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Subnet Calc Pro is a tool designed to help network administrators who need to keep track of the various subnets which they administer.

Inside the ORGANISER you can define subnets by selecting an IP and CIDR. You can save the subnets which you manage in a hierarchy so that you can keep track of how you have allocated and split up your subnets into smaller subnets. Also, you can add hosts inside each subnet so that you can keep track of IP allocations. For each defined subnet, Subnet Calc Pro will calculate all details including its class and even whether or not the IP is in the loopback / private ranges.

There is also a handy subnet FINDER which is an aggregator and can be used to calculate the smallest subnet which encompasses a given set of IPs. This can be useful if you need to figure out a subnet mask which will allow a given set of IPs to talk to each other.

Also included is a standard subnet CALCULATOR which is the same as the free version of the software called Subnet Calc.

Finally, you can even export all your data from the database by email.

Customer Reviews

  • Great...but would be better

    by UpstateChris

    This went from a good sunet calculator to a full IPAM. As such it is missing one huge import utility. Let's face it, no admin is going to manage an IP scheme on an iPhone. If I could import and then use iPhone to makes adds, subtracts and lookups this would be a essential app for any admin.

  • Outstanding Subnet Calculator

    by Just-another-user

    I must admit, I was initially skeptical when I saw this advertised. I immediately thought "oh, another subnet calculator, how novel." Upon downloading and trying it out, I was amazed at it's capabilities. Pros: 1) Organizer - solid understanding of the radix (or binary if you prefer) tree when creating the subnet entry. Also the ability for it to calculate and display the host portion of the ip address so you can add a hostname and a description to each is a very nice touch. The use of the iPhone's memory is also very efficient. 2) Finder - finally, an application that can aggregate! This excited me the most and it does work and give you an accurate prefix. Now, granted, any network admin is able to create a prefix summary in 2 seconds, but this is actually nice and convenient. In addition, you also get other useful info such as network id, broadcast, usable range, etc. 3) Calculator - handy feature to quickly help you break down any ip address with your cidr selection into the same useful information such as network id, subnet mask, usable range, maximum number of hosts, etc. Even better is you can see the addresses broken down into both binary and hexidecimal addresses which are both handy in their own rights. 4) Email data export - handy when you want to send a summary of what you had added in the organizer section. The only con I can see is "Organizer" is misspelled as "Organiser," but no big deal. The concept is still there. Future suggestions (if the developer is taking any): -calculate binary and/or hexidecimal to decimal format. -Add screenshot to show off the Finder selection when advertising within iTunes. -shorten the application's name on the iPhone home screen. Currently, it shows as "Subne...cPro." Overall, a very nice job!

  • Nice app

    by PJ8456

    This is a great app - it would be 100X better if it could sync with my computer and/or I could enter the networks into a file and import the file. Doing all of that on the phone is a pain in the butt...

  • I hate to do this to ya but...

    by slylabs13

    Never mind I found the guy's email address.

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