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iPAR Technologies is bringing the FIRST Personnel Accountability Reporting solution to iOS, designed for firefighters by firefighters. Just imagine having an accountability tool with you at all times.

iPAR Fire is the first and most comprehensive personnel accountability application for the iPhone. iPAR Fire will also work on the iPad and the iPod touch.
This creates a much more deployable solution when compared to all other accountability systems on the market.

iPAR Fire comes complete with incident logging, photo and video capability, and a website for remote management of application data.

As the first firefighter arrives at the scene of a working structure fire, he/she assumes many responsibilities; personnel safety and accountability is their first priority.

iPAR Fire provides an accurate, easy and fast way to instantly account for personnel and resources as they arrive on the scene. iPAR Fire takes the next step and allows for a location and task to be assigned to the personnel or resource for accurate scene accountability. Using simple fire ground communications, the IC can quickly update your status with just a few swipes of a finger.


✓ Completely customizable. Populate the iPAR Fire application using your own terminology. No new learning curves.
• Personnel, Apparatus, Mutual Aid
• Create your own scene location and tasks

✓ Online Data Services
• Website tool will assist with getting your application up and running. Create an account, quickly populate your department’s information and then transmit to your device.

✓ Visual and audio alert notifications so that no firefighter is overlooked

✓ Separate "Hot Zone" and "Cold Zone" resources, or combine the two

✓ Complete Incident Logging
• Every action that is performed during an incident is recorded. This allows for complete incident logs to be exported from the device for training, trending and incident documentation.
• In the event that your device or the application malfunctions, the iPAR Fire application will resume where it left off, without losing any of your vital information.

✓ Take photos and videos during an incident without leaving the app

✓ Quickly make a phone call from your iPhone to one of your contacts without leaving the app

✓ By turning your device to landscape view, you are able to type incident quick notes

✓ Quick add feature will allow insertion of additional information such as scene assignments or resources to the app after the incident has begun.

➢New updates coming already!!

➢iPAR Fire universal app is in the works. Please be patient.


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