merger existing address book contacts intelligently. It very useful, and I no longer need to worry about losing my contacts.

  • Good job

    by sympathwarmahhhhhhhh

    Highly recommended. This is what I needed exactly, a tool that supports to export selected contacts and field

  • Great

    by czc19920813

    Great app.The most professional and intelligent tool for Address book backup.Recommend it strongly.You will like it.

  • Useful app! It is so cool!

    by macfeeyu

    This app is so creative. I can use it to back up my address book. I use it for a while and I can say that this app is very professional and intelligent. I'm so glad I downloaded it. I recommend this app for my friends.

  • Backup contacts in many ways

    by Kiddo peters

    If you don't want use other way to backup your contacts instead of iCloud, this app will do this, you can export contacts to excel, gmail outlook, Dropbox, or share the contacts file to computer. It's intuitive to use.

  • nice app

    by toby1311

    With it, I can easily export and back up my address book. I can export the address book to Excel, Gmail, and Outlook. I look forward to more useful features.

  • Convenient

    by listdoplanju

    This app has many cool features. You can securely backup your contacts and never worry about losing them. Then you can export the address book to Excel or Gmail, that's really convenient!

  • Great

    by bnnetgygy77

    This is the fastest contact backup tool out there. It is simple to use and works great. I highly recommend this app to everyone. Get it, never worry about your contacts ever again!

  • great app

    by Kneve1984.

    What a great app.It is the best professional and intelligent tool for Address book backup. However, its price is a little expensive, I hope to have a discounts.

  • Helpful

    by randy.combs.

    Very helpful app,simple ui and easy to use,just a few seconds,it can back up all my contacts to an excel file and save it to my computer via e-mail.

  • Efficacious!

    by bestmetoy0u

    The app is light and clever, it is very suitable for people like me, who sometimes need to back up my contacts, and with the help of this app, there won't be concerned about losing my contacts, even if I will have to erase all content and settings on my iPhone.

  • Great app

    by ambiguous123321

    So simple and easy.

  • Perfect!

    by alkjdfdij

    Great app love it.... Its a life saver

  • Qraa

    by boabid


  • easy, fast

    by appropriate123

    Within 1 minutes i had all iphone contacts copied to an email and saved on desktop (excel file).

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