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mnCal is an easy to setup, easy to use, iPhone application. Using mnCal, you can retrieve your Lotus Notes calendar on demand and view it off-line. It is simple and fast. Another key advantage over iNotes Ultralite is that you can scroll to a specific date very quickly rather than advancing one day at a time.

mnCal displays your calendar in a day-at-a-glance view. In offline mode, information include subject, start, end date time, location and chair person. When online, you can retrieve the body of each non-encrypted calendar entry. MnCal utilizes http or https protocol to retrieve your calendar. If you can open your Lotus Notes calendar using a web browser, you can use mnCal (tested for Domino server version 7.0 and 8.0 but expected to work with version 6.0 and later).

Some businesses employ additional security mechanisms with some type of login gateway where the login screen has a very different URL than the actual mailbox server URL. MnCal, unfortunately, does not work in those environments. If you are not sure, please try our our free version mnInbox Lite first.

Please note that mnCal is a separate program from iPhone's built-in calendar program.

Customer Reviews

  • Works Great and Easy to Setup!!!!

    by ghansen

    Finally! A Notes application that was very easy to set up and works. As a Mac user, I expect easy to set up and use applications and mnCal certainly meets that criteria. I especially like that I can view my calendar off line (in airplane mode). Also, updating the calendar on the Edge network is also pretty quick. Thanks!!!

  • Works!

    by pde201

    First 'so called' notes app which has actually worked for me! Great job!

  • Worked right away!!!

    by EBinSd

    Installed, entered my server URL my user name and password and my Notes (8) calender is on my iPod Touch!! Would be nice to have a calender view in addition to the list view.

  • basic but great

    by McLovin iPhone

    my IT wont upgrade to Lotus 8 which supports iNotes and I don't want to pay for companionlink $99 + 9.99/mo just to get my calendar on my iPhone. Looked at lots of workarounds and in reality, the holy grail would be mobileme support for lotus notes. However, since that solution is mia or tbd, mnCal is an awesome application that will show you your live Notes calendar. Simple setup once you find out your mailfile url (ask IT). Setup took 30 seconds.

  • Works Fine!

    by mrcoca

    I absolutely needed this app. Not being to use iPhone as a mere PDA was ... Ridiculous! Set up was easy and it worked the first time. Some additional functionality would be useful, but for now the basic info sync'ed is OK. Dev Guys, if you want my unbridled endorsement ... You need to work little harder. :-)

  • It's No Longer Broken

    by Stuck with a Worthless App

    App worked great with OS 4. They fixed the problem.

  • This program is great!!!!

    by thespinophile

    This is the best solution for those of us that have to use notes and want to use their iPhone. Please come up with a way to get the cal into iCal!

  • It works!

    by There are some who call me Tim...

    After having poor results with many different apps/approaches to view my Notes calendar on my iPhone - I finally found this app. Does what it says, plain and simple. Thank you!

  • Worked First Time! Exactly what I was looking for.

    by app formerly known as notes calendar

    Since getting the iPhone I was disappointed that I couldn't find an easy way to ready my Lotus Note calendar except via the web. This was a pain since I could not easily go forward or back to a certain date. This worked first time. It only does the calendar...but that is all I needed. I'm a happy camper.

  • Simple and works

    by Mbhansal

    I liked this application and it is simple and most importantly it works. Only thing it doesn't allow is creating new entries. But better than any other lotus notes solution out there.

  • Pretty good so far

    by RudestBuddhist

    Running fine on my 8.5 mail file. It's a little jumpy when scrolling and has some slowdown. Please fix it so we can view the last entry... It gets cut off.

  • Works as Advertised

    by jww3

    Works great (from Notes 7 user without designer access).

  • Not compatible and does not give explicit warnings about known problems

    by jsml

    This didn't work for me, even though the instructions before buying seemed simple enough. When contacting tech support, they gave more information about possibilities that it would not work with certain set-ups, but this information was not available before you buy in explicit detail.

  • Won't even open

    by vichster

    This app doesn't work for me. It shuts down as soon as it opens with no error or indication why.

  • works great and suggestions

    by prenagha

    works great. was going to try notespro, but i don't have script/agent access to my mailbox. this app works like a champ - if you've got inotes then this app will likely work. 2 suggestions so far: a) make phone numbers clickable to auto dial, like mail app does b) pull down some/all/first X chars of the meeting description and show it on the detail page c) showing other attendees would be nice as well

  • Good - works as advertised...but...

    by Please!Please!Please!

    This app is a great concept, so much so that I paid my $5 even though I figured it would not work with my setup. Basically, if your e-mail system is set up with a redirect or proxy, this application will not work for you (you'll know if the login URL is different from the actual URL of your mailbox). The development team is working on getting beyond that limitation (or at least they said so), which should make this a great tool for those of us who have to use Notes for corporate e-mail...well worth my money if they can figure this out in a future update!

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