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Seller: Chris Strode

v7.7.1 changes

• Various other bug fixes and performances improvements. Special thanks to all our loyal customers that provide feedback and suggestions. You guys are awesome.

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Invoice2go is the fast and easy way to invoice, estimate, bill, collect and report.

* This is only for new users of Invoice2go, if you already have an account you’ll need to upgrade from Invoice2go Plus *

With over 20 built-in invoice styles to choose from it's actually fun going through and choosing your template and designing your invoice. Even better if you install the Desktop Version all these templates can be customized to your own needs. Add logos, move fields you can even create your very own business forms. No other solution available gives you this flexibility.


• Create Invoices, estimates, credit ,memos and purchase orders from your iPhone, iPad or home computer.
• Choose from over 20 invoice template styles.
• Ideal for both product and service businesses.
• You can include PayPal buttons to your invoices so you get paid quicker.
• Keep track of who owes you money
• Preview your invoices before you email them as a PDF.
• Create estimates and quotes, then turn them into an invoice.
• Keep track of your products and suppliers
• Calculates taxes and totals for you
• Automatically configures your currency and taxes based on your location
• 12 drill-down reports including a dashboard, sales reports and lots of charts to help you make smart decisions and grow your business.

You will also be able to add the following in-app purchases that make up the Apps2go suite:

• Receipts2go - Now you can save photos of your receipts, and generate expense reports for your accountant or your customers with ease. No more shoebox.

• Calendar2go - You can be notified when invoices are due, and you can schedule payment reminders. You can also keep track of your time and drop it directly into your invoices.

• Scan2go - Your iPhone or iPad is now a barcode scanner, so you can scan products directly into your invoices. Easy.

• Maps2go - The GPS in your iPhone or iPad can now be used to show you where your customers are, and discover your business hotspots.

• Sign2go - Your customers can now sign documents on your touchscreen, without the need to print them out on paper.

• Statements2go - Send your customers accounts showing them the invoices that have been paid and the ones that have not.

Customer Reviews

  • Great app.

    by Ktmden

    Worth the paid version for unlimited invoices

  • Awesome

    by Leftygolfnut

    This is the best app I have found and it keeps getting better :)

  • Changed my world!

    by Willbyington

    The ability to send professional invoices to clients right from my phone has changed my world and improved my business. I just wish there was a way to tie in with Square for payments and I need to find a way to adjust the shipping... Otherwise LOVE the app.

  • Awesome app

    by Blue blazer 8521

    Does everything with ease! Keeps track of it all. Just wish it would allow you to send picture attachment on the invoices with out upgrading to the (non plus) plus verzion

  • Plase fix problem

    by alchelies

    Despues de mas de un mes que escribi una reseña (y la borraron, hoy no aparece en las receñas) informado de un problema con la app. Recibi notificacion para actualizar la app. Acabo de actualizar y estoy muy molesta ya que el mismo problema persiste. No me parece justo que halla pagado por esta aplicacion $25.00 y no pueda cambiar la fecha de la factura, llevo desde el mes de noviembre con el mismo problema.

  • Easy business

    by djlisalove

    This app is great! I can do an invoice on the go or at last minute and even air print to my printer without any cord connections. I have my whole dj inventory in my pocket on my phone. I love how it keeps my website version in sync. Love it!

  • Use it all the time

    by Radiowavesokc

    It makes it much easier for me to get people billed in a timely manner. Very nice product!!

  • CEO

    by East Coast Painting

    Awesome app. Get me where I need kick

  • Great!!

    by ShaneC-1977

    Excellent product! Very well done.

  • Great useful app!

    by BrittonDavis

    I am a small business owner and it makes invoicing on the go very simple yet professional. Thank you!

  • Great tool!

    by Haley Lombardo

    Would like to be able to track payroll.

  • Awesome!

    by Trendenemy

    A great, easy way to invoice anyone from your phone. It's my primary mode of invoicing. It also has a PayPal button!

  • Gr8 app

    by ProNuke7

    Had to buy it

  • Love this app

    by Jamied256

    I use this app every day to run my small business.

  • Best out there

    by Ultraclassichd

    Great app

  • Love it

    by Realartifice

    Absolutely Essential. Only thing I'd work on is better way to mark as paid ect

  • Owner

    by Mnrdywall

    This is the best invoice to go out there!!

  • Perfect

    by Will Segrist

    I love it, use it every day, my customers like it too.

  • Great app

    by gunner dog

    Great app

  • Awesome!

    by dj-Quasar

    The only way I write and track invoices now.

  • Disappointed!

    by Littleton Miller

    I spent my $ on the Apps2go features and now for some reason they won't restore (after their price hike)

  • Spectacular App. Until now!

    by Stephen Hooker

    I have used this app frequently for the past 2+ years, through every update, until now. The latest update lost everything. I hadn't used the app in a little while as most of my work has been payroll jobs. When I opened it today to invoice a client, I was greeted with a welcome message and asked to set up my company info. This is unacceptable. I now have nothing in this app, including custom logos I'd imported and ALL OF MY PREVIOUS RECORDS. Wow. One update nukes all prior data. Sloppy, at best. Invoice2Go, you're fired.

  • Awsome on the go app!

    by Hffhjbgghcxvv

    I can make an invoice right there on the spot. Email it, and get a check before I leave! Thanks Invoice2go, love your app!

  • Can't live without it!!!!

    by TucsonBebo

    I use this exclusively. I do all of my estimates and all invoicing straight from my phone. I can't remember the last time I actually filled out a paper invoice or estimate on the job site. Great product!

  • Very well done and getting even better

    by American Floor Sanding

    I'm a busy flooring contractor and wanted something simple to use. This app works perfect. The docs look really nice - I've gotten compliments from customers about how organized I am and how professional the estimates and bids look. I will never use quickbooks again! Don't hesitate to try this app. It's the best mobile solution I've ever seen.

  • Awesome

    by FFSTEVE2012

    Best invoice app ever

  • Best mobile app for small business

    by VorstellungM

    I tried other software before that was a lot harder and complicated. This app simplifies everything to just a few touches! It even has a back up feature that has saves me me already a couple of times when most I needed it! Not only that but I'm already thinking about stoping using my quickbooks witch I haven't use in almost a year since I got this app :P

  • Owner

    by Kcedward

    Great app does all it says and does it well. Best app I have !

  • Great App!!!!!

    by Electric kid

    I've been using this app for a couple of years now.

  • Pro floors llc

    by Leone Moretti

    Great app, very helpful, better than using the computer and faster, I have been using it for 1 year now. Totally worth

  • Simple and effective

    by Gordie hockey

    I'm contractor who does a lot of small jobs and this app has made my billing a breeze !!!

  • Great App!

    by LA VIDA79

    This app helps on a day to day with my business with such great features and ease of use, I love it. Awesome job!

  • So much better I love this app

    by CaliSea

    Thank you for fixing the little bugs with the program. Now I lOVE this app and could never run my company with out it! Thank you for making my life so much easier!

  • It's okay.

    by JasonInNJ

    The app just asked me to write a review, so here goes. I used to like this app a lot more. It seems that the developer has added a ton of add-ons (which might benefit some, but which I have no interest in buying as in-app purchases). The result is that the application is a bit more bloated and cluttered than it was in the past. I still use it for the occasional invoice or purchase order, although I find myself using my Mac a lot more.

  • What a great app.

    by kww535

    Awesome awesome. Awesome. Makes my job easer.

  • Great ap

    by John yo yo 1

    Very useful, tech support great. I run my whole contracting business with this!

  • Great!

    by Big arky

    This is an easy to use program with nice features. It's great for on the go service work.

  • Great product

    by Pbolt678

    Great product

  • Statements

    by ElFerrari17

    Please make it to be able to create custom statements

  • Great app

    by Rado54721235

    Makes invoices so much easier!

  • Way to go I2go

    by JCubanSandwichG

    Heres the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) method all wrapped up in one neat package. It's the perfect on the go tool for collecting $$ after rendering services or selling a product. Makes any size business look VERY PROFESSIONAL! JCG

  • Best app

    by Ocb28867

    Amazing !!!!!!!!!!

  • Super APP!

    by T~B0ne

    I love this. I've been a user for years. The set up is simple and the app is flawless that I've noticed. Thanks to all Ps. I do wish that the receipts to go app would integrate.

  • Great app!

    by Ming thmerciful

    Keep up the good work!

  • Freelancers dream

    by Cojanks

    I am a freelancer in the film & photography business and this App has completely streamlined my invoicing system. When I walk off set, I already have an invoice sent out and can track them out 1-12 months out with who has/hasn't paid. With Pro, I can use my desktop to see a more detailed breakdown on my income. This is a MUST for freelancers.

  • Money Saver

    by Bug Taco

    This app is awesome and saves me a lot of time and money

  • Like the app but...

    by psbuckley

    I emailed you guys MONTHS ago to include multiple payments for an invoice. So far, nothing! Just so you understand, I have long projects that may take weeks to complete and I invoice against the original quote every few weeks. Also, I bought this app for my iPad originally and now that the iPad version is out, I would think that you would upgrade the app to the iPad version. Do I need to fork out another $15 for the iPad app??? 7/10/12 update - it appears they don't want to upgrade the iPhone/iPad app because the only other way to get the functionality I have asked for, is to purchase the yearly subscription for your desktop pc for $99/yr. it's all about revenue stream. I understand it... and I don't like it. 8/22/12 update - still no update to allow for multiple payment on the app. Frustrating. 12/21/12 update - still no update to allow for multiple payment on the app. Give me what I want and you go to 5 stars! 10/14/13 update - still no update to allow for multiple payments on one invoice.

  • Owner

    by not...happy...!

    Love the app!

  • Invoice lite

    by Garrett8888

    Outstanding must have app for the self empoyeed

  • Invoice2go

    by Mayan panther

    This app makes life easier when you can carry your office in your pocket. Thank you guys.

  • Good invoicing

    by Blawncare2

    Works good

  • Best app for work

    by Terence Brown

    This app has worked great for me for years. It's easy and very user friendly. It needs an alert to let you know when someone is pass due.

  • Does the job well.

    by Nomialder

    Fairly straight forward and intuitive, all around helpful.

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