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added new simple sales input screens to input sales by type.
Added new simple reconciliation screens.
Improved syncloud sync indicator.

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BarStock is an app designed to help bar managers track their inventory. Specificailly, we want to help you track what you have on hand and reconcile your sales and purchases to determine how much product has been lost!

Unsure if this app is for you? Try the free, lite version first to evaluate this product before you purchase it.

If you are looking for a more generalized app, rather than one specific to bar inventory, see StockLoss.

This app is designed for and Bar Owners and the best minds at iParty! Mobile to create a simple to use, yet POWERFUL tool.

Start by configuring your inventory. You can enter each item manually or use a spreadsheet to import your items. For each item, you add a
- Product Name ( Stoli O)
- Bottle Size ( Liter)
- Unit Sale Size ( 1.5 fl oz)
- Sale Price ( $5 / shot)
- Bottle Cost ( $11.50 / bottle)
- Product Id ( STOL10341 )
-- This should match your POS id

If you weight your bottles, you'll want to enter:
- Empty Bottle Weight
- Full Bottle Weight

You may choose which specific products you carry. The app fully allows you to enter in your kegs and beer bottles as well by using a serving size of 12 ounces and bottle size of Keg.

You can even create mixed products so that you can track your sales of shooters.

Configure your app's default pour size, 1 fl oz, 1.5 fl oz, ect.

Set your measurement method. Do you check your inventory by weight (Gram, Pound), or do you just eyeball the amount left and enter the number of bottles?

Once you are all configured, you can take a snapshot of your current inventory. Meaning you go to each stock location and check how much of each product remains to get a complete view of what inventory you have on hand.

Through your week, add Purchase orders and sales report data into the app to tell the app what you sold and what product you bought. Do all this quickly in the app, or by exporting your reports from your POS, modifying the CSV spreadsheet to match our file format and importing it into the app.

After you create a sales report, see how much of each product you have remaining to see what you need to order.

Now you may view a reconciliation report. This will tell you what your sales should have been, look at what your sales were and tell you how much product you lost.
Are your bartenders over pouring? Stealing? Now you will know!

We need your help and feedback to continue to improve this product. If you find issues or see improvements we can make, please email us directly and avoid leaving negative reviews. Thanks!

Customer Reviews

  • Please add a 30 liter keg

    by Rebel1497

    I like this app, I wish they would add the 30 liter euro keg , I carry both the 50 and the 30 liter sizes in my club. Thank you

  • A+++ effective snd simple

    by Yolel

    Very good app for a very low price. There are other apps similar that cost more than $20. Keep up the good job, and update this usefull tool... Thanks.

  • Manager

    by Ryanrugg25

    Really streamlines the inventory process once it is set up for your establishment. Developer seems committed to taking feedback and implementing others ideas as well . Looking forward to see how far they can take it while keeping it cost effective

  • Great app for bar owner

    by Shr4pnel

    App does what it says. Also I had a question and my email was replied to promptly with the help I needed.

  • Ok

    by TooTaall

    Handy being able to use iPad and take inventory. Requires some time to set up. Only issue is weighing bottles feature not accurate despite entering full and empty weights. No instructions so ya gotta just figure it out. support or manual. Cumbersome app. Not any better than writing it down in long run

  • Phil

    by Sweet daddy 99

    Looks like it has potential. They fixed the sale size Which is good. Still not getting a option for European 13.2 gallon kegs. I think it might work by putting number of ounces in But a American half is 15.5 gallons and a European half Is 13.2 gal

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