AlwaysOnPC Virtual Desktop PC and Open Office Suite compatible with Google Docs, Microsoft Powerpoint, Word & Excel and Dropbox – Secure VPN Encrypted Edition for iPhone Productivity App Review (iOS, $18.99)


Languages: English

Seller: VoicEcho LLC

▶ Fixed the 'slow keyboard' bug. Now when the keyboard is open the App has much faster response!
▶ Support for:
- iWork online suite like Keynote, Pages, Numbers etc. (currently a free beta on
- Convert/Export PDF from any Office doc

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Imagine having a computer inside your iPhone... Now you can! AlwaysOnPC® Cloud Desktop™ gives you a personal ‘virtual desktop’ with powerful features like ▶OpenOffice, ▶Dropbox ▶Export PDFs, ▶Chrome & Firefox – ▶ Flash and ▶ Java-applet* support & more!

Your AlwaysOnPC Cloud Desktop is hosted on our powerful Cloud Servers, with the full desktop version of all these programs:

▶ OpenOffice with Dropbox
Open, edit & save files with near 100% feature equivalent to Microsoft Office such as:
▬WORD docs(Writer) ▬POWERPOINT (Impress) ▬ EXCEL Spreadsheets (Calc)
-------------------------        --------------------------       ---------------------------
> Font size shape etc.  > Templates, master etc    > 'DataPilot' pivot tables
> Spelling, grammar   > Drawing, graphics tools  > Sort, Filter, Group, Subtotals
> Revision Tracking   > Animations, transitions   > Macros & Extensions
> Mail-merge, macros > Callouts and flowcharts  > 2D & 3D Chart
...Export/convert from .doc .xls .ppt to PDF, and lots more!

▶ Chrome and Firefox Browsers + Flash Player
Browse and use Flash-based websites, apps, games and videos such as:
Games    Productivity          e-cards/ entertainment
------------   ---------------          --------------
 > Evony   > Prezi (+ edit too!)    > JibJab
 > CityVille  > SlideRocket (+edit)  > BlueMountain
 > ChefVille  > Microsoft Office365 > Jacqui Lawson
 > Runescape > Adobe > American Greetings

▶ Java-Applets support
 > Runescape  > BNSF > United Airlines Unimatic
 > NetDania > PartyPoker > Pogo games & more!

▶ Browser Extensions / Add-ons & Themes
 > Adblock  > Springpad  > Evernote Web Clipper
 > Xmarks  > Personas   > Lastpass (password sync)
 > Screen capture & and tons more!

▶ Upload / Download files to/from your virtual PC, fast!
 Download, edit, and upload to sites like: > SlideShare > SlideShark 
 > Webex > GoToMeeting/Webinar > Fuze, & more

⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆ “Best app in App Store”
by Jslaughter33351on Mar 20 2013 ver 2.0.1

⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆ “gift from the gods”
by Ab07030 on Feb 05 2013 ver 2.0.1

⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆ "Best app ever..."
by Warwick Bristol on Oct 29 2012 version 2.0

⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆ "Must get"
by Xxjunior97xX on Oct 14 2012 version 2.0

▶ AlwaysOnPC also includes these powerful programs:
 ▬ Dropbox access: sync up to 2Gb of files (use selective sync for larger 'boxes). Open. Edit. Save. Easy!
 ▬ PDF Reader and editor, with forms and annotations
 ▬ GIMP Graphic image editing (like PhotoShop) bmp, gif, jpeg, mng, pcx, pdf, png, ps, psd, svg, tiff
 ▬ InkScape drawing program (.SVG, import & edit Adobe Illustrator files!)
 ▬ LibreOffice Database, Formula/Math scientific equations, Draw & flow-chart
 ▬ Filezilla (FTP client)
 ▬ Thunderbird (POP and IMAP email client)

▶ Super-productive computer-like features:
 ▬ Copy and paste between Office apps and the photo editor, drawing program, email and more
 ▬ 'Mouse/arrow' mode for precise editing
 ▬ Right-click contextual menu (two-finger tap)
 ▬ Receive, edit and re-send email attachments
 ▬ 2 GB included online cloud storage (e.g. for Dropbox sync, downloads, etc)
 ▬ Toolbar with Ctrl, Alt, Esc, Del, Shift keys (with lock on/off)

FREE TRIAL simulator available from your PC/Mac: visit (on your PC/Mac)

 -*Java applets only. [JAR, JNLP/webstart .exe Windows executables are NOT supported]
 -Designed for Landscape orientation only (like your computer ;-)
 -This iPhone app is NOT compatible with iPad. Please see our separate listing for those products.
- Requires network at all times to run
 - AlwaysOnPC is hosted from one of two data-centers: USA (Los Angeles, CA), and Europe (Sofia, Bulgaria). The farther you are from these locations, you may experience more latency/delay. Try our FREE simulator on your PC/Mac first by visiting our website

Customer Reviews

  • Love the video mode...

    by DianaRubia

    Great app and update

  • Could give more info before buying

    by Cena dog

    App Store could tell us more on the monthly fee n how much it is monthly I think it's with it but only draw back was App Store not informing users much on price of monthly fee

  • Great

    by 1important thing

    Let me play my music while it is open and it would be worth every penny.

  • Small, but great

    by kpemberton8

    I guess I didn't really know what to expect, but everything is there - Chrome, dropbox, Flash player, PDF reader, Office, everything it says it has - all crammed into my little iphone screen. Its like using remote desktop, but this always works ...

  • Just what I was looking for

    by sanjaysez

    This app does what it says like Flash and open office... not always as fast as I'd like, but it does it.

  • Needs update

    by SouRblowN

    Update for IPhone 5!!!! Or I want a refund!

  • You should add offline support

    by Noahjustfiggedhowtocon.iPod

    Whats the point of this app with your other two? You should add offline and an option to not have sound cause i would rather not have sound then it be laggy.

  • Suport

    by tyler5s

    Please add suport for iphone 5 and five stars but great app

  • Update

    by Saboba

    please update this for the iphone 5 screen!

  • Unbelievably AMAZING

    by N4p1

    I love using this app. If I want to watch the game on my tv and I want to play a java game at the same time this app is there for me. It is definitely worth the $20 because it's unlimited browse and play time unlike cloud browse.

  • Update to iPhone 5 optimization

    by Jking <(-_-)>

    Perfect if that will happen

  • School

    by atlbomb3

    I have no problems, really smooth app. :)

  • video slow need update

    by lukaszskiba30

    video slow need update

  • Best app in App Store

    by Jslaughter33351

    I was looking for a way to access important files away from work and home but also to play a favorite game of mine which is browser based and this app accomplished both and it runs perfect. The price may seem steep for some, at first it did for me too, but now that I have it and I'm using it, I'm just blown away. It's worth every penny I paid and then some. And I'm speaking from experience because I've been logging into this app for at least a couple hours a day, some days longer and have never had a problem. It has exceeded my expectations.

  • Pretty good

    by Unk0wn55

    I can't really complain about this app it's basically a computer in your pocket. My only complaints are that it is hard to move icons because they keeping open before they move. Also 2 finger scrolling is extremely frustrating. If you can iron these out it would be perfect.

  • Laggy a bit

    by burrrito lord

    But it is an amazing app. It's like using a computer anywhere! Although the price is pretty high the app is great.

  • Great....when it works

    by JL58

    I bought this app for one thing - to play runescape from my idevices. Seems like 75% of the time I try to play rs I get the "too many incorrect logins from this address, please wait 5 min." Only it isn't 5 min, its all day. Please find a fix....

  • Great

    by Athales

    It's great I like it other than one thing. I wish it would download and run games.

  • Great app

    by cupcakeninjas

    I mainly got this app do I can play runescape on the go, works great! But when I play runescape it's always facing north and I don't know how Change the veiw.Does anybody know how to fix this?

  • A gift from the gods

    by Ab07030

    I've just started using this app, and, at this point, using it feels like using the Internet with mittens on. It's a bit slow, clunky, etc. But: it's the first app I've ever tried that really gets me into work computers. I really can so anything on this that I can do on a net book. Slowly, annoyingly, but I can do stuff. I can easily imagine this saving my work life someday. I felt like crying when I found out that I could really get into my work system with this. --- To update this: What a life saving/heart attack stopping program.

  • Mmm

    by La pura verdad

    Esta muy bien le aplicación pero lo que no me gusta que después de 3 horas de uso se cierra automáticamente y es su defecto aveces dejo acierta la aplicación y cuando regresó ya esta cerrada

  • BNSF needs fixed

    by walkbyfaith0112

    When trying to use BNSF portion it gives me the message "A Java Virtual machine is required to use WebConnect applets". Please fix! I've always loved this app and have used it without problems until recently. Paid a lot for it not to work. If fixed, it would be five stars!!!

  • Annoying and dumb 0 .1 star


    Ooh so stressful because this app keeps not letting me type and when I try to type it freezes up and I can't do anything with the app anymore, hopefully it will get fixed because I payed a whole 20$ and now the app won't even work and you WON'T UPDATE IT FOR IPHONE 5 SUPPORT!!! how many times does everyone tell you you need to update your 20$ app that doesn't work

  • Always on PC a failure for iPhone 5

    by MáximoT

    Worthless for iPhone 5. Screen does not works good. Cannot find my files on my drives. Horrible after one hour trying.

  • Bad app

    by August 26 1994

    Never get this app I was looking for a app that had all of the functions that this one did like with the Internet and PowerPoint and so on so forth but It will not let me even register for it I spent $20 on a junky app


    by Morinzm


  • This app hacks ur RS

    by Jake1343

    This uses an open source client to launch an insecure net work connection between one server, it is an open source that means anybody can get you're information and just like school, it can track every keystroke you do on it. I have been hacked 3 times on RuneScape because of this app, at first I didn't know it was this than I saw many people complaining that they have been hacked after using this also. Do not purchase this app! If you do do not input any personnel information. Please don't learn the hard way. Thx for reading peace out.

  • Do not buy this app!

    by Hjehejehh

    This app is extremely laggy and makes even normal website browsing unbearable. Don't waste your 20 dollars!!!

  • Don't buy for Runescape

    by SwagLikeGandhi

    I wasted $20 on this app to play Runescape.. Let me tell you... Runescape is pretty much impossible to play. It's too laggy to move and everything takes forever to load. It's just horrible. Take my word for it. (iPhone 4s with amazing wifi)

  • Plzz fix ip

    by Tiwiaos

    When I try to play rs I get to many incorrect logins from ur address plzz fix

  • Works great

    by Chrisbase8

    This app works great, but in the next update can you let it download stuff and let it work. If that isnt possible i get it because the stuff, im not trying to download steam pr anything like that. Just want some emulator or just something.

  • Bad luck with app

    by Nick the Nerd

    Won't let me register. Needs to be fixed.

  • Great..

    by (No Name Found)

    Great app needs improving on video but youll get there its worth every penny

  • Warning

    by Bladen Boyd

    This app contains things that will blow your mind. Please remember to be cautious when ever opening this app for extreme awesomeness.

  • Alwayspc

    by Luly I

    Does not work please credit my account JUNK and expensive program.


    by AnythingButNormal

    It is amazing! Get it, u get a FREE linux computer 2GB PLUS Dropbox u can use chrome or firefox and FLASH and Java. U can use the emulators in google chrome and all other web apps. This app is a money saver, AlwaysonPC: Flash java office software and Chrome and Frirefox, the real thing vs separate apps for everything flash: skyfire Dropbox:Dropbox, office:open office and ad high game and video compatibility, this app saves time and money AND harddrive space. edit: Also the sound function is AMAZING!!!, please make faster speed video, maby lower sound quality I can't wait! Best purchase yet!!! Way worth it!!!


    by Sniperkelo

    Best app known to man!!!!! Must buy!!!!!

  • Great for Java Applets

    by HanaBKing

    Works great for the runescape game!

  • Don't buy

    by CharlesMcwhite


  • Amazing

    by Why is every name taken?!?

    DEFINITELY worth the money. Make sure you turn touchscreen mode off though. But truly amazing app. For a low price you're actually buying a fully working Linux computer.

  • Needs to be update

    by Needs to be update

    It is great but should be update with faster and better sound quality

  • Best app ever

    by Warwick Bristol

    I don't know why this app has any BA reviews at all it is pretty freaked amazing if your connected to wifi you can play runescape no problem barely any lag and if you just using 3G you can still play just more lag while on my wifi today I soloed bandos the mouse control is super easy to adjust to and it is the best app I've ever bought and I love it :)

  • Must get

    by Xxjunior97xX

    I love this app I know it has bad reviews and all but once you get the hang of it it's a peace of cake I also love how I can play runescape on the go I been waiting for an app like this for sometime now and here it is its amazing :D

  • Horrible!

    by DJ Yin-Yane

    This app needs big improvements! And NOW it's $11!? Make up your minds, people! Improvements needed: -Needs to be faster. (No, duh!) -Keyboard gets sticky a lot. -Let us access our music, please? -Give some of our money we so frikken (You,re glad I'm not cussing you guys out.) worked on since you dropped it. Why am I rating this 5 stars? Because if you get higher in the rankings, you MIGHT help us with these issues. Also, this app crashes the most; fix that, too. UPDATE THE STUPID THING!!!

  • Could be better

    by Mdistler :p

    Pretty good but very laggy on runescape if u could fix that it would get 5 stars

  • Great app

    by Datadrainbla

    But, I did notice when running a long time it tends to lock up or freeze rather. Have to relaunch sometimes. Could use Improvement.

  • Update

    by Cknight2195

    Please fix the sound problem and make flash games work faster but overall this is the best app ever

  • So slow

    by Dynaguy69

    Not worth the money

  • Why??

    by Spynol

    I was excited to see that the app finally got sound, but when I tried watching a video, it had no sound.): Now when I log in it says sound is not available on this network connection or something which bums me out since I have the password and everything for it since I bought it anyways if you can fix that I'll bring my rating up to 5 stars since I really want sound

  • Amazing App!

    by Isomans

    Does everything mentioned perfectly! Amazing app!

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