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** Please note, this app is currently optimized for 4th Ed. We have a big 5th Ed. update around the corner that features our new iOS 7 interface and 200 more challenging questions! **

Want high quality yet affordable PMP practice? Taking the PMP test but don't know where to begin your study routine? We have you covered. Our writers have designed custom, unique content that will prepare you for the PMP exam like nothing else in the app store!

Don’t trust your exam outcome to just anyone; Pocket Prep apps average 4.5 stars and deliver the most value for your hard-earned dollar. Tap “Developer info” below to see more of our celebrated apps!

Download to receive unlimited access to:

-> 70 Initiating the Project
-> 65 Planning the Project
-> 65 Executing the Project
-> 65 Monitoring and Controlling the Project
-> 65 Closing the Project
◈ 300 Total PMP Practice Questions!
◈ 30 more FREE as a bonus inside! (330 total)

EXAM MODE: This is the primary and default mode of the app. It allows you, the user, to take a practice test that you’ve customized to your needs. Navigation is clean, simple, and functional, and you’ll receive a complete detailed analysis of your results upon completion. The app will assign you a “Readiness level”, which will help you determine when you’re ready for the real thing. You can reference the app’s Exam History to see your performance improvements.

STUDY MODE: This mode was designed to allow you to get instant feedback on your answer choices, making it perfect for study sessions. You can hit the “Info” button on each question to see the explanation at any time. Study mode isn’t tracked or scored, since the answers are available immediately. Sessions taken in this mode won’t appear in your Exam History.

NO PESKY SERVERS: Many practice test apps push content to your device, which means you need internet to use the app. NOT US! Our data is stored locally in your app, which means you’ll never have to worry about internet connectivity. This also allows iTouch and non-cellular iPad users the freedom to roam and study without the need for Wi-Fi. Once you download our app, you’re good to go!

SMART QUESTION GENERATION: Our app intelligently pulls questions from its database, no matter how you have it configured. It knows when you’ve answered a question, so you won’t see that question again until you’ve exhausted the entire test-bank! The app will also automatically recover an exam should your device power off. We’ve thought of everything to bring you the best testing experience possible!

- Complete practice test customization
- Detailed scoring and results analysis
- Timer toggle allows you to pace yourself
- Exam history captures your past performance
- Progress is saved as you go
- No internet required to use the app
- Direct contact to the Pocket Prep team
- Facebook & Twitter integration

We realize how one exam can stand in the way of your goals. We understand the importance of passing that major test and putting it behind you, once and for all. Pocket Prep is a small US-based company focused on providing premium quality study materials at the lowest possible cost. We promise that our material will prepare you for the real testing experience. Your success is our success, so download any of our premium content with confidence.

Customer Reviews

  • By far the best

    by Jfragment

    I have an entire folder with every pmp app there is. This is by far the best. BY SO FAR

  • Nice

    by Ddelgad

    Nice app and it has been very useful and practical for me during the study time for the PMP exam

  • Nice App

    by Dtjsanderson

    Does a nice job covering the details for the exam and for good reminders of key elements for project planning

  • Easy to use

    by ADM702

    Not only is the app easy to use, but is a great study guide for the PMP exam. I can select the process group(s) to focus on, the number of questions and then generate a quiz. The quiz is then answered and organized in a way that you can review and study. The "info" tab lets you know the "why" for each question. This is a good investment.

  • Awesome app!

    by Noysee

    Very good product! Highly recommend it!!!!!

  • Great

    by RUE56

    I enjoy testing my knowledge of life. This is a great app

  • A good supplement to exam prep

    by JT of NJ

    The practice mode is great as it provides answer as I take the exam

  • Good app!

    by Rball6

    This app is very convenient. I like how you can adjust the length of your tests.

  • PMP Practice

    by Flat Player

    I found this app to be great for preparing for the PMP exam!!!!

  • Great for on the go study

    by tcano2006

    While I am waiting for my food at dinner or on public transit to work and have no Internet, I can study for the exam! Using it in conjunction with other study materials of course.

  • Great PMP Study Tool

    by BoomerOkc

    I have used every app out there to study for my PMP. This one is great as you can study and then test yourself. Another great thing is its organized by project phase rather knowledge area like the rest of the other apps.

  • Great App!!

    by Big buts welcome

    This is a good review.

  • It's not bad... Not GREAT either

    by GbdMD

    I don't know why people are raving about this app. It's okay. Many of the questions miss the mark a little, but you get the gist. The app needs to be updated to include PMBOK 5th edition. It's a static pool of questions, so if you don't do we'll on a section, retaking the section simply delivers the same question pool, just in a different order. So... That's not really helpful for learning. Retaking the exact same questions, of course you're going to do better, as least o e would hope. I do like that each question and correct answer is explained, even though there are a fair number of questions that are actually inconsistent with PMI best practices. The is moderately helpful.

  • Good

    by Jesse OH

    Great app

  • Great

    by michellehaves

    Nice to have something on the go for this exam.

  • Practice Testing = Passing Tests

    by Chuck42181

    If you are serious about prepping for your PMP certification, this is an immediate must-download. Every minute you are not using this app is a minute wasted. When such an important certification is at stake, you don’t want to mess around. The interface is professional and clean. You can start right away and the app will track your progress. You are timed, as well, so you can make sure you are reacting quickly to the questions. If you want to share your love for the app on Facebook, and Twitter, you can receive even more bonus questions. The PocketPrep series of apps will prepare you so long as you are willing to put the work time in!

  • Great Business Testing App

    by TriVerse

    If you are in college business courses and want a great study guide, T&E Solutions have your back. Anyone in business and wanting, or needing, a refresher will also be able to get their money's worth with this app.

  • Very good app

    by Scjason29730

    This is a great study guide and practice test. The questions are well written and you are able to track your exams. It is definitely an asset

  • PMBOK 5th edition compatible?

    by Pkruzan

    Some questions do not seem to be compatible with the current PMBOK (5th ed). App works OK but I would not recommend it till they update the content.

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