Quicken 2013 Money Management Finance App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Finance
  • Publisher: Intuit Inc.
  • Updated: Oct, 03 2012
  • Version: 1.2.2
  • Size: 10.39 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Intuit Inc.

Bug fixes.

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**Quicken 2013 is the free companion app designed to work only with Quicken 2013 for Windows desktop software.**

UPDATE: The Quicken 2014 app is now available and is only compatible with Quicken 2014 for Windows desktop software.

The Quicken 2013 app syncs your Quicken 2013 desktop information to your iPhone or iPad, so you can make smart decisions about your money no matter where you are. With over 30 years of helping people reach their financial goals, Quicken is the best cash flow and budgeting tool to help you reach yours too.

• Automatically syncs your desktop and mobile data, so you’ll always have a clear financial picture.
• View balances and transactions—know what’s going on with your checking, saving, credit card, and manual accounts.
• Automatically pulls in your budgets—track expenses and see what you have left to spend.
• Easy-understand graphs show a clear picture of where your money is going. (iPad-only)
• Manually add transactions at the time of purchase to keep your balances up-to-date.
• Split transactions for an accurate view of spending.
• Get alerts sent to your mobile device—stay on top of changes to your accounts.
• View your information from your latest sync, even without a wireless connection.

• Proven encryption technology.
• Partners with TRUSTe and VeriSign for layered security.
• Passcode protected. Only you can view your information.
• Deactivate the app at any time through Quicken 2013 on your desktop.

The Quicken 2013 app is designed only for use with Quicken 2013 for Windows software: Starter Edition, Deluxe, Premier, Home & Business, or Rental Property Manager.

To learn how Intuit protects your privacy, please visit http://security.intuit.com/privacy

Customer Reviews

  • Puzzled...I love it!

    by Ortrek

    I had been looking for a mobile checkbook app and had tried many that scan receipts etc. I almost passed over Quicken because of the reviews here. I'm so glad I tried it. I love it! Understand, I ONLY use it as a checkbook. I do not do budgets, etc. I have multiple accounts in Quickent and I have never had any problem with syncing. It has worked seamlessly for me for almost a year now. I record my purchases in my phone and toss my receipts immediately, or I don't even take a receipt at all and redcord the transaction at the register. When I get around to it, I sync at my desktop. It does exactly whatI need it to do.

  • Works fine now

    by jqmanley

    When I bought Quicken 2013 at the beginning of that year I read the bad reviews about this app, and I decided to postpone downloading and using it for at least a few months. So... Time passed and then I read a few posts saying that it was fixed. I backed up my records, installed it, and held my breath... It's worked just fine. No probs at all... If the app also displayed investment balances and net worth I would give 5 stars.

  • Great at what it does, but requires some patience

    by Mr. and Mrs. Fix

    The function of this and the prospect of having budget and account info on the go is great! That said, this app is a pain to get synced up without errors. Basically if you are getting problems with accounts needing attention but not working when you reenter your account in the app, try deactivating the accounts on the desktop, syncing mobile cloud, then reactivating them and resyncing the cloud. It shouldn’t have to be like this, but given all the data that’s going back and forth and the sensitivity of it, it’s not shocking. If you stick with it, I think you’ll be pleased.

  • Getting better

    by Kathryn Griffen

    So I had multiple issues. The app would not sync with my banks/credit card company. After a while I decided to delete my iCloud acct for quicken 2013 and create a new one and start over. So far everything is working with the app!!

  • Works for ME! Need desktop version for MAC.

    by carlmaj33

    I see a lots of the negative reviews for this app but I am having none of the problems that I am reading about. The thing I love most about this app is that we can enter expenses on the go and keep our Quicken up-to-date. No need to save receipts or remember debit card transactions. We enter them in as soon as we make the expense and it keeps things up-to-date. My biggest problem with Quicken is that they do not have a desktop software version that is comparable for MAC. From what I understand the Mac software is very basic. I would love to see Quicken for the Mac be as good as it is for the PC.

  • Something got broken

    by Ghfjfk

    Works ok, BUT it doesn't show the write ending balance when an entry is pending and it has split entries. It double deducts the amount. This didn't happen in earlier versions.

  • Quicken Mobile 2013

    by Mky46143

    Great app! I don't get all the negative reviews. Works perfectly on my iPhone 5 and Kindle Fire. Doesn't crash, syncs between devices, easy access to my account information. Easy transaction updates between mobile phone and laptop. Cannot speak to the bill paying function as I do not use it but everything else works great!

  • Fantastic

    by Scooby_do

    As soon as Intuit released this app, along with Quicken '13, a year ago. I purchased it and have been using it ever since. The only complaint is not taking MC/VISA from the phone to the PC, which is not a big deal, but it does take check numbers.

  • Wish you can run reports like in the software!

    by TheLocalBuki

    Pretty good app and can keep me on track when I'm away from the computer (which is what you need when you are out shopping and need to see your finances) having the ability to run some basic reports would be really helpful.

  • Not Good

    by WorkinMan18

    I've been a Quicken user since 1999. It's been the only program keeping me tied to a PC (not a good alternative on Mac/Apple systems). However, this app is the latest evidence to me that Intuit/Quicken have little to no interest in customer satisfaction and putting out good products. Their desktop program is good but they have not made a real attempt to move with its users to a mobile format. I enter split items (like paychecks) in the desktop program and then sync it with the cloud version which pushes it to the app. For the past two months, it clears out the split lines (on the mobile app AND the desktop version) making my reports and budgets incorrect. When I don't sync, there are no problems. This app is not dependable at all. It wouldn't be a big deal...but these are my family's finances we're dealing with. Unacceptable.

  • So disappointing

    by pinskeep

    This app has so much potential. I used to use the Landware version on my Palm years ago, and that was so ahead of what I see now. Intuit could take lessons from them! You can't even document a transfer from one account to another because it's not an option. Intuit, you have lots of work to do!

  • Won't sync.

    by Lboosmommy

    Doesn't matter how many times I update info and authorize, it WILL NOT pull information in.

  • Please Fix!!!! Categories Not Syncing.

    by Mrje1

    Okay Quicken, when can we get an update for this. This app is not syncing correctly with the cloud. I have changed my categories via PC and sync from PC to the cloud, but this app iPhone and iPad will not update when Synced. Please fix ASAP. Thank you!!!

  • Still a miss, 3x

    by HRB811

    Another bug fix ? App again/still does not access my bank account info. Are you renting the "medical app programmers" of recent infamy? Upgrade the testers? Still works for cc accounts. The saga continues...


    by Sent review

    This app is still buggy!!! What bugs were fixed with this latest version? There are still sync issues with this new build. Please fix!! I can't believe that paid app can be published with so many bugs. What is your testing process like? Intuit must not have a good testing process since everything the publish always includes bugs.

  • So much potential.

    by IGotThisOne

    I like the idea of having access to my desktop data on my phone but the app has issues. My current frustration is not all my budget categories show even though I know data exists. There are problems with Bank of America accounts updating. Keep the focus to deliver what you sell as a great enhancement to a cash cow desktop software.

  • Would be ZERO stars if possible

    by VFRHokie

    I keep getting a "Data error" dialog box and a forced signout. Danred thing won't even start for me. Regret I bought into the Intuit ads and paid for Q2013. Never agian!

  • Why bother?

    by SZBAsus

    Haven't used this app in months. See that the same old issues exist.

  • Data error makes app unusable

    by getwirednen

    Every time I bring up this app, I get the following data error that forces me to sign out: "After the last refresh a data error was encountered". I can't use this at all, which is sad since the mobile app is the only reason why I upgraded to 2013. Do not buy until Intuit decides to do some testing prior to releasing software. With that said, I'm certainly not upgrading to 2014 or buying TurboTax to do my taxes.

  • Syncing Issues

    by TH589

    The syncing between the computer and the app has never been perfect, but it has become worse with this new update. Every time I sync with the cloud, my paychecks (set up with paycheck wizard) have extra taxes taken out of them, but only on the app. It is a fairly easy fix on the computer as long as I don’t sync again. I will not use the app again until Intuit comes out with a fix for the issue.

  • Only works for Windows....on an iPhone???

    by Ekkthroi

    Change intuit to Idiot.

  • Michel Caldwell

    by Mdcphd

    I have Quicken 2013 on my Winows computer. This app requires a Cloud account. I do not want my data on the cloud or to be dependent on an Internet connection. What I wanted was to be able to weekly e-mail my Quicken data file to me as an attachment and open it for reading in Quicken. This is what I can do with the Open Office reader. I will now delete this app to save space.

  • Pathetic App

    by azdfiefjsl

    I'd give this app zero stars if I could. List of problems I've had with this app: 1. Doesn't match transactions. 2. Doesn't pick up transactions (a transaction will show up on my bank statement but not Quicken). 3. Won't match transactions properly. 4. I have to login my username and password every time. 5. The app deletes transactions from my register that have already been matched with my bank (this is completely unacceptable). I'm sure I've missed several other issues (there are just so many I keep track of them all). All in all, it's completely unreliable and useless app that makes Quicken look very bad.

  • Junk.. Dont' wast your time.

    by RapidRobert_92

    I never write a review, but this one got me P----d off. I have spent hours with tech support with no fix for the problem. Keeps telling me that one account needs attention, but when you put in your pass word and user name, it tells you that it is invalid. By reading all the reviews here, I am suprised Apple lets this app stay in the store. If I were president of Intuit I would be embarrassed to see these reviews. I would have a few programer heads on the chopping block it the could not get it right. Fix the App. or take it off the App store. I give it NO stars..

  • Quicken 2013

    by Gogo7575

    I updated to quicken 2013 just so I could have the IPad comparability. It has never worked, ever. Each time I open the app it shows me the initial screen for about 5 seconds, then an error window pops up saying there has been an error and the entire app shuts down. Every single time. I've never been able to use it with my iPad, ever. I updated the app when it was available. I reinstalled it once and that is all I know how to do. Worthless...

  • Mostly Useless

    by Noahsark716

    My biggest complaint is that I can't categorize a transaction as a transfer between accounts. Why, I don't understand. Otherwise the app gives you a simple picture of your accounts and budgets, which is useful and you can enter transactions on the go, so you don't have to remember them later when you go through on the desktop version.

  • Crap

    by Shiuwbhkrd

    What the heck intuit? I hold multiple certifications with intuit and I'll never understand why this app was released in the shape it's in.

  • Does not meet my needs

    by GPSGEEK

    Some transactions are reflected in pending automatically from bank, when they are final those pending from the bank disappear from pending but show up on app register. Also, manual inputs show up in the app pending and some of these disappear once the transactions are final and are reflected in the app register. The only way I can get manual transactions to transfer to my desk top register is to input them after they become final and are reflected in the app register, this makes the pending file very confusing. Useless, I have spent hours trying to get this app to meet my needs. My best description is it is read only, the same as some of the above reviews

  • Data error

    by BillyD PharmD

    I only bought quicken 2013 so I could get the app and I have never been able to use it. Since day one I get the following error and it is on all devices and could never find help online for the app or a number to call ....... Data error. After the last refresh a data error was detected. Please log back in after you are logout.

  • Data error - won't work

    by jsamsen

    Like others I get data error and it wants me to sign off. I think this app is poorly executed. Like someone suggested. What I really want it to have an app the syncs to my PC Quicken including all of my investment accounts. I would easily pay $10 for that. Intuit is missing a revenue opportunity. Forget this cloud crap.

  • Not an option for Mac users

    by Priscilla3060

    Since this connects to Quicken on your PC, intuit has once again failed Mac users.

  • Too slow to sync

    by Namooh

    This app doesn't work well at all. I need something that can add transactions easily and can do at least some of the functions like the desktop app.

  • Not worth it

    by Frak!

    This app seems to have been an afterthought. Quicken used to be a great program, but they seem to have been resting on their laurels. Nothing really new in years and this app is a disappointment.

  • Credit Card Username & Password

    by willidr40

    Will not recognize the correct username and password for credit accounts. Quicken says there is nothing wrong with their app. Not really useful to me anyway so the app is deleted.

  • Crap

    by R743kd

    Crap. The PC full version is a trap to upgrade each year or update for 100 bucks.

  • Quicken for mac?

    by spcfoo

    I've searched high and low but is someone knows where I can find an app or title of an app that helps with the accessibility of quicken on my iPhone. That would be very much appreciated.

  • Missing!!!!!

    by Ryan Delling

    I am absolutely shocked that scheduled bills cannot be synced with the app. Just simple functionality to have bill reminders pop up within the app. How on earth could developers overlook this... Both in the 2013 and the 2014 versions????? This is a critical part of managing both personal and business finances. Sure I can sync to outlook and then sync outlook to iCal and get reminders that way, but would be nice to have them in the app itself and not have to do all of the extra syncing

  • Works better

    by XweAponX

    But it neglects to find the transactions I entered manually, giving me a false ending balance. Also, when I delete the missed transactions manually, it does not correct the bad balance. So that when I go to the desktop program, my database is totally corrupted. And please take out that "2013" or any other year on the app- look, most of us can't afford to update the PC program on a yearly basis. I had a helluva time updating from 2010. This was a 5-star app, Quicken itself is a 5 star app. But not unless they both work. Or rather, the concept is 5-star but the implementation is 0-star. Re-naming this app from "Quicken" to "Quicken 2013" is also rather stupid. Just name it "Quicken" and make it work for all versions of Quicken that use the Quicken Cloud. But the cloud should not have a forced update. Should not BE a forced update. We should be able to choose when we want to sync with the cloud. One last thing: I can only download transactions from my bank on the desktop app, why can't we have that feature in this app? The cloud syncs them all, I should be able to connect to my bank's system with this, why can't I? Because Mint can do this, and Quicken Mobile is the exact same app as Mint, with a few modifications. Please stick the bank connectivity from Mint into THIS app. Actually since I posted this, I noticed that my new bank transactions DO get downloaded. But it was not doing that last time I updated this review. Thank you- rating will go back to 5 when I see 1) people no longer complaining about crashes and 2) that stupid 2013 is removed.

  • Totally crap and absolutely worthless!!!

    by Oldskoolsk8r

    I take back my original review of 5 stars and give this 1 star. I thought this would be the app to enter transactions on the go and when arriving at home I could sync with quicken on my pc and always know the exact balance on my desktop and iphone app, well thats not the case. This app talks with your bank account and uses the online balance and not the true balance that you have on your desktop program, so you really never know exactly how much you have in your account. They need to take the feature of syncing with your bank and only let the app sync with your quicken program and let the quicken program on your computer do the actual bank syncing, this app needs only to be an app to manage your account while on the go and then sync the info when you get home. Both my wife and I completely hate the app, we wish we could give it zero stars. We are going back to using pocketmoney app, atleast that way I can see exactly what I have as my balance. To get the info from pocketmoney into my quicken program I have to do the process of uploading the info through syncdocs as a gif file, then on my quicken program I have a fake cash dummy account where I can import the qif file, then I have to copy all the transactions and paste them into my actual checking account. Until quicken gets their act together and makes a companion app that truly works with their quicken pc program I'll stick with 3rd party apps that kinda get the job done through this time consuming method. Why they can't make the app and program sync over your home wifi network is a mystery to me. The pocketmoney apps on my wifes iphone and my iphone sync together the info when we are on the home network. GET A CLUE QUICKEN!!

  • No...no...no!!

    by SCGay

    You have got to be kidding!! This mobile app is STILL garbage. So disappointed in Intuit. I thought you had a technically competent staff until I encountered this app. Please hire someone that is capable of fixing these issues...'quickenly'.

  • It's Broken

    by Rjsmithfl

    App is not functional. Been a Quicken user and ambassador since 1995 and have never experienced anything like this. My recommendation is to pull the app and suspend the cloud until they can offer something that is commensurate with the reputation that Intuit had built over the years, which is rapidly eroding.

  • Waste of time

    by Mgm2338

    Can not log in.... Worthless

  • Quit working

    by Long time ATT customer

    The app has quit working. I keep get a data error and I'm forced to sign out then after I sign back in I get the data error again. Intuit how about an update to fix this.

  • So bad it made me write my 1st review

    by Par 40

    When it works, you see a time delayed view of some of your accounts... Don't dare to try and update anything, this app is basically only useful as read-only.... When it breaks, and it will, you will be in a sea of error messages and locking yourself out of your bank accounts... Quicken is popular solely due to a lack of competition...

  • Omg what a poor app

    by Rapidtrax

    Yet another reason to hate intuit. Promises and does not deliver. Intuit is more interested in forcing user to purchase a new version of quicken every year than delivering a quality product that does what they state. Don't waste your time with this app for 2013 and for that mater if you do not already own 2014, save your money.

  • Terrible

    by SushiFrito

    Can't sync foreigh currecy account and balance problem. It's a garbage app for expensive desktop software.

  • Mobile app failure

    by Continued Failure

    -Slow sync from desktop to cloud. -Transactions don't match from desktop to mobile app, even if sync'd minutes apart. Another failure by Intuit. Did the Obamacare programmers work this?

  • A ware of time


    Good concept, complete failure implementing. Get testers or call it beta. As I user, Quicken is used to save time. This app fails continuously, giving cryptic messages and requiring signing in when errors happen. I am surprised Apple let this be in their App Store. I am also surprised quicken has this app available. It creates questions about the products developed. Quicken 2014? Scared of it after this fiasco.

  • Terrible, fails on every download

    by Riley4098

    Gives me an error on every download then logs me out. Intuit needs to get it's act together on connected technology. Does not encourage moving to Quicken 2014...

  • 1 Star

    by FrancoJTorres

    This app has always had syncing issues and also problems downloading transactions from Bank of America; the issues have yet to be solved. Also, if this is a mint.com clone, why not include investment account balances like Mint does? I've never understood that.

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