MobileIron Mobile@Work™ Client Business App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Business
  • Publisher: MobileIron
  • Updated: Jul, 27 2009
  • Version: 5.9
  • Size: 20.2 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Romanian, Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Chinese

Seller: MobileIron

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MobileIron’s Mobile@Work™ app seamlessly integrates your iOS device with your company’s mobile operations.
• Automatically configure your device for access to your corporate Wi-Fi and VPN networks.
• Get access to email, protected attachments, and other corporate resources.
• View documents stored on SharePoint and other company document repositories and store them locally for offline viewing.
• Annotate documents and securely email them to your colleagues.
• Test and profile your network connection speeds and track your results geographically.
• Authenticate to MobileIron AppConnect secure applications.

NOTE: The Mobile@Work™ iOS app requires use of MobileIron’s enterprise Virtual Smartphone Platform. Please consult with your company's Mobile IT organization before downloading this app. The Mobile@Work™ app will not operate without the required MobileIron infrastructure.

Customer Reviews

  • App needs "full reset" function

    by LordBleen

    I have had some difficulties with this app and it leaving data outside the application after deleting and re-installing. I wish this had a "full reset" function to bring a user back to the point as if the app was being opened for the first time ever.

  • IT

    by NickITGuy

    Helps IT do it's job (support), helps company's stay in compliance, helps employees split personal and work on the same device. Excellent

  • Works well

    by X0123

    Our company went with this for email delivery to BYOD iPhones. It has worked out well.

  • Makes my phone work

    by KM_USA

    Makes my work email and apps work on my phone. Very useful.

  • Very helpful for managing iOS devices at work

    by Michael.Yada

    Makes it easy to use an iPhone or iPad with work. Well-done.

  • Good App

    by Appinator1234

    Used on personal phone. Works well.

  • What does this do

    by john heckman

    We have to get this for school, i dont know what the hell it does, all i know is when i deleted it i got a detention.

  • Not perfect but it works and is reliable

    by JKar1980

    Love the fact that it works with native iPhone email and calendar. Ability to juggle personal and work schedule in one calendar is def a plus. Could use some more syncing options in the preferences but overall, Mobile Iron does its job like it should. I just switched from the Good for Enterprise app and Mobile Iron is a zillion times better and reliable.

  • Awesome new UI

    by AztecMJR

    Access to share point and better flow! Excellent update!

  • Playing back voicemail doesn't work well

    by sylvezter

    When playing an audio file, you must press the full screen button to get to the play button. After playing the message, you can't go back and are stuck until you force quit the app.


    by John Carter

    This app is awful. Siri no longer works properly. I would give it no stars.

  • Just bad

    by cyrscott

    Slow interface with iOS, kills battery very quickly

  • Email torture

    by Mrs chesterhouse

    Worst policy my company has instituted. Mobile iron makes checking email a living hell.

  • Clunky

    by Jazjoonb

    Poorly designed and glitch ridden.

  • Deleted it

    by cardinalfanrc

    I understand why IT departments want this deployed to employee's personal phones, but the installed profile and requirement to keep the passcode on are deal breakers. Deleted it.

  • Steaming pile of it

    by Jared Carey

    Never works properly...

  • Breaks a lot

    by Edgeridr

    Breaks every time a new iOS update is released.

  • I would give -ve 5

    by Gamer1000011

    So backwards thinking, y they need to block fingerprint for unlocking phone. That's a trusted way to unlock phone. They are horrible at making it difficult for us. I wish my company asks us before buying these crappy apps.


    by KJSVT

    I am in IT and have been for over 25 years now. This is the worst application I have ever seen. I was forced to install it and now cannot use my phone for anything. The app drains the battery faster than streaming video over LTE. I unplugged my phone from the wall and within an hour it is down to less than 50% power. I would love to give it negative stars.

  • Mobileiron is horrible

    by Jimmymac19

    Even the IT guys hate it! Simply corporate spyware. If they want me 24x7 get rid of this crap app.

  • Broke my fingerprint unlocking

    by AJ-Master

    The current version disables the fingerprint unlocking on Iphone 5S

  • Fails on iOS7

    by kidspop

    As soon as I upgraded my iPhone 5 to iOS 7, I started getting emails and text messages everyday saying "Passcode not compliant". There is no solution to this problem in any blogs or support forums, nor any updates to fix this issue. Since I am not subscribed to text messaging, I am being charged for every text, and don't have a way to disable it.

  • Question

    by Cp4chris

    Will this app work in the new ios7?

  • Encrypts everything on your phone to make it impossible to recover

    by Treviza

    This is the worst app ever. The company only cares bout selling the solution to corporate IT decision makers and have no respect for people's data on the phones that have this app. All data is encrypted, and in case you even need to restore anything, they offer no solution to help you with it and left you searching the web and finding third party apps on your own. DO NOT install it on your phone.

  • Na

    by Work7777

    Bad keeps say application reset on iphone On iPad works

  • Support.

    by kraymond78

    I hope you read these, cause I need help. Every time I install this app and try to register I get this error message saying "application reset" and everything I try to do it won't fix itself.

  • 呵呵

    by magicinair


  • very poor piece piece of malware. it breaks wechat moments functionality

    by Snv16

    very poor piece piece of malware. it breaks wechat moments functionality

  • Don't download this app

    by Tasje

    Horrible, horrible, horrible!! And I can't even go back to my previous settings!!

  • Shut it down

    by This app is a failure

    Location Services are running constantly killing your battery. What idiot thought that was right.

  • Kills battery life - Location Services

    by NYC User

    My company's version requires location services to be on, but MobileIron doesn't check location intermittently, instead it keeps location services on CONSTANTLY and my battery dies in 2 hours now. Please change this ASAP.

  • Fail

    by Tv92592

    This update is horrible. Constantly tells me that my phone is not connected then it is connected. Wish I could get the prior version, I never had this problem.

  • by Travelingman3333

    Can't download the most current update/version. They need an update for the update already.

  • horrible

    by pdy05

    App is great for enterprise connectivity but drains battery like crazy. there is absolutely no reason for app to have continual connectivity (data/GPS)

  • Error

    by Yopvbmm

    The attached files 'jump' around within the email causing it not to allow to open.

  • All the 1 star reviews say it all

    by Aleve - Alliance Detheroc Server

    No need for me to rehash all the negative comments. I agree with them all

  • Huge disappointment

    by pfariss

    Cannot believe our company would go with this app. Emails don't come through. Time consuming to install. I do not recommend.

  • Bad App...

    by Thebacknine

    I don't like this app, why would I want to share all my data and private information with anyone? Breach of privacy and invasive.

  • icloud and photo stream gone!

    by Joe's Reviews...

    Turns off icloud which makes life 10 times easier for backing up and switching ipads. Also for some security reason photo stream is disengaged. Not sure why. Pics can be sent a number of ways.

  • Location Icon issue

    by briwilson

    It's always on, even if it's not polling location.

  • Thanks but no thanks...

    by Sydneysdad

    So if I install this on my personally owned phone, purportedly to secure their email, I have to grant my company's IT department administrator rights to my phone? All the controls are on their side and this app doesn't even tell me how they are set? If someone from my company accesses my pictures, or personal text messages or personal email account, I will have no idea? Come on Mobile Iron, surely you can do better than this! This product is the same for a corporate owned phone as it is for a personally owned phone, the only difference is how the switches (which I cannot see) are set. If you install this on your personally owned phone, you might as well just drop off a key to your house at your companies security office and invite them to come check for corporate owned property whenever they like. Tell them not to worry if you are there or not, not to worry about telling you if they do. Even if you get them to politely agree not to drink your milk straight out of the carton, you will never know if they did or not.

  • I Can't Think Of

    by Timothy J McNeely

    a single good reason to install this on my phone. It's junk. It tries to give employers control over my device. Give me some controls over what I share with them... I promptly took this off my phone.

  • Garbage. 1984 is back

    by mochibear911

    Like an octopus it latches onto your phone and never let's go.

  • it feels like big brother on steriods

    by really not happy about this

    took 3 installs to finally work right. it forces the use to enter a 6 digit passcode every f&%k!n time you want to do anything with your phone. i thought technology was supposed to serve us! you must agree to let the app send info from your phone to server at any time and the server can instruct the app to delete any and all info from your phone. i being forced to use this app by my company.

  • Feels like big brother.

    by crumpet75

    I understand my company has rules for accessing corporate mail etc. But this is my personal phone that I use for work and personal. If I have to use it, I want clear separation of what is being audited/controlled. My company shouldn't have full control to audit, monitor and control my whole phone. They should make it clear that they are only monitoring and controlling a clearly partitioned area. Why can't I control what they have access to?

  • Buggy unstable piece of crap

    by MakerMark

    Absolutely the worst app on my iPad, continually freezes, and drags to a halt every time I refresh message store, the UI leaves a lot to be desired, our company makes us use this, go back to what we had before!

  • Battery drain

    by LauraBee123

    Turn off location services. This app runs in the background and drains battery.

  • Limited mail sync options

    by ejodee

    If I want to wait till I'm at my desk to respond or act on an email, I would like to be able to delete it from my phone while retaining it in my inbox on the server. I must be the only person who thinks this is a good plan (outside of Blackberry world) because there's only one way to sync with this app. Full sync with no other option for how mail is managed. With Mobile Iron these are your choices: you traipse around with a phone loaded with messages waiting for action, corporate security be damned; or, you set up a dummy folder to as a workaround to force an option that should have been included before this app was released. Oh the joy of IT apps that you have to get permission in triplicate to use, deny you full use of your own property, and then dick up your workflow when they are supposed to help you get more done.

  • Enterprise Spyware

    by brandonj3

    There is still no point at all to ever needing this in your company. ActiveSync and or Apple's own native MDM address all of this at no additional cost or inconvenience. This is one of those apps that exists so your InfoSec department can continue to remain employed since it gives them something to do.

  • GPS Tracks Constantly - Drains Battery Fast

    by Mitchellable

    The company I work for is testing and considering using this App / Server combo for MDM capabilities. Not a good solution unless you plan on purchasing battery cases for all iPhone users in your organization. Then again, I haven't seen the management console, so it may be some full time tracking feature they have turned on. Our administrator actually emailed me to ask why I had disabled the location services through my iPhone settings. He said it was like that so they could find my phone or wipe it if I ever lost it. I proceeded to inform him that it was not necessary to use my location constantly all day and night, draining my battery ridiculously fast.

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