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Think you got an app idea that’s sure to a splash?

Pitch your idea for a chance to have it developed and become the next elite member of the Incubation Nation.


The App Incubator Featured on:
• Fast Company, Advertising Age & The Guardian
• Mashable, Read Write Web & IT News Wire
• Trendslate, Crazy Mike’s Apps & The Coventry Telegraph

Incubator apps featured on:
• Forbes, Fast Company, Advertising Age & FOX Business
• Esquire, Glamour, Oprah, Marie Claire & The UK Sun
• New York Times, LA Times, Washington Post, OC Register & SF Gate
• Cnet, Mashable, Crazy Mike’s Apps, 148Apps & BBC Click
• The Kevin & Bean show on 106.7KROQ!

And hundreds more! To peruse all the News for Incubation Nation, go to


The App Incubator is the original iPhone app that gives anybody with a great app idea a shot at getting it made. If your app idea can deliver the goods, the App Incubator will cover the rest and give you a handsome share of the profits.


Using the simple & straightforward interface, the App Incubator will walk you through every step of the submission process. This makes it easy to flesh out the details so you can transform any rough idea into a refined model. It’s quick, effortless and most importantly, safe.

Once your idea is submitted into the Incubator, the next step is for us to review it. Please understand that we receive thousands of submissions every week, so it could take us some time before we can review your idea.
If we feel the idea has potential—and it meets our app quality standards—we will design, develop and market it, and share the profits of every download with you.

Best of all, you don’t pay a single cent. Pretty sweet, eh?

To submit your idea, briefly describe the app and its target audience. After that, you can choose to describe your app according to five factors: originality, functionality, simplicity, profit potential and fun. Filling this out will help us make our decision, so try to be as thorough as you can.

You can also submit your ideas via our website. We offer a free downloadable storyboard template to help visualize your idea. Don’t worry if drawing isn’t your strength—we just want to get an idea of how you see the app working :-)

Your submissions are editable, so making a change to your idea or adding something new is easy. If you decide to withdraw your submission, and we have not already begun to build it, send us an e-mail and we will be happy to do so.


• You do not have to pay any money to submit your ideas.
• You do not have to pay for any design, development or marketing.
• We run updates & maintenance free of charge.
• We handle Apple relations for you.
• If you would like to remove your idea from the Incubator, just send us an e-mail requesting the rights back.
• As long as your app is on the App Store, and sales have passed the break-even point, you get 25% of every download. *


*Certain restrictions apply. See Terms & Conditions for full details.

We are proud to call the App Incubator a Shiny MEDL Object. You can see all of them at And if you have an idea for an app that you’d like to see on the App Store someday, visit

Customer Reviews

  • Hey

    by Ghammons

    I haven't even opened the app yet it is still loading and since I am getting the app I am going to create a china anne mcclain app because I love her #1 fan

  • Worth a try

    by David81639262026202620262027

    Who cares

  • I sent in three games!

    by The zombiefarmer1111

    If you ever hear about arena fighting, dinner dash, or corruption kingdom, ;)

  • It takes to long

    by Braeden the Caro

    I have been waiting about more than half a year and all i have got was,waiting for review,you guys need to hurry please

  • Awesome app!!!!!

    by Rocky146

    Awesome app!!!!! Guys this app is toatally worth your time. I just submitted sn app idea on June 24 and still waiting, but im toatally okay with because because there are millinons of other apps in the world and it may take days,months, or even years to be revied , so all your haters out tgete chill your balls down!

  • Great ideas make the world go round

    by beglorious

    And I have a bunch. Fingers crossed one comes to life

  • Cool People

    by Michael Rea

    Talked with some of the crew there, they're down to earth people interested in me and my ideas. 5 stars.

  • Haters still gonna hate

    by frostEnimy

    I submitted a few ideas into the incubator, and a few of them got rejected. There's also millions of apps out there, so I'm not gonna start a flame war on the fb page because my idea was probably already thought of. The app is free, and they'll give your idea back if you ask. And if they rejected it, its probably because it wasn't very good, so get over it.

  • still just as inspiring.

    by 500grand

    one day i'll get the idea right.

  • Awsome app

    by Greensea4

    I love it. I requested 3apps already.

  • Finger tilt dodgeball

    by Flickerdodge

    There will be people in front of you and if you want to throw it you flick to the person that you want to hit if you want to move you tilt your I pod left or right

  • 6

    by 699669

    Great app

  • Great

    by Wow[W]

    It is a great app I just do not know what something means?

  • Cool

    by Mr. Meeeee

    This app is really great. It's completely free, no strings attached. And the only other app like this you only get 10% of profit. 25% is a lot. If your app makes-over the course of say a year- $5000. Thats $1,250. and ANYONE can do it. You don't have to be a wiz at designing apps! And if they never write back resubmit it.

  • Love it!!

    by Dakota086

    Great app

  • Awesome!

    by Atrosity

    I love this app!!!

  • Awsome

    by Cmanhockey3

    Sweet app thanks for helpin me out with my idea................waiting for a review.............

  • I love it

    by What tha hell is this

    This app actually works cant wait till they make my app

  • Awesomeness

    by Bobbie Garcia

    I love this app!!!!!!

  • Awesome app

    by darick derby

    This is a beast app making app.

  • Bad service!!!

    by Nickcopley707

    I have sent in several app ideas, some from about a year ago and none of them have been reviewed Nickcopley707

  • Almost a year to the day

    by Zvucic

    Thursday marks a year of me "waiting for review." I honestly forgot I had the app

  • Bunch of crap!

    by Aleckz Ramirez

    Please new app idea creators don't waste your time. They will never contact you and will not review your app.

  • Garbage app

    by MeMyselfandAll

    Submitted idea Nov 29, 2012. Still get message of "Waiting for review". Closing in on a year. No contact from them at all.

  • Big Scam.. Lost a lot of money

    by RCelis24

    I was getting $300 to $400 dollars every month, with my app. Then I signed the contract with MedlMobile and they asked me to take my app from the apple store, so they can do some tweaks to it. Now is been over a year and still no response from them. I got e-mails and the contract to support all this.

  • Scam

    by Niquie77779

    I spent more than a year waiting for answers, only to have some of the same ideas I submitted come out on the App Store and mine rejected with "not at this time" as the explanation. This happened with at least 3 of my submissions. Just as another reviewer experienced, I deleted the app and reinstalled it quite a while later only to see there was still no answer.

  • Bad Service

    by 261bysd

    Ok, I get the fact you receive a bunch of ideas. But if that is the nature of your business, don't you think you would benefit more by speedy customer service. Instead, you make us feel like you are running a scam. It should not take two or more months to review an idea. If that's the case, hire some more people because you are loosing good ideas. Or that's what you are banking in. People getting tired of waiting and forgetting they submitted anything to you. Then you just steal the idea. Come on already. Hurry up and fix this.

  • Garbage

    by Seekers of app truth....

    My idea was in review for 2 months. I contacted them as to the status. Within 5 mins they rejected my idea. ??? I must have interrupted the someone's lunch. ??? Thanks for wasting my time and all the others who bothered to try to submit an idea.

  • Meh.

    by Samiambest1

    So I have a bunch of good, original ideas, ya know? They don't exist on the app store yet and I would love to see them there. But what do I get? Usually, "Cost outweighs potential". Or, "Violates Development Guidelines". Over And Over And OVER AGAIN And I am really frustrated. Then the last one I submitted (2 years ago) still says, "Waiting for review". How the #@$(! does it take this long? My first ideas literally took 3 days. My last one is still waiting after two years. And can't we even have an explanation of WHY it "Violates Development Guidelines" or WHY the "Cost Outweighs Potential"???? Is it really that hard to have at least DECENT customer service?!? This stupid app is about to go... ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡ Good-bye, stupid app. Good-bye, idiotic developers.

  • Do they actually review your ideas?

    by Lorenzo Terrell

    I had this app and submitted 3 ideas. I was waiting for a review for months. Deleted the app. 1 year passed and I downloaded app again. There had been no change in review status.

  • Can't be trusted

    by DocRock64

    If this was something trustworthy, it wouldn't send registration confirmation emails to my email spam inbox. The only thing i get in my spam inbox is I consider this junk.

  • What's the point?

    by Crazybones908

    What's the point of getting this app if all it says is "waiting for review?" so STUPID!

  • Horrible

    by Hebshsve

    Waited over 8 months and still no response

  • Total Garbage!

    by App crap

    Submitted 4 ideas over 6 months ago. Kept checking and each said "waiting for review". Now all 4 ideas are gone and app comes up with an error message about some technical difficulties. App leaves you with a very bad taste in your mouth about the company and a sickening taste in your mouth about Apple and how Apple really don't care about anyone and you are just gum on the bottom of their shoes.

  • sleazy marketing tool

    by Sunlapse

    I can't say for sure if they actually use the ideas that get submitted...all I know is that this app is purely for there benefit. They want you to download this so that they can assail you with relentless notifications about the apps they sell.

  • Stolen ideas

    by Family Guy iraq

    After 6 months with my apps waiting for review they have found their way into the app world

  • Heck no

    by CherShee

    All of you don't think like business men. I'm a real big business entrepreneur, and from experience this company is using you for their profit. You don't get your name known. I'll be the competetion in the app store, and eventually create my own software that is not connected to Mac or pc. I have big ideas, I'm making a crap load of money from apps alone. .25% profit for you without your name known. Don't let others walk over you. Don't you care that you get ripped off? 1) big ideas- keep to yourself. If advertising give out a degree of info. Not all. Be intelligent, be dedicated with a positive attitude. This company is ripping you all off.

  • Don't waste your time.

    by tazhoag

    Takes a year to even her back from them. Your new idea is old news by the time they get around to rejecting it.

  • FAKE!!!!

    by Stinks!!!!

    I got the app and reported my Idea for a different app.its been a YEARand still nothing.they having gave it a review.dont get it.its a Waste of time!!im being honest and saying that u shouldn't get it!!!

  • Waste of time

    by Sky4apple

    I have waited for over a year now!!

  • Wait 2 years and nothing still waiting

    by Zomvi

    Wait 2 years and nothing still waiting

  • Sketchy

    by Johnapples

    How do u know that they wont just take ur idea and name it something else? Unsure but good idea for an app

  • Waste of time

    by L0Gi-Bear

    Been waiting 8 months

  • E

    by Sameoldbeast

    Best app for making

  • Question?

    by Awesomerdjdb

    Do u guys actually read because I really want my app to be real. I gave an idea and it called (app name "mini man")

  • It's cool

    by LadyChyna123

    It's cool how it's free to submit your ideas

  • The app

    by Groooooooooooooaaaarr

    Omg it's so useful I love it

  • Incubator

    by Noahjsanchez

    How do you create the gameplay like multiplayer so far its cool

  • Great!

    by JohnathanRobert

    Nice app! Works fine. Just waiting for my app to be be reviewed.

  • MEDL

    by trViz

    Great idea for an app that revolves around great ideas for apps, and great stock to buy this year lets try it out!

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