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1. More Backgrounds
2. UI Optimized

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Customize your messages to have colorful background and colorful fonts.


- customize the background and fonts of your Message
- all kinds of color to choose
- all iPhone fonts to choose
- 24 beautiful pictures for SMS background
- special backgrounds for valentine's day


(1) Type in your text and customize font/color the way you like.
(2) Press the 'done' button above keyboard.
(3) Press the 'Send' button.
(4) When the messages app opens, in the text field, Tap and hold then select Paste !
(5) Now you have an awesome colored Texting SMS!

Note: color texting SMS will be sent as an MMS.

Customer Reviews

  • Color text

    by Scott789den

    Now i can change the text and color of msg according to me, No need for default.. simple and great use

  • It's the

    by Nike tella

    It's the best thing ever.

  • Ok

    by Jordsherjo2

    Pretty good. Too many pop ups.

  • Color texting

    by I Don't Know 65

    Would be great if it allowed you to review instructions until you get the hang of it

  • Review

    by George Vazquez

    I LOVE IT!!! (:

  • Care bear

    by Hola bicthes

    I love this game because it lets me send me anything to peopel

  • Awesome

    by Princessbrd

    Great app.

  • Good

    by Randy Randle

    I like it

  • Cool

    by Redskin Fan 4 Lyfe

    It's not that bad of an app!!!

  • by Moe225598

    I love this thing!!

  • by SofialovesMinecraft

    Everyone else didn't do what there soposed to do you have to touch emoji then it'll tell you how to get on your texting app I did it and I'm 9

  • Awesome

    by Lexis keys

    When I got this I was like omg you can post it on instergram. So y'all go and download this app for yourself it's fun to do trust me

  • Itz pretty cool

    by Josejasso


  • Awesome

    by Crazyassbabyface

    I love this app

  • Idk

    by Cupcake_no_icing

    I love this make more!!

  • Huh???

    by Ms. App

    I gave it a 3 because I just started but its soooo confusing!!! If I hadn't just started I'd say a 1.

  • Review

    by Wasabibeanjo

    I'm lovin it!!!!!

  • G

    by Foe kid

    Great !!! Work well u see

  • Happy


    It's really fun too turn your fonts and stuff

  • Ahmed

    by Ahmed almarri

    Love it

  • You

    by Beyby dol


  • What!!

    by RainbowSprinkles190


  • dumb

    by Cushii86

    this app was a waste! i made one sent it nd after tat wldnt let me aend anymore!!! delete!!! totally gay!!

  • Worst app ever

    by Breezycheezy122

    The is probably the worst app I've ever downloaded! Don't waist your time.

  • Simone

    by Rachelle jackson

    Stupid app

  • Too many pop ups

    by Kadee dee

    The ads keep popping up. I can't even send a message.

  • Crap

    by Bilbear

    How do u even get to the emojis WOW!

  • Not

    by Moppa Dane

    Can't send it!

  • Worst ap I've seen in my life!!!

    by Sbjanes

    When I got this app, yeah, I looked at the ratings, but after having it for 2 seconds, a upgrade showed up!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus, all of the backgrounds were all lovey-dovey and stuff. It doesn't even let u SEND UR TEXT.

  • Can't even send a txt!

    by This Person is a great Gamer

    This is a bad app! I can't even send a text! I'm deleting it right now! I was excited about being able to txt in color but this was a waste of my time!

  • Stupid dumb wasteful

    by Cam20202020

    You can't get to what the picture shows

  • Bad app

    by Bluuue.eyes

    It doesn't work

  • Waste of time

    by Sabinas10

    Waste of time don't even bother.. Does not work at all

  • Don't download

    by Rondoz

    Completely useless and stupid. Only lets you send one message

  • Looks nice but useless

    by Wills149

    Lots of pop up ads to buy the working version and others, you can write but cant email to see what it looks like, hate to say it but waste of time, will not buy unless I see how it completely works, don't want surprises.

  • So happy!!

    by Awsomekeke

    I have been looking all over the App Store for an app that you can use in messages without paseting constantly! I really like app and hope ou do too!!!

  • Rating Of Color Texting App

    by KikiLuvsYhuu

    I culd finally post up ah picture of mii nd mii crush no more juss boring writing saying his name nd our cuffing date...

  • Friends

    by Sports10juan

    Love it

  • by Dinosaur :) <3

  • Awese

    by DaveU80

    For free. Saaaweeet. Incorporates into your keyboard too

  • Awesome!

    by Hay-hay 11/15/01

    This is sooo awesome

  • Emoji

    by Alec sibley


  • Happy

    by Sidney grace

    It is vary good

  • Why it is so cool

    by Jozalyn1234567890

    It really cool because you get to use a lot of different stuff

  • A

    by Twenty four. Daily

    Lots of ads note enough background choices.

  • Ok

    by Brookems04

    I just got it a second ago but it keeps throwing adds at me!

  • Fun to do but......

    by Heisejshsghs

    It will not work but it is fun to design stuff but dose not let me send any thing

  • Hate it

    by Wolf furry girl

    Hate it too many glitches

  • Nice

    by Pdeda96


  • Ghcnc

    by Ycjk

    B bbcnffi

  • Garbage

    by Junx33

    Can't send a message without being asked to upgrade.

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