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Languages: English

Seller: LinkedIn Corporation

* New section for recently transcribed cards lets you access your recent cards faster
* Flash support for iPhone 4 and 4S now lets you capture cards in low-light conditions
* Bug fixes

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- New -

* New section for recently transcribed cards lets you access your recent cards faster
* Flash support for iPhone 4 and 4S now lets you capture cards in low-light conditions
* Sort contacts by company by visiting the General Settings app on your iPhone
* There are now 3 different ways to add contacts to your iPhone address book:
(1) Click the ‘Edit’ button in the contact list,
(2) For each contact press the Arrow button to Add to iPhone, or
(3) Visit your General Settings app for CardMunch to auto-add all contacts to your iPhone and discover additional power features!


**Previously selected as iTunes App Store Staff Favorite
**Named to Mashable’s Top 20 Must Have Apps for the iPhone 4S
**Over 1.8 million business cards scanned to date

Introducing CardMunch 3.0 by LinkedIn - the app that turns your business cards into contacts, now with LinkedIn integration. Easily see LinkedIn profile information for your new contacts -- and connect with them in a single click.

- Features -

* Convert business cards to address book contacts, and then add them as connections on LinkedIn.
* View relevant LinkedIn profile info, connections in common, work history, and more, for the cards you scan.
* Improved card capture experience for faster and easier card scanning.
* Manual transcription ensures high accuracy for scanned cards.
* Newly revamped user interface and visual experience

Customer Reviews

  • Ugh...

    by Hella bad

    This app is frustrating. I really wish that it would not crash all the time. Can someone please update this?!

  • New IOS Support

    by justinhamlin

    Last updated in 2011, resolution only is set for iPhone 4 and 4s, so while it installs on an iPhone 5s with IOS 7, it's resolution is not optimal and is very distracting

  • Just missing one option ..

    by Kihbcdf

    I need to be able to categorize by business type (i.e. electrician, painter etc…)

  • Nothing else like it in the App Store

    by Want2luvthisgame

    PLEASE UPDATE! Take a picture and send a LinkedIn invite. Perfect for conferences and business meetings. I don't need it to sync with my iPhone contacts, since contacts is a pretty pathetic and useless app anyway. I've not had problems with it, but I wish they would update more often with new features. After 3 years, I still haven't seen any other apps in the App Store like this.

  • Love this app

    by GaitedGal

    I have always loved this app but there seems to be a glitch that when I open it it says please try your request again and makes it virtually impossible to use until this cycles 5 or so times

  • Good but could be better

    by Krouse

    The app crashes a lot lately. I use this app a lot but there are a few things I wish it could do in the future. 1) I wish i could sort through the info by more than just name. Being able to sort by company name would be really helpful. 2) I would like to be able to transfer all the info into an excel or numbers spreadsheet. If there was some way that I could have the ability to take all my contacts and put their info into a sortable spreadsheet would be really helpful. 3) I'm in sales, so I'd really like the ability to organize my contacts into groups. For example, contacts X & Y are current clients but A&B are prospects, etc. If you work in a type of business where you meet lots of people and exchange lots of business cards than this is a good app for you to have. There is definitely room for improvement but it's good so far.

  • Former great app

    by J Walter

    If you have a LinkedIn account this used to be great, but it has started to close on opening, camera malfunctions(in app), and constant mentions of error at the bottom of screen.

  • Can't edit cards

    by Eric Yanovich

    App crashes every time I try to edit a contact. 5s.

  • Scans and reads but CRASHES trying to edit

    by N3r0Or3n

    Title says it all. Also, the link to review/rate the app doesn't work which is just stupid for the developers.

  • Bugs bugs bugs

    by Ecaterina Apostoiu

    Recently I cannot edit any new addition. It doesn't synch anymore. I get a lot of bugs and crashes Please upgrade this app. It os quite useful

  • What a great way to capture business cards

    by Agame777

    Wish there was a way to upload pictures we have already taken since app takes a bit long to open compared to inbuilt camera app. That would make it super handy.

  • Need updates

    by Pmurphs

    Doesn't fit iphone 5 screen no iOS 7 features.

  • Great app !!

    by Julio Gallego

    My contacts are up to date all the time now !

  • Needs an update: FAST

    by Young Ace-O

    I usually love this app but it has recently been giving me problems. It constantly is telling me to "Please try your request again." And it won't let me open my contacts. Please update the software ASAP. I need these contacts.

  • Needs updating, but can be very handy! It even understands Handwriting!

    by Kolta

    Needs updating for iOS 6 and iOS 7 .... Barely works... When it does work, it's very handy! Imports contacts into the iphone quite simply.

  • Needs bug fix

    by Rsljudson

    I continually get an error message "Please try your request again" when I open the app. It also does not batch save into contacts. This could be a super app with a few bug fixes.

  • It's ok

    by BrunoSilva801

    I've had lots of issues with sync of app with my contacts. Wish they could fix this.

  • Functionality

    by Jgjg9876

    I love the idea as I have a superfluous amount of cards. When I click on a profile it keeps pulling up the previous profile. Also I can only take a picture of the card with the flash on. When is the next update coming out?

  • If only it worked

    by Chickyandcheese

    This app would be great if it actually worked. Every time I open it, I'm immediately greeted with an error message to try my submission again. The sync time is absurd. I have one card that I tried to upload a month ago and it's still pending. Usually they're pending for over a week. I'm seeking out an alternative app.

  • Great if it works

    by Real Macoy

    It's a great app if it works. It's always broken.

  • Unusable despite high hopes

    by Rockmanananan

    I was comparing card readers for an upcoming networking conference, and thought that cardmunch would be perfect with it's linkedin connection. Unfortunately, I am having the (apparently very common) problem with the app consistently crashing when attempting to edit any card. Looking online, the only fix to this is to open a ticket and pray support doesn't leave you hanging for a long period of time (which was the case for those everyone on the help forums) I was planning on recommending this app to many people at the networking conference due to the linkedin integration, but now I'm just looking for a better app.

  • Used to work better than it does now!

    by Cory1u0

    The camera has started freezing and I have to close and reopen app. The camera light should have the ability to be turned off. Once it comes on it won't go off. The cards aren't processed for several days. Before LinkedIn bought this app it was very simple, but didn't give me any troubles, now I have to delete and reinstall on a regular basis. Had to do this on Fri, today is Tues and I'm going to have to do it again!! Ugh! Please fix!!!

  • Rename this card crash

    by BabyJaneToo

    An app that keeps crashing when you try to edit the details it read and input incorrectly?? What's the point of that? Deleting and going back to Worldcard.

  • APP is crashing

    by KBliss2011

    The app keeps crashing when I try and edit the info.. Says try again this is a very useful tool to have in the profession I am in..

  • Cardmunch

    by sicbyrd

    Initially, this was a great app. However, now it crashes every time I open it and it is unusable.

  • Syncing Problems

    by Knollybo

    I used to love this app, but have had a lot of issues lately. The app seems to get stuck and timeout when syncing and repeatedly crashed while trying to upload new cards. When it was working properly this was a great app that I came to rely upon and recommended to many colleagues.

  • Need bug fixes. 3 year old apps

    by weiming

    Need to be responsive.

  • Lack of detail

    by Hokie1992

    I don't know what iOS version I have, but am using a 3Gs. I believe the iOS is 5.5. When tapping on a card, screen is just blank. Please fix.

  • Very Poor!

    by Fart Face 1971

    Will not sync! Repeated failure and shutdowns! Please remove bugs on next update

  • Issues sending contact to phone

    by iPhone 4 user with issues

    Can't send contact to phone and may need to delete app if this isn't resolved. Please fix this bug.

  • Crashes all the time

    by Ticor BL

    I like the idea but this app crashes all the time, I wish it would work better. Don't waste your time on it.

  • Beware Spamming

    by 77Jeremy77

    This app sends invitations to connect to contacts without a LinkedIn profile, from your profile. This was confirmed by checking my 'sent' mailbox in my LinkedIn profile. Looked everywhere for a setting to disable this but didn't find any. Completely unacceptable and a gimmick to invite users to LinkedIn. No thank you.

  • Loved it once...

    by nygirl

    No longer working, and I can't access my cards.

  • Worked great. Now locked up.

    by Bobelli

    This worked great for me for the last few months. Now it locks up every time I open a card and I have to shut it down. Deleted app and reloaded but same problem. Shame to have lost all the info.

  • Crashes all the time now

    by Alymkherani

    Used to be good, now it's always crashing when I take a picture. Going to download a different business card scanner

  • Doesn’t work anymore

    by El Mango

    No longer works! A sad state of affairs. I’ve been suffering through crashes, timeouts, and error messages these last 6 months hoping a new release would come out. As of today I had to make the difficult decision to just delete the app. I can’t even open up cards I just “scanned.”

  • Not working

    by J bowe27

    This used to be a great tool. As of recent it is no longer pulling up information or business card pictures. Which is extremely inconvenient for someone who relies on contacts that are not in their phone! Sincerely, frustrated

  • Was great at first, but not now.

    by Hottie from Cali

    Used to work perfectly - got lots of people to use this app. Now every time I open the app, it closes within 3 seconds. I am so disappointed. Guess i could delete and reload but have to figure out how to copy the info before i delete. However that is the problem-the app wont stay open long enough to get my current card info.

  • Can't sign in. Therefore, useless.

    by strubiedo

    1. Deleted and reinstalled after multiple timeout errors. 2. After reinstalling, especially considering the app requires one to log in, it would be nice if it would actually let me log in. Too much to ask?

  • Unsupported garbage from LinkedIn

    by CAPoiDog

    Used to work, but can't even log in anymore. Trash

  • Doesn't work

    by Lilwheezie

    I wanted this to work, and still hope...but if it's not crashing on me, it's not loading or I get error messages. I can't remember a time when this app did work!

  • How long does it take???!!!

    by Kevin in NJ

    I notified cardmunch in JUNE of last year that the app crashes when editing an entry. I was told "we'll get to it." WHEN the flip are you going to fix the app???!!! You make a killer app that business people could really appreciate but you let us down when you turn a blind eye to obvious issues like sync and edit. I once had high praises for cardmunch...FIX the issues NOW, ALL in February, fix the issues my frustration apparent? Good, make us all love cardmunch once again.

  • Sad, broken for months!

    by DJexec1

    This used to be a great app. Unfortunately it simply no longer works. I (and many other people if you check on-line) have reported this, but Linkedin seems to have given up on Card Munch, and support is virtually non-existent. Do not waste your time. Issues with logging in; it freezes when you try to open a card. A completely useless app for at least the last two months, probably longer! I have contacted support twice to no avail.

  • Reads Well Then Crashes

    by Robbie Dubb

    App has saved and read all my business cards well and even found some of my contact on LinkedIn. Unfortunately, it's crashes every time I try to export a contact to my phone contacts.

  • When it works great app

    by Swiss Traveler

    As the title suggest, when this app is working it is a great tool. Had way to many business cards laying around. A colleague introduce me to the app (he has an app for everything), it was the first one I thought useful he had told me about. But after loading about a 100+ cards on and it working great, I threw those cards out. Now like a mean trick it stops working and I cannot access the information. After two months of just freezing up, today it is working. Hopefully the bugs are worked out and this won't happen again. In the mean time the old school method seems to be the most reliable.

  • Just doesn't work. It's that simple.

    by Koosher2

    Used to work. But for the past three months it just hasn't.

  • Not Good

    by Ken-tune

    Keep on saying it's not able to sync try next time. When I tried to save contact on iPhone it always crashes. Looks like LinkedIn forget it owns this app as there is no update since ages. Hope they are working on better and working version of this.

  • Slow and buggy

    by PMann89

    Well it looks like a great app but needs a lot if work. Very slow and unresponsive app that crashes constantly. In addition if you are already LinkedIn with a submitted contact should not the app know this. NEEDS A LOT IF WORK!

  • Started great ending as the worst

    by Russtack

    Great concept. But there is no one to fix the bugs. There is no way to save an edit for a contact, I must exit the app to search for a different contact & not the app has crashed. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!

  • Use to be great

    by Erau85

    This app use to be great but it's terrible and buggy now. That's too bad. I used it every day before

  • Attempting To Be A New User

    by Norcal73

    Excited to download after a coworker showed me this app, only to find that it wont let me login. Tells me my Login info is incorrect. Logged into LinkedIn with no problem with same login. Changed LinkedIn password, Cardmunch still tells me my login is incorrect. App lacks much to be desired

  • Useless until the login problem is fixed

    by Bastian112233

    I wasted half an hour trying to find ways to login to this with my linkedin credentials. The internet is full of people with the same problem. One star until they fix this problem. Until then I recommend you look elsewhere for a business card scanning tool.

  • Sad

    by Kat5701

    Initially I loved this and told all my business connections but now it won't open any cards. It just keeps spinning like it's trying to open. Darn.

  • Never Works!

    by Justin Woods

    It's a great concept but it almost never seems to work for me. I would pay for the app if it actually worked as it advertises. Please make it a useful tool Linkedin!

  • Useful but buggy

    by Pierrel22

    Very appealing to be able to scan in business cards. Unfortunately latest version crashes whenever you want to save a successfully scanned contact to the iPhone contact list, which kind of defeats the purpose of the whole thing.

  • What happened???

    by OkieJRB

    I looooved this Ap when I got it couple years has tanked updates since 2012, according to Ap store...only one review in 2013??? This was my go-to ap...recommended to dozens of can hardly use it...guess I'll try the World Card ap mentioned elsewhere...bummer because I use LinkedIn regularly and love the option to connect...HOWEVER, when connecting on LinkedIn, wish I could type in personal message vs the auto message being sent. Call me when you get your act together...hope you can import my contacts from the other ap I'll be using in the meantime. One star for your past history and a second star for LinkedIn connection ... Too bad I can't access it though due to constant crashing of ap...

  • Was a good app

    by Suebfly

    This app hasn't worked since the 3rd business card I entered...just sits and spins...... Delete

  • Problems connecting to account

    by Joshua Conner

    I thought this app was going to be everything that it said it would be...nope waste of space on my phone.

  • Useless!!!

    by DEWY217

    This app is completely useless! I cant even log in! I have changed, checked and reset my LinkedIn password and still cant log in. Where as I can log into the actual LinkedIn app very easily! Please fix this issue! Then I will give it a better rating!

  • Was happy but changed my mind

    by I hate gas companies

    Initially the app worked well. Soon after each time I opened app it would say try your request again. I have not been able to open up any of the contacts since updating to the current Apple IOS. All my business contact info is on Card Munch. I did not keep anyone's business card.

  • .5 a star wasn't possible

    by Winzerboy

    When I first got the app it worked, a couple months later and ZERO updates later all it does is crash.

  • Crash city

    by Xanteen

    When it works, the app is good. But, I am getting random crashes during card scanning, and consistent, repeated crashes when editing cards. The app is unusable until stability is addressed.

  • No functionality due to errors

    by Tony Thompson

    The first week using this app I loved it, it offered a huge time savings and network building functionality. Ever since the first week, it is now unusable due to error messages I get regarding ios/google contact app conflicts. I am now currently searching for an alternative. Linked I please fix these bugs. If you do you have one if the most powerful business apps. Until then it's worthless.

  • Syncing problems

    by RRR-R-cubed

    I initially thought this was a time-saving and valuable app. Unfortunately, like many other reviewers, I have trouble with the data syncing. It seems to always give me a message that syncing is not available. This may be the cause of other problems with the app, such as it getting stuck on the first contact you select. Subsequent contacts all lead to the first contact you open. It is very frustrating. The app needs to be fixed if they expect people to use it.

  • Cardmunch no longer useful

    by MartimusMax

    I've been using Cardmunch since before Linkedin acquired it. I used to rave about the app. It was 5 star and very accurate due to the human error checking feature. Jump forward to today. App crashes regularly, click on a newly added scan, either get eternal spinner or contact comes up once and all subsequent contacts stay that contact info. I scanned over 100 cards at CES this year before I noticed the app had become unusable and now I cannot even get to the card data to link in or make a call. LinkedIn, this is a message to you: this reflects poorly on you, hire someone who has a clue and fix your genius app so it can shine again.

  • No Updates App Now Slow

    by Stewj211

    No updates in a long time and the app no longer functions properly when trying to view stored cards.

  • Looks great but not working

    by ejward13

    I scanned a few cards and the contacts popped up quickly (less than an hour) so I was excited. Then when I try to open a contact it just keeps spinning and I can't do anything. I have to close it, clear the background image and reopen. Still haven't gotten one to work. After trying for several days and contacting customer support, I've got to declare this app pathetic. They should be massively embarrassed to have put such a malfunction ridden app out. I still love the idea but I'm pretty sure my four year old could have done as well.

  • Does not work like it used to

    by Runner Kenwood

    I used or love this app. Now, it keeps getting hung or it kicks me out of the app. It has become pretty useless.

  • Abandoned App

    by pesoprayer

    I have never seen a a company of LinkedIn's stature totally abandon a service in the way they have dropped this app. It has been buggy and hasn't worked right in over a year. Very frustrating when you have used something for so long that you become dependent, then find yourself sol. Will now look for another card reading app and abandon the link to LinkedIn...

  • Can't sign in.

    by Mike in Hudson

    It doesn't recognize my password. Not good.

  • Useless and holding my info hostage!

    by Jwhire

    It was good for the first few days, but now it's turned into a nightmare! I have to look up all my contacts, because I thought once I uploaded on here they would be good. I can't access any info other than seeing the name :-(

  • Go back go how it was working in 10/13

    by brider50

    What did you change, please change it back, nothing works at all now. This app was great around oct/nov 2013

  • Please fix!

    by ps2648

    App keeps crashing, messes up contacts when you tap on the names, info fails to load.

  • Lost all functionality

    by NYCtraveler2576

    What happened to this app? It stopped working since the latest upgrade.

  • Colossally Useless Waste of Time

    by Wazoox2

    How does this app have any stars? It doesn't work at all!! Would give it negative stars if that was an option because you are actually left worse off for having used it if you didn't keep all of the business cards you ever scanned into it.

  • Constant crashing

    by tunc

    Very unreliable. Thought they would have worked out the links by now. Would be a great app if it didn't crash and freeze regularly.

  • Fix this app

    by Lost5724

    Please. Fix this app. It's total garbage and useless now. Thanks Everyone that uses it.

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