SamCard Pro-business card reader & business card scanner & visiting card Business App Review (iOS, $5.99)

  • Category: Business
  • Publisher: SamTeam
  • Updated: Sep, 30 2011
  • Version: 1.6
  • Size: 18.3 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish

Seller: DengXu Shi

(1) Support ios6
(2) Bug fixes

Customer Ratings

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99 Ratings
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176 Ratings


DEVICE REQUIREMENT: iPhone4,iPhone4S,iPhone5
Recognition Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish

[Product Description]
Snap a photo of the business card with iPhone camera and all the information
(Name, Job Title, Company, Department, Tel. …) is automatically recognized and go to iPhone Contacts.

[Features and Functions]
SamCard is a fantasic visiting card reader with high recognition accuracy and speed.

Other features:
Anti-shake photo shooting
Display the corresponding image when editing business card
Auto-detect text orientation
Auto-rotate card images
Shoot both vertically and horizontally.

Tips to achieve best card recognition result:

*Take a picture of a visiting card as clearly as possible. (using anti-shake and placing cards in good lighting condition)

*Take a picture of a visiting card as big as possible. (aligning business card edges to viewfinder edges as closely as possible)

*Be sure to position the mobile on the top of the visiting card at parallel level.

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Customer Reviews

  • Beats worldcard... Simple fast. & easy with IPhine

    by _tm_

    I was just looking for a simple app to capture business cards after a tradeshow. WorldCard was cumbersome and slow. This app was clean simple and fast just what I was looking for works very well with my iPhone 4s

  • Excellent.

    by DJP 336

    Pay for the unlimited. Great app. Will keep you organized.

  • Great to capture all my business card contacts

    by seanrcole

    This is an excellent app. It is very user friendly and captures just about everything off the business card. The more cluttered the card the harder it is for the app to separate out all the specifics. But I like it and use it often.

  • Good business card app

    by SonomaCountyCa

    Thanks for helping me go paperless. Downloads all the needed info into my contacts. Solid.

  • I&E consult

    by Roper6.9

    Great app! Works great with my Iphone


    by GMAGSLP

    After scanning business cards I find its not scanning correcting. 3 out of every 5 needs editing and modification.

  • Decent App

    by Texastiger

    Overall a decent card reader but can struggle with "unique" business card designs. Timesaver but make sure you quality check info after photo.

  • Very good! Works great. I get a lot of cards.

    by Guy in a Diner

    See above.

  • SKR

    by More Sugar!

    A time-saver; generally works well.

  • Sam Card

    by HDSPS

    Great app saves me hours each month adding sales contacts.

  • Descent app

    by E card lover

    While it has a tough time with non-traditional cards, it is very accurate with standard and puts it right into your contact files.

  • Terrific app

    by IntownDave

    This is the handiest most functional apps that I have. Easy and efficient to use

  • Ok app

    by Smweci

    Fairly accurate. Saves time with all the typing

  • Sam Card

    by harrisimo73

    Most of the time the app captures about 80% of the information correctly, I always check for accuracy.

  • Best Buisness Card Capture App So Far...

    by TheRedDread

    's translating physical world text into the digital realm information he was a very time-consuming endeavor on smart phone. Over the last several years I've experimented with no less than six Business card capture applications. This one is by far the best date. There are still some misinterpretations with particularly artistic fonts, and creative imagery on the card will sometimes be misconstrued as erroneous text, numbers and symbols. All things considered it still works quite well. One quick photo and a little bit of editing and generally all of the required information is pulled from the buisness card. The app requested a 5 star rating, but I gave it 4. In my mind 5 stars means it would be an ideal app. Ideal means that it works so well that there would be no requisite editing. This is not the case.

  • Amazing app! Cool design!

    by terry3yswwhf

    Cool app! With this app, I can snap visiting card with high recognition accuracy and speed. It is so useful. I love it. This app is so professional. And it is very easy to use. I recommend this app for my workmates.

  • Awesome

    by jimchou817.

    What a great app for business man.It is a fantasic visiting card reader with high recognition accuracy and speed. I hope it can support more languages.

  • Awesome

    by .randy.combs

    Awesome,i think this is the best business card scanner app,with high recognition accuracy and speed,very useful,i hope they could add more recognition Languages support.

  • Lovely

    by bestmetoooyou

    I really like the user interface, it looks quite easy on the eyes! The app is pretty good at scanning and visiting cards, even though sometimes it failed to scan, that's rare I think.

  • SamCard

    by farmerisheree

    Unexpectedly convenient and quite useable. The application is very easy to load and easier to operate, it is highly functional and sufficient as well.

  • The Worst

    by Alvis1955

    Don't buy it. It does not work.

  • Doesn't read card info well at all.

    by Julie McCarter

    This app doesn't read complete card info well at all. Have to manually correct.

  • Very disappointed

    by JDD312JDD

    Very disappointed. You should be able to index the business cards instead of relying on your contacts for the information.

  • Use it religiously

    by Rex rose

    Use it for every card I get

  • Great app

    by Ckfc

    Works very well. Not perfect, but I tried them all and this app had the fewest errors.

  • Card Reader that Works

    by RWPowell

    I went through a lot of Card Reader Apps, this one works.

  • Non

    by Justgoing4itall

    Good app if you have a good surface and steady hands works great.

  • Nice Ap. eliminates business card shuffle

    by CJaypaint

    I have used this ap for 6 months. It does a good, but not perfect, conversion of paper business cards to my contact list. Depending on the "odd ball" fonts some people have on their business cards, the accuracy is either great or just good. I always spend 30 secs to check for the accuracy. Plus, when you set it up to show the picture of the business card, the card is shown when someone calls you. This ap is a keeper for me.

  • Good app

    by Nikkunyc

    Very useful; saves me a lot of time.

  • One of the best

    by SGreeneMM

    Not sure why anyone ranked this less than for stars, unless they were a competitor. This app works very well 98% of the time. Definitely recommend purchasing.

  • Functional

    by Netpilot64

    This program really works. I recommend it.

  • Card reader

    by HuskerCowboys

    This App has worked well for the most part. Business cards have multiple designs and can get very busy and it has read the well for the most part.

  • Worthless

    by Mbhanson17

    It did not read any of the three cards accurately. Easier to type in manually than to correct all the errors.

  • Works

    by Yoshiiiiiiiii57


  • SamCard is great

    by BobEif

    Only reason not to give five stars is to keep you working harder! I use it for all my business card scanning.

  • Fantastic. Tried a few, this is the best so far.

    by Hayato1

    Worth it

  • Magic

    by TCBermy

    I work in the USA, UK, Italy and Germany, this app recognizes names, numbers, country codes, even the word "handi" was recognized as a mobile phone. Great app. Now if only we could add grouped to our contacts so I could sort them by project, it would be perfect.

  • Review

    by undercontrolj

    Great app.

  • Great App!

    by TexTed54

    Works great! Saves time!

  • As advertised

    by Meridian Pilot

    Does what it is supposed to do.

  • Easy to Use - Very useful

    by S'pore123

    I started using this app a few weeks ago. I have used many different apps and desk top scanners over the years. This seems the easiest to use and effective. You can easily scan and enter cards on your lap while waiting to board a flight or inflight. One suggestion for the developers, a useful function for the Pro version would be to be able to copy and re-use the company details without having to re-enter every time. e.g : I visit company 'a' and meet 5 people there. Once I have corrected/edited the first card it would be good just to have to change the name/ title/ personal contacts/ and notes for the other 4 individuals opposed to re-editing the address, Zip code etc, etc 4 times. Fix this and I would give it 5 stars. Never the less, I have no reservations recommending the Pro version. Thank you for a simple and useful App. B.Rgds

  • Ok

    by bjc1122

    Could use some fine tuning

  • Almost...

    by Bhbsball

    I love the app... Wound up buying full version... No regrets... Would like to see improvement in 75-80% accuracy tho!! When it's right, it's perfect... When it's not, it's usually WAY off. Overall, positives far outweigh negatives by 3-1 margin!!! Definitely makes adding to contacts all the many MANY business cards collected a breeze!!!!

  • 90% Accuracy

    by Rpocho

    Most of the cards are recognized

  • Great Apps

    by xxxdemisexsoxsurrealxxx

    This app is easy to use and works great

  • Does what it says, simply!

    by BC_boston

    Was expecting gimmicks, and lots of problems. None of that! This was the third app of its kind that I tried, and all of which I paid for and discarded. This is a keeper!

  • Very good app

    by Aglosta

    Simple and quick to use

  • Very good app

    by Dans-iPad2

    Great app for quickly storing business cards. Generally captures all details and allows for easy editing before saving to iPhone contacts. Only reason I didn't give 5 stars is it would be nice to have ability to retain picture of the card as well.

  • Stacks of cards are gone

    by Welder addict

    Tried the free version and then bought the paid version, and I don't buy many apps. But this one delivers and I've gotten rid of big stacks of business cards and can add people's cards very quickly.

  • sam card reader

    by Bigdawgdoc

    Always check the data for accuracy but clients are blown away when I get them in my contacts in a second.

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