Air Projector: Wirelessly present PDF PowerPoint and Keynote Slide Decks plus Photos Business App Review (iOS, $3.99)


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Seller: Qrayon, LLC

Bug fixes.

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Give a presentation wirelessly from your iPhone or iPod Touch in 3 steps:
STEP 1: Launch Air Projector.
STEP 2: Type the displayed URL in the web browser.
STEP 3: Pick a photo or PDF page and it appears remotely.

Air Projector projects PDF documents and photos wirelessly from your iPhone or iPod Touch to a web browser connected on the same local network. No additional client software or special hardware is required.

Always be ready with your key presentations in your pocket. Air Projector is perfect for:
* Classrooms
* Boardrooms
* On-the-go presentations

Just fire up Air Projector and type in the displayed URL in your web browser. Then flip through the pages or photos on your iPhone and the remote display updates automatically. Tap and hold to show a laser pointer on the remote screen.

Send PDF documents from Mail or a third party document manager, such as DropBox, to Air Projector to present them (Air Projector doesn't directly store or manage PDF documents).

This works great with exported PDFs from PowerPoint or Keynote. Note that animations and transitions aren't saved in PDF files.

Air Projector supports the newest versions of all the popular browsers: IE7+, Firefox 3.6, Safari 5, Chrome, etc. Earlier browser versions may not have have all the required APIs to display correctly.

If you like Air Projector, also check out Air Sketch for the iPad.

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Customer Reviews

  • Outstanding utility app

    by BurhanKhawaja

    I used it when ever I have to show pictures to our guest... I then use this app to show pictures on monitor... Though, it can be used for presentations. But I often use it to transfer my pictures to computer in small size.

  • At: gwen

    by Md zahid Pervez

    Get air sketch for i pad

  • Cool!

    by Ale Milburn

    Cool app! Thanks!

  • 5 stars :)

    by Raghuchandr

    An awesome app... Must have...

  • I love this!!

    by justALover

    This is awesome ad helpful! Thank you

  • Great App

    by Gwen Eich

    Love that I can save pictures on my phone and transmit them thru onto my computer with no wires. Only wish it would work with Ipad.

  • Great app just needs more capabilities

    by Chrome Ty

    This is a great app, but it should be able to: -Play videos -Play music -A zoom in/out function And laser pointer is a little delayed and doesn't slide around the screen smoothly

  • Fantastic

    by mrkane82

    Works exactly as described! Awesome!

  • Like

    by Jezzy M.D.

    Slide show of my picture, left to right navigation. No software needed, just type the http lung to ur browser then pick a picture to view on the iPod an the browser well display your picture full size or less on the browser, then you swipe left or right to turn the picture like page (not showing all the picture on the browser o_0 but you can view all pic in app) Needs: 1. Need "Pinch to zoom" in picture. 2. A laser pointer. 3. Maybe some music. 4. Tv-Out 5. AirPlay

  • Best app so far

    by MrDennyoo7

    Sure there could be more but for free this app works great and no problems no set up it just works.

  • Good one

    by ArpanR

    It's quite good. The pics though seem to get rendered of very average quality. Can the quality of pics be improved on the browser? Can it render on PS3 browser over wifi so that I can see it on big TV screen, and later video too, when the feature is available?

  • Works...Plain & Simple

    by RenèeV

    Works well. Looking forward to additional features like video etc.

  • This is the coolest app ever!

    by Jman72097

    I love this app it's amazing. It's perfect for presentations and other stuff!


    by BenZe12


  • Delivered as promised

    by eCoconut

    Pros: it works, and is snappy from pic to pic. Cons: needs "pinch zoom" or "tap zoom"

  • Nice app

    by Jossue 89

    I love this app very easy to use I wish later on you guys can add like video support for this that would take the app to a whole new level

  • Nice app

    by Endlessvibe

    Very easy to use easy setup quick response between pictures. Thanks

  • Works!!

    by Eve Severe

    Easy to use!! Just wish I could show more files than photos... Maybe I need to delve deeper into the app... But it is easy and took one minute to link up!!

  • Awesome App

    by ManinderBrar


  • Very cool app

    by Atthevoltain

    Very interesting concept, should be useful for presentations. If it worked with presentation software like PowerPoint or keynote files, that would greatly increase its usefulness.

  • Didn't work for me

    by Mickey Long

    Likely my fault, still $4 bucks for nothing . 1st time ever ripped off by an app for money. My 1st review, too.

  • App crashes on launch

    by AB8

    iPhone 5 ios 6.1.2

  • Crashes on iOS 6

    by JacDac

    Both on iPhone 5 and iPad with iOS 6, the app crashes at launch.

  • Crashes

    by uscwaller

    Does not work after the iOS 6 update

  • Crashes on IOS 6!!

    by Lee8394

    Don't buy if you are using IOS 6.

  • not for iPad

    by Malte Brigge

    It would be nice to have a regular version for the iPad. I downloaded it after it showed up in iPad apps, and that was honest. It seems like a good idea, though, and I'll give it two stars for that.

  • Location required - why?

    by Nurtay

    This is wrong!

  • Access to photos requires location services?

    by luisfrocha

    Call me over-cautious, but why would this app need to know my location in order to access my pictures? I downloaded it but won't try it if it requires location services.

  • Very useful increase speed

    by JJkbigd

    The program works but needs a little more speed.

  • Potentially very useful

    by martianfencer

    It is pretty exciting to be able to display things this way, when you need a quick way to show a number of people your presentation and for some reason don't have it on the computer nearest you. I do wish there were an easier way to enter the URL than to type it by hand, which is a bit error-prone. Also, I couldn't immediately figure out how to open PDFs in Air Projector. (Hint: Get your PDF into Dropbox or Mail or some document manager that has the "Open in" functionality.)

  • Like it

    by 00JL

    Useful for wireless presentations. Speed improvement would be welcome.

  • High Hopes...

    by ASK51

    I just purchased Air Projector, and when I try to run it the app crashes. Is this a version bug? I hope I hear from the developers, and I will gladly update my review when I have it working. Other apps from Qrayon are awesome, I expect this to be every bit as good!

  • Help

    by FVD15

    I just downloaded the Air Projector. However, it just keeps crashing. It is of no use to me. I feel cheated.

  • AirProjector boo

    by unak1te

    How do you make this thing work?????? The help pages are no help.

  • Great app for teachers!!

    by Cmphs

    I've been using this app for my lectures and exams (Anatomy and Phys.), and I love it. I prepare a keynote presentation, copy it as a pdf to dropbox, then open it with air projector.

  • Neat

    by gat0gelat0

    Works great. Wish this could do other file types and videos too...

  • Extremely Cool!

    by f350rincon

    Hey, it does what it says it does. This thing is pretty cool. Just install and go to your photos then pick one. Navigate your browser to the specified address and you can view your pics as advertised.

  • Great!!!!

    by Enzin333

    I hope this app supports MS-office files and movie files, too. Anyway, It's awesome!!!

  • Pleasantly surprised how well this works!

    by DéjàZoo

    Wow! I am pleasantly surprised how well this application works. Save yourself the cost of buying a connector and plugging into the cable to view your pictures on a separate screen. It's worth the 99¢ and it works on my iPad...

  • Good but could use some improvements

    by Rampageofunicorns

    It's great but it's really slow and the quality degrades when it's projected on a large 50" projector screen (which is expected with iPhone size pictures, but not with pictures that are 5000x5000 pixels big). Some added features like screen freeze and screen black would be useful.

  • A Must Have

    by _Lilith

    Especially for the holidays with family around. I love being able to show pictures off my iPhone. This is a great utility app and let's others see my photos without having to hand over my phone.

  • Sounds like a web browser to me.

    by Itza Vaste

    I could not tell the value in projecting just to the computer. Especially since it cannot stream movies.

  • Great

    by VitorSantos

    It can be very useful at school

  • Great for academics!

    by TwoOstendorffs

    For teaching or presenting a paper this is a nearly fool proof and easy way to share images, graphs, etc.

  • Great for Teaching

    by weathertation

    With this I can wander around my room and present from where ever. Does just what it says.

  • Hope theres a tweak on the way

    by Mike Hackerts

    Doesn't even do what it says or insinuates right now. Hope an update is on the way (or A few updates) 99c or not, I expect to get something even minimally useful - and what was advertised. Heres what it does on my iOS 4.1 iPhone-4: 1 - I am able to access and see only images from my picture folder - nothing else from my iPhone can be beamed/displayed on my pc browser window 2 - If I want to see the next image on my pc I have to choose it on my iphone, then refresh my my browser to see it - for each new image (first I had to turn off my virus software firewall - images wouldn't display with it on) 3 - The "laser pointer" (red dot) shows up on my iPhone when I press on the picture - but it doesn't show up on the pc image (then whats the "point" - *pun intended* - if the laser pointer doesn't translate to the image I am displaying on the larger screen?!? So all in all - it's about 33% of the way to being what I expected when I bought it But could be useful if it ever does what it says / what I expected - and could be great if it can ever do more (IE display apps, games, safari/web, mail, attachments, documents, and content from my other apps - or just display anything on my iphone screen on the "big screen") AKA the only way I can ever truly "leave my VGA dongle at home"

  • What It Says

    by sandifop

    App does exactly what it claims; no servers, no fuss. I can see how useful this will be for presentations on the go when one us not sure what software you will run into on supplied PCs. Just save your slides as PDFs or jpgs. One downside is I am not sure where to file the app.

  • works great

    by awkpod

    Works great, I was able to send a fairly complex PDF from my Dropbox to another browser on the LAN. I had a couple issues: 1) Doesn't run on my iPad (booo) due to the older OS... that's actually where I want to run it. Hopefully it will work when 4.2 comes out. 2) It asked me for my location, which I declined (I didn't understand why it needs my location)... now it keeps popping up this error about not being able to access pictures, and I have to click through it constantly. Can it just put up a static error message on the screen instead? This is annoying and I don't even need picture access.

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