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Languages: Catalan, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Seller: ScanBiz Mobile Solutions L.P.

* Minor bug fix to the Salesforce settings page

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*** Premium version reduced 60% for a limited time
The only business card scanner with cloud
backup and sync across multiple devices with
access to cards from any browser. Scan cards
in seconds or submit tricky cards for 100%
accurate human transcription!

* Unlimited business card scans
* Updates iPhone address book and Outlook
contacts automatically
* Create new contacts or merge scans with
existing records
* Scan both sides of card--never lose a note!
* Manual transcription available for hard-to
-read cards at just $0.18 per card

* Add notes to each contact
* Forward contacts to colleagues (text, image
and VCard)
* Send instant email and your VCard to new
* Full calendar integration to add follow-up
* Dial/SMS contacts on iPad via Skype integration
* WebSync backs up your cards to the cloud
-- never lose another contact (subscription
* Search and sort cards with cover flow 3D
* Compatible with ScanBizCards Enterprise
(available on the Salesforce AppExchange)
* Define custom fields

WEBSYNC FEATURES (requires in-app subscription)
* Back up every card in the cloud
* Access cards from any browser
* Keep all devices synced with all your
scanned cards

* Saves up to 5 business cards/week to
the address book
* Only one calendar reminder per week
* No Linkedin connect
* No Salesforce, SugarCRM, Excel and Evernote
* No assigning contacts to groups
* No importing email signatures

Install ScanBizCards Premium for instant access to unlimited business card saves, full calendar integration, Linkedin, CRM and Evernote integration, group
creation, email signature import and much, much more.

“Pretty amazing stuff” [Apple Gazette]

“Bringing order to the chaos of business card
collection” [New York Times]

"ScanBizCards offers its users a vast array of
features - straightforward and user-friendly"
[148Apps review]

"ScanBizCards: use your iPhone 3GS to organize
your collection of business cards"[TechCrunch]

Winner of the 2011 MOBI Award [Sept 21, 2011]

Featured on ABC TV

* iPhone 5s/5, iPhone 4s/4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 3+,
iPad Mini

iPod Touch 4 and iPad 2 cameras are NOT suitable for taking business card photos and require importing photos from another device

LANGUAGE SUPPORT (21 languages)
Czech, Danish, English, German, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovakian, Spanish, Serbian, Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese

ScanBizCards is the favorite business card reader with reviewers because it doesn't just scan cards into the address book (better than other apps) - but goes much beyond, offering over 27 premium features not included in ANY other business card scanner.

For more information email us at

Customer Reviews

  • Love it!

    by Billmaco

    It works great, fast and easy. I rarely right reviews so this should tell you something !

  • User

    by Anniemation324

    It is very user friendly and right on most of the time

  • Great app

    by Cain5031

    Great app, easy to use

  • Great app

    by Lettp

    Very easy to use, exports the information right into your contacts, perfect.

  • Fantastic

    by DrBarr

    Flawless so far. Works perfectly.

  • Huge Help!

    by JenLovesSam

    No more lost cards. Is accurate and fast!

  • AS

    by Sherlock88

    Works Great

  • Simple yet powerful

    by NYCguy12345

    Very good optical recognition (usually requires a bit of correction but better than typing a whole card)!

  • Works Great !!!

    by ccp4u

    So easy.

  • Great!

    by Jenn N TN

    So simple to use, picture is very clear. No more 'lost' contact cards. Love this app

  • Love this app

    by JSingster

    This app makes it so easy to get all my contacts fast. And I never have to carry all those business cards around anymore. Works great!

  • Better than advertised

    by TasmanianDiva

    This app works even better than advertised. It is a terrific time saver and one of the best apps I have downloaded. In fact, if I could get it on my desktop I would. Highly recommended.

  • Amazing app - I recommend to everyone

    by IPchick

    I have loved this app since I started using it. Probably my favorite app of all time - no joke. I get a huge pile f business cards after a networking event and can connect everyone right afterward to my info, address book, LinkedIn, etc. while people still remember me and then just throw away the cards. Huge time saver.

  • Love it

    by IndawireIndawire

    I use this app all the time, everybody asks what I'm doing and the reaction is "wow" what's it called? Turned dozens of people on to this app.

  • Owner

    by Walkercollison

    Love it! Saves time and money..

  • i LOVE it!!!

    by Desmodesi

    Saves so much time and space by working just like you would have dreamed. If I didn't have it, I'd have to have it!

  • It works!

    by Kopbruce

    This business card scanner app the first that really works!

  • Awesome Customer Support!!

    by jeremy134

    I discovered a bug with SalesForce field mapping within the app. Reported this to ScanBizCards support and received a response within a few hours. Their support tech (Patrick) even got on the phone with me after we exchanged screen shots of the issue. From initial report to completely resolved issue took less than 24 hours! Awesome!

  • Works Great

    by Ralph A.

    Scans pretty much immediately and very accurately even with odd layouts and fonts. Highly recommended!

  • Card app

    by Emma Poe

    I love this app. So nice to have all information in your phone thank u;)

  • Privacy statement???

    by JohnBoy60462

    Here are my concerns. 1. When I went to read the privacy statement there was nothing at all there. 2. From reading the terms it seems that the data from any contact cards you scan can be used by this company to build a data base that they can sell or share. I'm not a lawyer so I can never understand online terms but I always get an uneasy feeling reading them! Until these concerns are addressed openly and honestly I cannot use this app. I am very concerned about the future and our loss of privacy. Call me paranoid but I need to be assured about these issues before I use this app.

  • Does what it promises!

    by Bulldog Fan

    Simple, easy to use. It just works!

  • Useful!

    by J1123fan

    Wonderful app!

  • Does what it says

    by AppStoreCritic

    App seems to work really well and easy to use

  • Love it. Use it every day

    by LPWDVM

    So simple to use and no more little cards to look for. Thanks for a great ap

  • Great app!

    by Johnny Pags

    Sure beats a business card book and syncs seamlessly to the address book.

  • Love it!!

    by Romyszp

    Great app... Keeps my business cards in one place and easy to call or email directly from app!!! Love it!!!

  • great!

    by FMiami

    perfect for organize your contacts in a fast way!

  • Great

    by Laulani

    Very handy. Use it all the time.

  • Works feat!

    by Outtawatta

    It does a great job. The drawback is you are limited to 5 cards a week.

  • I like it & use it regularly

    by AppLuvR

    80% or better accurate, fast, and works! Get it.

  • Great app

    by Robert Boyce

    This is a great user friendly app

  • It will be good, if....

    by Scarletvn Thuy Vi

    This app is useful. But it's so annoying that it always show text in wrong spelling. It's the first day I use this app. Gonna explore more. Anw, tks the team!

  • Works ok

    by Pat can't find a nickname

    Has really hard time with some fonts

  • Awesome app

    by Me, yop

    I liked this app because Helps me to be organized with my contacts..

  • Great!

    by Montevallo

    Don't know what to do without it !!

  • Great tool

    by WAGBRAS

    I use to scan business cards as well as other cards of interest.

  • Great tool

    by J. S. O.

    Really good app to scan business cards! I like that it gives you the option to integrate info into your contacts! Keep up the good work!

  • Saves a lot of time

    by Simon Pullman

    I have been using the lite version of this app for a couple of years and I find it to be extremely useful. It makes the job of entering your new contacts so much easier and it saves a lot of time. It is not perfect and you will need to modify some fields depending on the font on the business card. (some fonts are much better than others when it comes to translating to text.) but the small additional work is totally worth the time and this app is fantastic.

  • Solid

    by Jon Sig

    Works as it says.

  • Works great!

    by Arsonhnter

    Impressed. Nice product.

  • Cae mgr

    by Ramon diego

    Excellent tool make sure you take a good picture. Minor editing

  • Cenko

    by Fenerlium

    Great App ;)

  • Awesome business card scanner

    by MD_007

    Best scanner for business cards found. Only problem is lack of QR code reader and creator.

  • Great App.

    by Dhiren & Dhara

    Great app & works fine. Scans 90% of the card content correct and it's very fast.

  • Awesome!

    by John504

    Great for anyone that deals with business cards!

  • Great way to organize card

    by Ttaannaa

    Great way to organize card

  • Sssss

    by Samnickname100

    Great product.

  • Great app!

    by Sase1017

    Useful to manage your business cards

  • Impressive!

    by Scepticdoc

    Terrific way to get a lot of information into the phone conveniently. Plus, my family and friends are amazed. And so are my business colleagues. I recommend this without any reservation at all. Outstanding!

  • A must for every smart phone

    by Matt24578

    Great app. Every time I get a new business card, I scan it into my contacts thanks for this app.

  • Love this app!

    by DuMarc

    very easy and accurate! takes the hassle out of writing in my address book!

  • Works beautifully!

    by Batmanuel__1

    Love this app!

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