Boxer For Gmail, Outlook, Exchange, Yahoo, Hotmail, IMAP, AOL, and iCloud Email Business App Review (iOS, $5.99)

  • Category: Business
  • Publisher: Taskbox
  • Updated: Sep, 26 2012
  • Version: 4.4.1
  • Size: 25.08 MB

Languages: NB, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, ID, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

Seller: Bodkin Software Inc.

Version 4.4.1
- Resolved issue with archived mail reappearing in the inbox
- Resolved issue on the passcode screen that caused the keyboard to disappear

4.4 Boxer Features:
- Search all mail including messages stored on the server
- Build custom mailboxes that include folders from any email account
- Select Multiple Emails to perform bulk actions
- Customize alert sounds for individual accounts
- Star or mark an email important with swipe gestures
- View your unread, starred and important emails from all your accounts in one place
- Support for Exchange Global Address List.
- Resolved issue with archived mail reappearing
- Assorted bug fixes

Customer Ratings

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20 Ratings
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1161 Ratings


#1 - Fastest growing email app in the App Store!
Gmail, Outlook, Exchange, Yahoo, IMAP & more
Dropbox, Box, Facebook & LinkedIn integration
60% discount for Limited Time Only!

Boxer is the fastest, most innovative email app available for iPhone! Here’s what people are saying:

"This mail client is fast and efficient, and very smartly designed."
- Dave Johnson, CBS Moneywatch *****

“The quick replies are pretty fantastic.”
- Mat Honan, WIRED *****

"Boxer has a whole set of tools for dealing with emails. You can easily archive with a swipe, send instant auto responses, add emails to a to-do list, and ‘like’ incoming messages so people know you saw it without requiring an actual response."
- Thorin Klosowski, Lifehacker *****

With support for Gmail, Outlook, Exchange (2007 and up), Yahoo, Hotmail, iCloud, AOL, & IMAP accounts, Boxer is bringing all of these features to all of your favorite email providers.

Please Note: Boxer does not support POP3 accounts including Verizon, Comcast, and Go Daddy.

Amazing Features:

* SWIPE TO DELETE - Swipe to archive, trash, spam
* CLOUD ATTACHMENTS - Dropbox support
* PUSH NOTIFICATIONS - Notifications for all your email
* EVERNOTE INTEGRATION - Send emails to evernote with just a tap
* CALENDAR INTEGRATION – Swipe to accept/decline meeting invites
* GMAIL LABELS - Full Gmail label support
* SMART FOLDERS - Boxer remembers where you like to file things
* CONFIGURABLE INTERFACE - Don't like our swipe actions? You can change them in the settings.
* PROFILE PICTURES - See who your email is from with profile pictures right in your inbox
* CANNED RESPONSES - Use "Quick” replies to send common responses while on the go
* CONTACTS INTEGRATION - including links to social profiles, phone numbers & even recent messages
* TODO LIST - Swipe to your To-Do list and never forget an important message
* EMAIL “LIKES” - Use Like to quickly acknowledge a friend’s message
* DASHBOARD - shows you all of your important and time sensitive items at a glance
* SECURITY - Secure your email with a passcode or PIN to encrypt your data

Platform Support:
Boxer supports all major email providers including Microsoft Exchange (ActiveSync), Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, AOL,, and IMAP.

Cloud File Integration:
Important files in the cloud? With Boxer, you can attach a photo or add a file from Box or Dropbox when you compose a message.

Swipe Actions:
Whether you let your inbox burst at the seams or diligently file things away, you’ll love the ability to quickly swipe left to archive, delete, or mark email as spam. Swiping right exposes the real power of Boxer.

Calendar Integration:
Swipe to the right on a calendar invite to accept or decline the invite right from your inbox. No need to open up the mail and dig for links.

We've added a Like button to email. Tap Like to quickly acknowledge a friend's message and they'll know you "liked" it. It's the fastest way to respond to email yet.

The To-do feature moves the selected message from your Inbox to your personal To-do list within Boxer.

Profile Photos:
See who your email is from with the addition of profile images. Connect to LinkedIn and Facebook via settings to see even more profile pictures.

User Profile & Email History:
Tap on any of the profile photos to see all the information we have for that person, including links to their social profile, phone numbers & even recent messages.

Boxer is a true email client and connects directly to your email provider for the ultimate in speed, security and availability. Your data is safe because we never store your email content or passwords on our own servers. For added security you can encrypt your email database on your phone using a secure password to lock your email application.

For support email:

Customer Reviews

  • Best iPad Email Application

    by Bram NYC

    I'm loving the development of this app. It's a well thought out app that is easily able to work with both Gmail accounts and IMAP accounts in terms of the label/tag/folder decision. I also like the recent inclusion of "smart" mailboxes that can gather messages from different accounts. Boxer is a great iOS email app that comes really close to the power of desktop applications. It would be great to see the inclusion of TextExpander support and more integration of other outside sevices. For example, the app does a great job of working with Evernote. It would be nice to be able to turn emails into iOS Reminders or work with apps like Things or Omnifocus. A "services" menu like Mr. Reader would be great.

  • Love the new bulk select & stars

    by iragsdale

    So much faster to manage my mail!

  • designer

    by reagle123

    Absolutely great. New update is a big a game changer with bulk selections, swipe to delete/other actions. Really love it. My only choice for a email app.

  • Almost there

    by Happynotamazed

    Great update addressing most of the concerns users were still facing. One feature I expected to see and did not was the ability to swipe individual emails in a conversation. Please correct me if I am wrong. I feel this is a big feature to provide however and I find myself only using Boxer for its smart sorting of emails and nothing more yet. Hopefully this will be fixed in the next update.

  • Great Mail App

    by Totalrecall82

    Been using this app for a month. Way better than anything else out there. Recommend.

  • Yay. An update. And a good one.

    by Lee R.Z.

    Great! Just last night I was trying to search an *old* email but couldn't get it off the server. I started to wonder what app would let me do that. Now, twelve hours later, Boxer let's me do that. The new custom alert sounds will be helpful too. I'll know which "dings" I can ignore and which I should look at right away. I still appreciate the swiping features. I can burn through emails pretty quick with those. I think the guys at Taskbox said they would integrate sending to OmniFocus. They already integrate Evernote in that way. Once they get on board with OmniFocus then Boxer will be the perfect email app! Definitely recommended.

  • Great update

    by Steiny74

    New update works great!

  • Bulk edit and custom sounds!

    by JStevens432

    Keeps getting better and better. New features with every release. Bulk edit, custom sounds, server side search. Awesome update!

  • Fast email management! Essential app.

    by Fooo27

    Thanks for the update! Before you were the best iOS email client by a hair, but now by a mile! Custom top level folders rock and bulk actions the Boxer way are super cool.

  • ohmygosh

    by Rainbow Banana

    This update has everything I have ever requested. I’m amazed. Bulk edits, all of my email accounts connect flawlessly, Evernote integration, new sound options! I can die happy.

  • Terrific mail app

    by Mm reader

    This app really understands standard IMAP unlike Mail Pilot and Mailbox. It gives you an excellent way to manage email from your iPhone while you're away from your laptop. Since it uses standard IMAP folders it works well with Apples OS X Mail App, you don't need to buy a complimentary app for OS X.

  • Finally an excellent email app

    by dti21

    I've been looking for a long time for a replacement of Sparrow. Tried dispatch and mailbox, but I finally settled on Boxer.

  • Looking good

    by metllicamilitia

    Boxer is an app I hear a lot about, it was similar to another client I was using but Boxer supports everything I need it to. Overall it is the best mail client I've used and it is my favorite. I just wish I received my emails a little sooner, but that's not too important for me.

  • Significant updates needed

    by smis7

    Solid app, but missing some functionality. For example, you can't search all your accounts at once, like in the Mail app. I get around this by using the CloudMagic app, but the inclusion of this functionality should be a no brainer. Once Mailbox adds exchange support, I think I'll be switching. Another annoyance is that Boxer does not open the email selected from the lock screen. And finally, the Background App refresh is abysmal. The app always has to load. I have an iPhone 5s, so this system resources shouldn't be an issue.

  • Very opinionated, but unfinished

    by andesmints

    If you like the GTD approach, I hear it's great. I miss good search and being able to select and edit (maddening scroll bug for months, still present today) text when composing. I think the swipe gestures are finicky and it's easy to go too far and trigger a delete (!) instead of archive. Just too many rough edges, despite some neat ideas.

  • Love it

    by snjbyrd

    Finally found an email app that I love

  • good app

    by salilbhattarai

    a great mail client with an awesome customer support.

  • Notification problem

    by Danny Deluxe

    Ever since they were able to help me solve my problem with lack of push notifications this app has been the closest thing to the ideal mail app. A few things i would like to see changed but those details aren't deal breakers. So fat so good, app is great.

  • Great app, but recent annoyance

    by Crulos

    I love how his app works. Multiple accounts in a single "inbox", and great customizable single-gesture controls for deleting, moving, etc. Well done!

  • Still Good

    by Somerset Guy

    I'm sticking with it because I am most familiar with it but after checking out Mailbox, I'm thinking of switching at some point.

  • Not really a replacement

    by Dkarren

    I wouldn't waste money. I preferred the iOS email. Cheers

  • Needs POP3 support

    by SteveJ0bs

    I like this app better than the iOS mail app but I need the ability to receive Road Runner email. Please add POP3 support.

  • 4 but could be 5

    by Sir king

    I tried others apps and compared them side by side with Boxer. Boxer is the only one I kept. It has a lot of potential. I was able to reach a Zero inbox in 2 days ( archiving or deleting over 3000 emails in my inbox). To do has a lot of potential. The calendaring is awakened as it does not show the calendar. Great feature but poor programming

  • Push Notification

    by Virgocalifornia

    The number of emails does not show in icon without opening the app. Otherwise, it would get 5 stars

  • So close!

    by idontwantanickname11

    Nice combined inbox, swipe gestures, threaded messages, IMAP support is solid. MISSING: - no way to shrink or hide side panel, and no way to reflow text within a message. That means on an iPad mini, you're constantly side-scrolling. - swipe actions don't work on entire threads; no way to select multiple messages for an action. Even so, still the best iPad IMAP client right now.

  • Great All in one app

    by _KD

    I used to use three separate email apps before I heard of boxer. Stock Mail app to have a combined inbox for all of my accounts, Mailbox so that I could have gesture swiping to manage my Gmail accounts, and the Yahoo! App to manage my junk mail. Boxer looks to be a good replacement for all three. One problem I'm having is that when I'm trying to press the button to schedule a task for this week it keeps saying today. Today is Sunday and it's not the end of the week so I don't know why it won't just set the deadline 7 days in the future. Also: When you tap new message notifications it just opens the app to whatever you were doing last, and not the message in the notification. This is disturbing because as simple as it is this is included in almost every other messaging app I have used be it mail, private messaging, or social media. And because of its ubiquity you come to assume stuff like that would be standard functionality.

  • Best email out there!!!

    by Zater36

    I can use my outlook and my gmail with the same app! Plus the quick gestures are so nice!

  • Threaded view is lacking

    by Jason Boyd

    I bought this to look for improvements over the native app. I'm sure there are great features, but the threaded view is worse than the native app. I wish I had my money back.

  • Great App

    by smartin670

    Very convenient to have all email at one place! Occasionally crashes and I have to open it several times to get it to actually open up, but the good out weighs those occasional glitches.

  • I really wanted to like it

    by Dentside

    I wanted to like boxer, I really did. However it doesn't seem to want to play nice with notifications, doesn't let me add senders to my contacts, and really doesn't like to let emails stay "read". If there was a way that the app would let you see that messages had been auto moved to other folders, I'd love it, but as it is it just doesn't work for me.

  • Great app

    by Mexven

    This time I'll give them a 4 star rate. This is because I believe that the integration with the contact is needs to improve. However they go in the right track.

  • No server side search - useless for me

    by KrisLoewen

    So you can archive with this app -- emails are gone forever once you do that. Super. Worthless to me essentially.

  • Notifications

    by rwpluscs

    Notifications for all of my emails using this app are not working. My notifications are set on and notifications work for all my other email apps. Please fix this because I really like this app but really need the notifications!

  • Great tool, love the integrations!

    by BenWally

    I use this with my 2 work Exchange emails. The ability to archive, add to Evernote, and email docs on the go with ease from Dropbox were all major winners for me. If you could add in Evernote tagging, 5 stars all the way! Keep up the great work.

  • Very laggy. App is very laggy.

    by Dj's bs

    App is extremely extremely laggy, but has the potential to be better than Mailbox.

  • Excellent app

    by BobLoh

    Excellent app. Integrated seamlessly with my work outlook. Very easy to setup.

  • All settings lost

    by Proteanways

    I've had this app for about a month now. I went to open it up today and it reacted like it was the first time I've ever used it. This mean I would have to reenter all my email settings in order to use it again. I think I'll pass. Chalk it up to a waste of money

  • Great

    by Jacob Izenberg

    This app has a ton of functionality, and the fact that it supports exchange means it beats mailbox hands down (at least for now)

  • Push doesn't work!

    by msurtees

    I was really excited about this app. I'm using only for an Exchange account. The only way I know if there is a new email is to launch it. PUSH DOES NOT WORK Will change review of they fix it.

  • Needs two features that seem to be ignored in requests.

    by liam_photo

    After using this for 4-5 months two features that are the deal breaker for me. 1. Exchange Global Address Book Search. If the person you are emailing is not in your local address book it will not auto search the Exchange address book so you can choose the right person. 2. The default sound they use for new emails is the same one as the default SMS sound and no way to change it. Annoying when you get an email at 2am in the morning and it wakes you out of a deep sleep because you think you are getting a text. I have submitted numerous feature requests, as well as other people requesting the same thing, and even after two updates, still nothing. I hope they implement these soon, then this will be a viable replacement to the default email client.

  • Nice app

    by SinclairSpectrum

    This is a very nice email app. More user friendly than the Apple app with some useful additions to prioritize responses or actions

  • Has potential

    by alchem123

    Very slow support (almost a month and my support ticket is still "being processed"). Can't star items. Cannot select multiple emails I.e. To archive or delete. Cannot undo delete if you miss the 2 second time window that the undo button shows for. Dashboard is not very usable or versatile and I hardly ever use it. Will not open links in chrome. Search function is very limited (unlike Mailbox app) so it cannot look into email that is in the server I.e. Past archived mail, etc and if it does it never pulls up what I am looking for. The only plus is the Evernote connectivity and the ability to integrate accounts from a wide selection of email clients (I.e. More than Mailbox app)

  • Almost perfect

    by Rubthebuddha

    This is the first app (phone, desktop or web) to EVER get me to inbox zero on 3 different accounts and I have tried literally everything. Syncs perfectly with my Exchange. Almost a perfect simple client for GTD. Just need to add Someday/Maybe. A web interface would be helpful as well. Otherwise perfect!

  • Terrific!

    by Fluffybytes

    Would be 5star, but no push with exchange

  • Better than mail that came on iPhone

    by ABQ911

    Definitely makes managing a busy email account easier. My favorite function is the 4 different swipes you can use on emails in your list (swipe left, half-left, right and half-right) to perform customized actions (such as delete, archive, quick reply - also customizable). The only missing function I've found is the ability to permanently delete emails (or empty trash). I understand they are working on that, but for now you must use your computer or other email app to get rid of emails in trash. I was really disappointed about that, but love the rest of the app enough to tolerate that inconvenience.

  • Better than mail that came on iPhone

    by ABQ911

    Definitely makes managing a busy email account easier. My favorite function is the 4 different swipes you can use on emails in your list (swipe left, half-left, right and half-right) to perform customized actions (such as delete, archive, quick reply - also customizable). The only missing function I've found is the ability to permanently delete emails (or empty trash). I understand they are working on that, but for now you must use your computer or other email app to get rid of emails in trash. I was really disappointed about that, but love the rest of the app enough to tolerate that inconvenience.

  • Could be really great...

    by Z5SL

    ...but needs work. Despite having submitted multiple requests for support dating back to December 3, 2013, I have yet to receive any response. This is unacceptable, frustrates users, and ultimately will not serve the developers well. Consider other apps before purchasing Boxer!

  • Good interface; could be faster

    by Alex Leung

    I like the apps interface for email. Only thing is that it lacks starring/flagging functionality. Loading msgs sometimes lags, so does marking as unread. Good interface keeps me using it for now.

  • Muito bom!

    by makamine

    Sem comentários, atendeu minhas expectativas!

  • Great app!

    by Sexpotkitten

    Boxer keeps getting better and better. Love the design elements and love that I'm at inbox zero! Can't wait to see what improvements the team rolls out next!

  • Simple to use

    by Javasports

    Setup was a breeze and much more pleasant on the eye compared to Apples email App. I would recommend using this as your email app.

  • Everything was gone, don't know what happened

    by iLeopard OS

    Lacks iOS swipe navigation which is a complete drag. The notification icon counter remains present after dismissing messages until about 2-3 seconds later. Wait less and the notification counter bubble remains unchanged. It's great that it supports exchange and gmail but it needs some fixing

  • Good

    by MSarafinas

    Amazing concept, love that it syncs with Dropbox and Evernote, but really buggy. It will get there, but frustrating for now.

  • Fantastic, ALMOST Perfect

    by Elijah Ketchum

    Great app, has all major features that I was looking for: push, multiple accounts from a variety of providers, proper label support, quick actions--all but one. I would like to be able to view an email in full screen. Maybe the side tab could slide away or something. Anyways, great job, just would love to see viewing an email full screen (obviously not hiding the status bar, just encompassing the whole distance of the screen instead of just two-thirds).

  • Waste of money

    by GAZZ-AZZ

    I cant mark emails as read i cant select all emails at once, and todo emails get removed from my inbox to a separate folder, thats just stupid because that way ill never c it and their for ill forget about it, i mailed support and they ditched my requests nicely, waste of money

  • Not great with a bluetooth keyboard

    by Nitin

    I was really psyched to have found an app that lets me use my work Exchange account on my iPad and provides a lot more features than the Microsoft OWA app. The app generally works quite well. However, the app does NOT work well at all with an external bluetooth keyboard - you can't modify the subject at all if you tab past it, you can't add/delete CC/BCC senders and the arrow keys when editing the email body just make you bounces the focus all over the place. So, basically a lot of the time I have to turn off my external keyboard, use the internal keyboard temporarily and then turn on the external keyboard again. Obviously, that gets pretty annoying. If they fixed the bluetooth keyboard support without breaking anything else, this can easily be a 5-star app with no equal on the App Store.

  • gmail labels!

    by xiaoyi

    finally a mail app that plays with gmail labels. also love how you can customize swipe actions, very handy.

  • Finally an email client that allows me to attach files and set reminders!

    by thePaintGuy

    Not being able to attach files and set reminders has always been IOS's main weakness when it comes to emails. Boxer solve this in an elegant way. Two thumbs up

  • Doesn't fully integrate with exchange

    by Bobverick

    The app is very pretty. Unfortunately, the developers did not include the ability to utilize a Global Exchange Address Book, or anything else, except fir fetching mail. Not a good app for work. Not worth the price yet.

  • Great App - But no Push

    by Vitman75

    The interface is the best from any mail app I have seen! However due to lack of Push working I have deleted it. Hopefully the next release fixes this and I will use it again.

  • Love it

    by Notokatall

    Love it's connection to evernote. Very convenient.

  • Lost some mail!

    by rhooper1

    Didn't see in advance that this app had to be purchased! In the transfer to and from Boxer I lost hundreds of eMails! Would have been better-off never using Boxer!

  • No delete

    by Remy1601

    Cuando quieres eliminar un mensaje para siempre no hace nada

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