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We understand you often have questions about how to run your business but don’t have time to hunt for answers. To help, we publish brief and timely articles about managing money, marketing, and employees six days a week. You can also explore additional topics like starting a business, social media, or leadership profiles. We invite you to comment on posts along with other business owners, share articles through social networks or email, and save articles to read later on Instapaper. Happy reading and much success!

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Customer Reviews

  • Owner

    by Flybsnsgirl

    Helpful information.

  • My favorite

    by SignZoo

    My favorite business blog. All topics

  • Manager

    by Cpetri78

    Good info

  • Information

    by 4Uconsult

    This is a great app. There is a lot of information to be absorbed. Especially good info for your business.

  • Great topics

    by BushWhacker61

    This is one of my favorite apps. Most of the topics apply to anyone that is a recent startup in their choice of business. All of the topics are in my opinion are geared to small business company's. Great app and I highly recommend the use of it.

  • Very insightful information for any business owner or employee

    by MeToYou24

    Great information! Should be read weekly:)

  • Good App

    by FakediT&BecameIt

    I like the app! Sometimes it runs slow though, don't know if its on my end.

  • Insightful.

    by Venice hopper

    Bite sizes articles for the business man on the go...

  • Nutrition

    by jizwop

    Nutritional food for the entrepreneur

  • Useful

    by tooly31

    Very helpful.

  • Excellent Advise and Tools

    by 2L82PAY

    I love scrolling through this app especially when I'm feeling lost with my own business, I currently own and operate four different corporations and I love the advice, the help, And the support that I sometimes get knowing that I'm not alone in all this. Seems like there's always something we can all learn from each other. GREAT APP. WOULD RECOMMEND ANYBODY.

  • Owner/CEO

    by Bravo's Cool Gifts


  • Worthwhile reading!

    by Nettro1

    Intuit's blog covers a wide range of small business topics that offer good suggestions and ideas small business owners can use to provide solutions for their business. I recommend it.

  • Amazing app worth downloading

    by Maazzoo

    If you are looking to nurture your mind entrepreneurially, then this app is an excellent option.

  • Helpful and inspiring

    by Tomolsenmusic

    Enjoy these articles

  • Useful, keep it comming

    by Bobby 123457680910

    Great content all my business news in one spot

  • I love it

    by Kamekaze737

    I read the blog often it has given me several good ideas.

  • Good information for small businesses

    by Jd103

    They do a good job with this.

  • Awesome!


    IPad too please!

  • iPad please

    by TonyCouto

    Great app, thank you for a great job, a greater job and 5 stars when you come out an iPad version.

  • Doesn't work half the time

    by Billyboy1234567891011

    When the app is working there are some great articles but lately most of the time it isn't working. It's been almost a week now and I reloaded the app and still no go.

  • No content

    by Manco247

    You asked me to review this app at the wrong time. For a week now I have been waiting for something, anything to load. But guess what... IT DOESN'T. At first I was reading some good topics and learning a few things and would have rated it a five, but now it doesn't do s@"t. Waste of space on my home screen.

  • Great

    by Dusty_508

    Great App!

  • Very useful

    by Melissa Bel

    I like this app. It has very useful blogs to help me build my small business successfully.

  • Influit app

    by willynancy

    Advise U 2 download this App ..Great

  • Great for quick tips

    by HappyClient6789

    Great for a individual who owns a small business , gives them small tips/ideas as to how they can improve their business.

  • Cool!

    by RhBaruch

    Like it too much, good info at hand, good advices and there is always something new to learn or refresh!

  • Helpful

    by Edtrucker

    Lots of knowledge

  • Love it.

    by Bradleygt89

    Great info, easy access and sharing

  • Good content

    by Jason Ansley

    Easy to access

  • Great app

    by PhotomonCharlie

    Get this one. Has valuable information that's fresh and pertinent.

  • Beneficial

    by Tator's Mator's

    Thank you so much for this great app. The information available is priceless.

  • Fast, Efficient Stats and Ideas

    by Hunte4564

    I spend 15 minutes reading and 30 minutes implementing or idea gathering. This app is great for on the go info, quick reads, and brainstorming ideas. Thank you creator!

  • Priceless

    by HVpro III

    Intuit Blog app has great fundamental articles for any "size or type" of business.

  • Awesome!!!

    by Mr._Cruz

    Five Kudos!!!

  • great resource

    by CO Acct

    great information for all businesses, no matter what there size!

  • Lots of

    by Dyycxfm

    good information. Nice selection of topics and it is free. Very nice.

  • Valuable...

    by Von Stroheim

    This app offers a wide range of informational tidbits that can be sampled on the busiest of schedules. Like many other do-it-yourselfers, I appreciate any ideas that could help me along the way...

  • Good app

    by Little tiny shop

    This is a great app for the little guy.... It's packed with info for all the questions you have about starting a business.... A definite must have!!!!!

  • Good use of time...

    by BB @ Cottonwood

    I really like this is organized well, the articles are interesting, and I find the material to be quite helpful, applicable, and practical. They are quick reads with good info for busy people.

  • B.O.M

    by J.K.Kennedy

    The best advice thank you very useful .

  • Love it!

    by Ashleyaustin

    Can't beat the price .

  • Very informative

    by SmallBiz Girl

    Love all the articles, lots of great tips on how to make your small buisness better. Really enjoy the diversity in articles and all their tips.

  • Great app

    by Jamalq23

    Great app

  • Great resource

    by Tweetz

    Great variety of articles, well organized so its easy to browse through topics. Everything from tax info to social media.

  • Awesome

    by I269

    Great app

  • Great!

    by HeatherMR37

    Really like this app... Informative and helpful.

  • Crashes

    by Danie Lyn

    It ALWAYS crashes when I post tweets to Twitter. Please fix it ASAP!

  • Great.

    by Zorthog

    Helpful articles with relevant content.

  • Bravo!!!!

    by Keith Curtis


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