Mocha VNC Business App Review (iOS, $5.99)

  • Category: Business
  • Publisher: MochaSoft
  • Updated: Jul, 21 2008
  • Version: 3.7
  • Size: 1.15 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Jan Frydendal

- VNC password popup dialog could be wrong.
- view only mode allowed 2 finger mouse wheel function.
- new icon.
- removed icons from the main menu.
- general bug fixing.

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Using your iPhone or iPad, you can connect to a Mac or Windows PC, and see the files, programs, and resources exactly as you would if you were sitting at your desk, just on a smaller screen.

Before buying, try Mocha VNC Lite

- Standard VNC protocol.
- Mac OS X (Lion) sign on with user id and password
- Encrypted password signon.
- 8 and 32 bit color modes.
- Local Mouse support.
- WOL (Wake on LAN).
- Printing.
- NETBIOS and Bonjour name support.
- Zoom and scroll as the Safari browser.
- Landscape mode.
- Banners with extra keys.
- Extra keys as ALT,CTRL, Option and Apple key
- Has been tested with RealVNC, TightVNC, UltrVNC on Windows, and Screen Sharing, which is included with the Mac OS X.

Customer Reviews

  • An excellent tool

    by JonsBlog

    Works great for me. I use it regularly for remote server maintenance. Highly recommended.

  • Aplicación genial!! La uso desde el n95

    by Margarita Gutman

    Vengo usando mocha vnc desde hace más de 5 años en mi viejo Nokia n95, luego migre a un N8 ,milestoneII, y iPhone. Después de unos años en iPhone decidí comprarla y esta buenísima. Me faltaba el drag y esc para abandonar definitivamente la laptop!!!

  • Awesome

    by Sardonick007

    Quick and easy over wifi or 4g. If you're not stupid, it works great. Would live computer to computer control too!

  • Great app

    by Stroked2

    Just works ... Right out if the box. Thanks!

  • return key has disappeared

    by Chocolate19

    The return key has disappeared after the last update of vnc. I use this app all the time and now I'm dead in the water. Please fix it ASAP. Thanks

  • Couldn't live without this

    by tj4shee

    Yes it has a few minor quirks... but all in all this is the best VNC app I have used for iOS. Keep up the good work !

  • Lion seems well supported.

    by robojester

    Like the app. Connection was trivial. It seems to work well. Looking forward to the full functionality of the pay version as I was using the lite version.

  • Great App

    by Brad Hesse

    I was having a problem connecting to Lion, but I've discovered that there are a few settings you need to change to get it to work. So before you give it a bad rating, make sure you know what you're doing. Works great on Mountain Lion as well :) I'm a huge fan of Mochasoft because of this app, and they keep it updated too.

  • Works great

    by Archite

    I use to connect my mountain lion servers without issue.

  • Great app

    by Ttsdunlap

    I've even done server support while in the car on the highway (someone else was driving). It works great. Mochasoft is always enhancing this app. Next enhancement - please add clipboard to Notes support. I would like to modify scripts using cut-and-paste. Then I will rate it 5 stars.

  • Good App

    by NYCDPro

    Good app everything I use works pretty well. I have been using it for over a year and it's always worked for me. The only negative thing I have to say is that I liked the old icon better.

  • Long time user

    by Review1423

    I run vnc on an ipad, iphone, and win xp system to control a jb itouch running veency. Its getting better, but as of right now the 5.1.1 os upgrade on the ipad broke right click to wake up. Still works fine on iphone running 4.0 and win xp system. I used to have intermittent problems re establishing contact with veency in all versions but that seems to be fixed now. Ill update to five stars when this latest bug is fixed. The ipad is my preferred way to control the itouch which is connected to a power amp and speakers. A poor mans high end wirelessly controlled home hi fi system!

  • Reliable!

    by Ace718

    This VNC client is one of the most reliable client I have ever used. It always work with mac OSX screen sharing. The only change I would like for this client app is that I wish there was a way to zoom out and see the entire image of the server screen without keeping both fingers on the screen to zoom out pinch. I also wish the streaming of video would be a little smoother if bandwidth is low. Other than that, this is a great app. Please update for retina display to show entire server screen in the ipad display

  • Works well, needs Bluetooth keyboard support

    by Gino79990

    Works well with tightVNC, wish it would allow a bluetooth keyboard for input. (perhaps this is a drawback of iOS and not the app?)

  • Works well

    by Ground_Fighter

    Love the way it works, flawless connectivity. Use it all the time.

  • Looks Great on "the new iPad"'s retina display

    by Ansel Witthaus

    I can see my entire desktop at near native resolution, dramatically improves the usability of an app I've owned and used for years.

  • I use this app all of the time.

    by D.w. Frydendall

    Love it!

  • This is a good app, but not noticeably better than the free version

    by Norm Tallant

    The one thing I was hoping to get from the paid version was vnc encryption, but this doesn't support it yet. Other than that, it's a solid app that I'm pleased to have.

  • Works for what I need at a fair price

    by ThatBassguy

    This is a useful tool for VNCing into my MBP on my wireless network. Keeps a connection stable,and it has the manipulation tools I need for easy setup.

  • For puttering around

    by smurray29

    Using with tightvnc and display is very nice. The mouse is difficult to use however so interaction with display is doable but difficult at times.

  • Downhill

    by MikeyPD

    This was once a great app. Now I wouldn't let them program my universal remote. Useless. Move on if you need it to work.

  • most ugly icon

    by marco tuvalorenzo

    the icon burns eyes and needs to be updated - developers are very cruel people

  • Not as advertised

    by dMore1

    Purchased it, and requested an immediate refund. Read every instruction, made every change required on the settings and it did not function using an iPad to a MacBook Pro. Contacted support and was told I should have downloaded the "Lite" version first, to see if it worked. I strongly recommend you do that first, vice paying $5.99.

  • Good but .....

    by WrnNews

    Desperately needs MS windows authentication capability.

  • good vnc app (when it works).

    by bleakcabal

    it's still broken with OS X Lion (hence the new app icon featuring snow leopard). works fine with other OSes, but lion functionality is crucial for me.

  • App no longer works in Lion.

    by igotudave

    Used to work great, now in Mac Lion, no matter what settings i use, my iPhone won't connect.

  • Should have waited

    by jr56768006

    Slow, more often than not the keyboard cannot be brought up, and also becomes unresponsive very often.

  • Mocha VNC

    by Leave iDevice at Door

    Considering that VNC only checks the first 8 characters of a password (very insecure), skip this app and find something which supports ssh tunneling. all apps of this nature (VNC) should support ssh tunneling. Please note that the 8 character password check is not something the developer can directly fix (other than implementing ssh tunneling). This issue is with the vnc protocol itself, which is why ssh tunneling is so important. For security reasons, I cannot recommend this app.

  • Not as smooth as it could be

    by That cheap guy

    The actions are a little confusing and the drag option is a kittle slow and not accurate.

  • Freezes often

    by mattlqx

    Doesn't work very well with Lion screen sharing. Remote screen freezes and you have to disconnect, reconnect.

  • Does everything I need it to

    by jimmyp80

    Not sure why all the hate is out there. This works exactly as I need to as a remote desktop into my app. The only complaint would be the lag but it is not a deal breaker.

  • One of my favorite apps

    by curtistuckr

    I installed the lite version of this app and was impressed. After installing the full version I was very satisfied with the full feature set. The app delivered on it's advertised features. The latest update is fantastic. Much faster. Better "mouse" controls, more feedback on screen taps, etc. I have not tried the more expensive VNC solutions on the iPad but Mocha VNC is excellent. I plan to keep using it until Apple gets around to implementing Back to My Mac for the iPad... I may keep on using it after that!

  • Still Not Lion Compatible

    by Ric D

    Version 3.0 still has problems with Lion. I was able to successfully login once. Every subsequent attempt has failed. Update -- although version 3.0 does not work consistently with Lion's login screen, you can configure a VNC connection with your Mac username and password and it will bypass the login screen and successfully connect.

  • Please add ssh tunneling

    by appleHC

    It is not a regulatory problem anymore, as you state on your support site.

  • Disappointing

    by Jus' Groovin'

    I really wanted a mobile VNC solution and tried the Lite version of this. It functioned but missed the target. I purchased the full version on a hope that it delivered better than the Lite. I did not. That was over two years ago and this product has never evolved into something completely usable. Recently I discovered Remoter VNC. Bingo! It does it all! I am finally completely satisfied with my mobile VNC solution.

  • Needs Upgrade to connect to Lion

    by Mark Ritter

    I loved this app until I put Lion on my Mac. And it works ok over a LAN if you build a macro to enter the username and password at the login screen. But it doesn't work at all from outside the LAN like it did before. The same login screen appears, but you can't enter characters in the fields. MOCHA!! FIX THIS!!

  • Slow

    by matreyia

    Lags. Forget playing media from your desktop or surfing. I use it to access my 8 core macpro and it still is slow.

  • Great

    by Bderiso

    This app works great for connecting to my Ubuntu Linux server from the iPad2. Very fast over wifi & a great UI in my opinion.

  • Great App

    by Alex Miles

    For the money this is a great app. I expected a lot more time to setup, but I was ready to go in minutes.

  • This worked well for me...

    by steelew

    I am a windows 7 user and this worked well across my local network and across the internet. I used this in conjucntion with tightVNC (PC side program). My only complaint WAS that the app doesn't make it easy to get to you favorites and it should atleast offer to save passwords. It does save profiles and passwords I just didn't realize it, so I love this program. It does what I need.

  • Needs more optimization

    by JeremyYan

    Functionality wise this new version has more features and can easily send more commands. However even running on iPad2, I find it sluggish. Especially the program itself. Although I am connecting to an 27" iMac.

  • Simple set-up, just works

    by Robochase6000

    I was really impressed with how easy this was to set up for my Mac. Just turn on screen sharing on the computer, turn port forwarding on in my router, and point mocha to my ip address! This is the type of coolness you'd expect to take hours to setup, but I had it going in minutes. App is simple to use and it gets the job done!

  • Upgrades make app worse

    by CamaroSSMan

    Past two versions of app crash when dragging a pc in list of pcs to change it's place or when connecting to mac/pc that has a display asleep. No hover button available as stated in Help. App thinks I'm right clicking despite only tapping screen for less than a second and continously stays like that until tapping screen again. Since you took the ability to tap outside of screen to do things like bring up dock or move screen lower to get at upper left Apple icon to get to Restart/Shutdown (which is very hard if you have a case) app has gotten horrible to refresh screen from pc/mac. Mouse controls were better when you could hold finger to drag too. Tapping shift twice to turn on caps lock only lasts 2 or so seconds then caps lock is magically turned off. Tab key is missing, they expect you to use in landscape mode, otherwise certain other buttons aren't available. This on iPod 2nd Gen with latest iOS 3 as pc I sync with has crashed and cannot update. The support is a joke. I emailed them to let them know of errors like when you could shake app to bring up/hide menu at bottom and they replied with no greating or signature and merely stated the problem must be with my device, despite shaking working fine in other apps!!!

  • The upgrade made the app worse.

    by Regan Mulcrone

    The latest upgrade made the user interface worse off and really buggy. Don't upgrade if you already have it.


    by Gamecock nation

    The latest "upgrade" has made this app worse. Constant black screens when trying to reconnect to computer, did not used to have that issue NEARLY as often. When I don't have that issue, you must now disconnect and reconnect every time you reaccess. Didn't have to do this either with old version. If you have old version, do not upgrade. If you don't have app, find a different VNC solution. This is not it.

  • Easy to use, and just works!

    by cohoSeattle

    Very well written app that allows me to remote desktop connect to my iMac computer at home. I can see the iMac's screen on my iPhone 4, scroll around, do mouse clicks by tapping the screen. For the Mac, it uses the built-in VNC Server software so you don't need to install anything extra (just activate Screen Sharing on the Mac). I suggest you test out the free version first (Mocha VNC Lite) which has basically the same functionality except for some more advanced mousing options (e.g., dragging, right-click, etc). I'm a bit more computer savvy than most people, so I was able to configure my router to allow me to remotely connect to my Mac using an Internet connection (by port forwarding and setting up a Dynamic DNS). As such, I can access my Mac remotely while traveling or on a business trip. Connecting via a fast WiFi works fairly smooth and quickly, but it really slows down if using a cellular 3G connection. But, it still works. I highly recommend this app if you want remote desktop connection with your Mac.

  • Great!

    by Mark Tritaris

    It's a great app!

  • Promising upgrade, but buggy

    by Rudy Berk

    I'm a huge fan of mocha vnc, but this most recent upgrade is a little buggy when reconnecting after a while of doing other stuff. Hopefully that's a temporary thing.

  • Please put the RETURN button back on the keyboard

    by Olykev

    I have loved this app! But I'm frustrated that you removed the return key from the keyboard. Now I have to close the keyboard to hit enter unless I want to be in horizontal mode all the time. I love your app but I can only give 4 stars with the return button missing.

  • Like being at my desk!

    by Louisblank

    Great job! Keep up the good work. I love being able to sit down at my office without having to travel to get there, just to add files to Dropbox from the server or email a document to myself. At home, I can sit in the living room, monitoring stocks and other Java/Flash programs that only run on my Linux/Ubuntu box.

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