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The mobile application for Eastern PA Weather Authority, LLC... the most accurate and dependable weather source in eastern PA and New Jersey. All information contained parallels the website, http://epawablogs.com

Customer Reviews

  • Great App!

    by Sunny Days Tanning

    Very useful app, love the access to the daily video weather update.

  • EPAWA - Awesome Team

    by StanC83

    I'm glad this finally came to the iPhone/iPad although it's technically designed for the iPhone. I also purchased the app on the Andriod market last week. I'm happy to support you guys any way I can. You're forecasts are much more accurate than most in this area. I honestly don't trust weather from the news or radio. I get my info from EPAWA and NWS State College. I'm hoping a tablet version becomes available at some point. Keep up the good work!

  • Hopeful

    by Mom2Twinz

    These guys are awesome, but the app is lacking and I'm not sure it's worth the $1.99 at this point. I'm hopeful updates will make the app a little cleaner and easier to navigate.

  • Eastern pa weather

    by Ice climbing fool

    EPAWA is historically more accurate with their forecasts than the local news outlets. This is ONLY for the southeastern Pennsylvania and western NJ areas. So if you live in say Las Vegas this app will do you no good. Radar links are easy to get to and the visible satellite is handy. Some things to consider. The graphics are a little clunky. My biggest suggestion would be to have the forecasts directly feed into the app instead of being an external web link. It seems to "blink" in the header for lack of a better word. It would be cleaner integration with a feed directly into the app. Heck of a good start though. Worth the $1.99 in my opinion.

  • A+++

    by Eeyore1079

    Wonderful app from the best meteorologists in the area! Highly recommended for everyone!

  • Great app… but…

    by BE2020a

    Great app and packed with a lot of features just like the web site! I would like to see when you click on the current maps, the map itself goes to full screen. The one thing that I am very disappointed in… adds! I hate adds. Something I did not expect to see for a paid app.

  • Excellent!

    by Lucky_4_Life

    I work in Law Enforcement, and hands down this is the best app and best team. If my department uses EPAWA and their team of professionals to help keep the public safe, you can too.

  • Total Waste

    by Cool guy awesomepants

    Do not waste your money. All this app does is redirect you to their website.

  • Wasted $2

    by BruceBerk

    Looks like I just paid 2 bucks for an "app" that is merely their website! Thanks for stealing my money. When you scroll to the bottom of the "app" screen it even says "Get the App". So classy

  • Not worth it

    by Lcoham

    Don't bother, doesn't work well and not good info.

  • by MC 565

    Can't figure this "app" out it links you to their website but is missing parts. Then on the redirect it tells you to "buy the app" or buy my pocket meteorologist constantly. I like EPAWA and their content but this "app" if you call it that leaves a lot to be desired.

  • Why is there an app?

    by B077

    I was a fan of EPAWA and don't have Facebook. Was hoping this was the solution but it's not. App is useless and they continue to post things about becoming a premium member. At one point they said that their premium members knew about a storm because they gave information to them. I paid for something and got nothing.

  • No need to purchase this app.

    by cwm7297

    EPAWA has the most accurate forecasts but this app literally redirects to their webpage. There is no need to pay for this app. Simply bookmark their webpage and you will have access to the identical information. Disappointing.

  • Not worth it!!!!!

    by Eagles777654

    This is not what I was expecting at all!! This "app" just takes you to their website which I can look at anytime and not have to pay 1.99!! You can get forecast for your location only for the region!! Not happy at all! Hope changes are to come!!!!

  • Not worth the money

    by Fastmowerboy

    Like many other reviews say, this app just redirects you to the website. Not very helpful. Love EPAWA, but not a fan of the app.

  • Not really worth it

    by ch1650

    Great forecasts, but this "app" simply links to their web page. Save a $1.99 and just add their web page to your home screen.

  • Not done well

    by TapeSonic

    Great content, but sorry, this isn't really an app. It's a link page to their web content. Save your $ and just bookmark the pages you like on their site.

  • Just follow them on Facebook

    by Toofy 

    I know this app just came out, but unless you just want to donate a $1.99 to EPAWA just follow them on Facebook and don't bother with the app.

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