QuickBooks for Windows - Mobile Companion Business App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Business
  • Publisher: Intuit Inc.
  • Updated: May, 30 2013
  • Version: 2.3.3
  • Size: 12.69 MB

Languages: English, French, Spanish

Seller: Intuit Inc.

What's new in version 2.3.3:
* Bug fixes

What's new in version 2.3:
* Import customers from your contacts list
* Enjoy simplified searching in lists—tap the magnifying glass
* Performance improvements
* Bug fixes

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
45 Ratings
All Versions:
167 Ratings


QuickBooks for Windows – Mobile Companion is the easy-to-use app that syncs with QuickBooks for Windows Desktop to let you manage customers, invoices, sales receipts, and estimates. Keep organized and stay productive from home, work, and on the go!

“Great app!
This a great app for me while in the field servicing customers in my lawn care business. It allows me to do invoicing immediately instead of waiting until I get back to the office.” - TLC

“This app is worth every penny
Perfect for everything that I need on the job site or customer visits. It lets you turn a quote into a invoice and get paid on the spot. No more lugging a laptop along or calling back to the office.” - TGMD

• Billing tool with unlimited invoicing on the go
• Create, edit, and email professional invoices

• View & edit customer information
• Import customers from your contacts list
• Manage outstanding customer balances
• Easy CRM solution for mobile devices

• Create and email custom sales receipts
• Keep track of your sales

• Add, edit, & email unlimited estimates
• Convert estimates to invoices
• Create professional estimates for customers

• QuickBooks 2011, 2012, or 2013 for WINDOWS users -- You need a PAID SUBSCRIPTION that includes QuickBooks for Windows – Mobile Companion (includes a 30-day free trial)
• Note: You must be running iOS 6.0 or later. Not compatible with QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks for Mac.
• If you use QuickBooks Online, we have a separate app for you! Search for and download “QuickBooks Online for iPhone” from the App Store.

QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, GoPayment, TurboTax, Quicken, and Mint.com.

CONSTRUCTION: Landscapers, Contractors, Carpenters, Stone Masons, Painters, Interior Designers, Tile Layers
HOME IMPROVEMENT: Plumbers, House Cleaners, Lawn Mowers, Window Cleaners, Heating and Air Conditioning, Pest Control, Electricians
PERSONAL SERVICES: Personal Trainers, Limousine Drivers, Home Nurses, Hair Stylists, Caterers

To learn how Intuit protects your privacy, please visit https://security.intuit.com/privacy/

Customer Reviews

  • Bob

    by bob garrett

    Now it's down because it can't sync with phones and 2014 QB. Also cannot put customer names on sales receipts printed in field. Can on invoices, but we have to collect cash in our business. It will put customer in sales receipt only once it syncs with office computer, but we need to move on to next retailer before that. They know the problems, they just can't fix them yet.

  • Patience

    by Antistheman

    Need some Patience if you're ever going to work with Intuit. Definitely useful.

  • New Fields???

    by Nemaki Ind.

    Great App so far. It's about 85% there. 1) We really need a specific field to enter a PO info & not in the memo section. Every sales industry works off a PO & it is a current section of our invoices... Why not here on the app? 2) love to be able to tap into our inventory so my sales guys can create more accurate invoices based on live availability. 3) I am having trouble applying the discount field to the invoice sub-total. Every time I enter a discount, it only applies to the last item entered. Can it be added at the end as an overall discount? 4) is there a way to create log in & password info per rep? I have 10 reps out in the field & their login info allows them to see every other reps accounts details. I would like to limit this so they see only their individual customers, per territory by rep??? Is this possible.

  • Better

    by Cg700

    Still not great, but getting there. I would like to be able to be able to put the same information on my estimates that I can if I'm working on my computer. I'm happy with the ability to edit estimates on the go now.

  • Great Business App!!

    by Williewill172

    It's a great app to create invoices, estimates and much more. Good way to keep track of your business.

  • Now I can access open invoices from the field.

    by Spanky290

    I wish you could receive payments and then email invoices.

  • iPad

    by Witchcityplumbing

    Great app but wish they had an app compatible for an iPad it would be easier to navigate through w my Bluetooth key pad

  • Very good app.!!!!

    by Chirifi

    Awesome app. The only thing it needs is to see the payments made. Like the amount and check number. Other then that is a great app!!! Will recommend it

  • Awesome program.


    This app allows you to have all of your receivables in the field with you. Because it's on a smart or iPhone you do not have to carry a laptop with you or tablet. You can also write invoices. It would be nice if in the future they would allow you to do more of the items that are available on the desktop version.

  • Luv it

    by Jettachk

    I like that I am able to do invoices on my iPad and iPhone. Wish I could post payments also. Great app!!

  • Great app!

    by TexasBeagle

    If you use Quickbooks and work out on the road a lot this is a no brainer! Got to have it! I can invoice right at the clients, check my inventory, etc. just what I needed!

  • Works perfectly

    by EmpowerIT

    Other reviews almost scared me away. But I can tell you it works perfectly. You can write and edit invoices and estimates. You can convert estimates to invoices. Two things I wish it had: 1)mileage entry. This is what I do on the field(not in the office) so having that in here would be great. 2) a way to change the invoice numbers. It starts you at number: "Web00001" which is a terrible idea. As of dec 2013 I have not figures out how to change the starting invoice number or to manually change it on the app. Of course you can fix it on the desktop but just setting the mobile to anything other the 1 would be better. Otherwise it's a great feature a long time in the waiting.

  • Thanks for fixing syncing issues.

    by IPhoneHugger

    Was having problems syncing with new 2014 desktop version. Now it is working again. Thanks! This app makes life so much more convenient. It's nice to have the option of invoicing, payments, and receipts in the palm of my hand. I still would love to be able to run inventory reports at the very least. Maybe in the future?

  • Time Saver

    by The real Dillo

    Saves a lot of time

  • Limited functionality but important to have

    by why do i need a stupid nicknam

    This has been an indispensable app when it comes to having mobile access to my estimates and client info. However it does not function well as an estimating or invoicing tool. Editing estimates or invoices cannot be done because I use per unit pricing. Converting estimates done on PC to invoice on phone won't work either.

  • Room for improvement

    by Complete Security

    Nice when it works right. Could use more features and versatility such as editing estimates and invoices, etc.

  • Excelent App!

    by DALLASFL1

    Very easy to use. Nice and fast. Also uploads to my quickbooks when you Sinc.

  • Must have

    by devlin05

    If you own quick books and you mobile. This is a no brainer...

  • QuickBooks Mobile

    by Meouygsthbvgh

    Pretty decent app. Just needs to have a way to take a payment

  • Great app

    by Energeyes Inc

    The QuickBooks mobile app is really streamlined our quoting process. Very helpful and easy to use.


    by Praetoryan75

    Quite possible one of the worst apps. I've unfortunately been using QB for a lot of years now and it seems that they build more into the software and the apps but they're still behind by comparison to other programs out there. May have to switch.


    by Shannonmjc

    Do NOT do the trial unless you are committed to keeping it and being billed every month. Even if you cancel the trial, they WILL BILL you. Trying to get a refund is AWFUL and time consuming. They fault you for needed a refund for a suspended trial - making you wait quite awhile for the possibility of a refund. Obsurd! It's suspended because you cancelled it. They are the scammers who billed for it anyway! HORRIBLE customer service, they cut you off, make things as difficult as possible, and then have the nerve to try to sell you something else! Insane! I had read some reviews with similar experiences and I should have heeded their warnings! Don't make the same mistake. The website makes it look like you can cancel a subscription online but as soon as you click on it a window pops up saying you need to call to do it. Thus the torture begins!

  • No line item date field! Really??????

    by Kevin 9/23

    No line item date field! Really??????

  • Bob

    by Bullyboy90

    Needs to be written for ipad!

  • Missing features

    by briggsmetal

    Missing a lot of features that are needed to run a business mobile.

  • More functionality

    by Apogue517

    Quickbooks built this great app with tons of functionality for users of quickbooks online but totally screwed all the premium and enterprise users that spend thousands of dollars every year for their software and support. The google app for tablets adds a little more functionality but they have done nothing for the iPad. Intuit needs to make a landscape capable, iPad app for premium and enterprise customers that matches the functionality on the quickbooks online app. Also need to make the app for iPad and google the same so there is no confusion when changing platforms.

  • Does not do what is supposed to do

    by muheeb

    - One star for not having iPad version. - one star for not having hierarchy item list when creating estimate or invoice. It's supposed to be identical in functionality as quickbooks, but it's not.

  • Qbk

    by Wordaiz not

    Could be more in the field usable. Like writing an invoice. Otherwise ok.

  • It's ok

    by Money Mark1921

    It's an ok app depending how busy your business. IF INTUIT PEOPLE READ THIS MAKE IT ABLE TO ACCEPT PAYMENTS!! Then it would be AWESOME!!

  • Nice app!

    by Jomaroto

    I like it

  • Insufficient app

    by 3399tiff

    I can only view customers and do invoices or estimates - what about expenses? Banking info? App only does 10% of what it should be capable of doing.

  • Helpful

    by Carpet cleaning service

    The app allows me to do what I need when out of the office. There is room for improvement , plus need a good Ipad version. In business we always want to improve our service!

  • Live it!!

    by GaryE13

    Great app!!

  • Needs a lot of work

    by Timothy_J

    Don't do much of anything quickbooks do. Long way to go.

  • Fair at best

    by Chucksson

    Very convenient. I enjoy being able to take care of most of my paperwork on the job rather than after I get home. Unreliable. There are several of my clients who do not show up on my iPad. Very inconvenient when invoicing in the field. I am now having to sign in several times daily where I used to sign in once for the day. 2 years ago, you could surf through the app with ease from one customer's contact info or history to another one but now you have to back out of several pages just to go another customer.

  • Still needs improvement...

    by *Schmad

    Need an IPad version. Would like to be able to convert to order status. Much faster in refreshing. Easy to use.

  • Nice but could be better

    by A/c in paradise

    For the most part, this app is helpful to the business owner on the go. That being said, I wish the app worked better on iPads, meaning not having to have the pad with the power button at the bottom to use it. Also, you cannot receive payments with it or better said, mark invoices pd so that you would then be able to issue pd receipts on the spot.

  • Owner

    by Teareid


  • Time saver

    by Me myself an us

    Good app, just need the ability to generate an invoice from multiples estimates.

  • Lame

    by travellover2013

    Not good for iPad only phone. Hey intuit, thousands of us use iPads. Besides that good to look up a balance or email a bill. Other than that it does nothing. Can't pay bills, can't receive money, can't check employee info. So like I said useless.

  • Handy

    by Wine sales user

    Decent little app. Wish it could link to real-time inventory. Fairly efficient, easy to use. Needs a better search method to dig through items.

  • Just what we needed

    by Case004a

    This allows several volunteers to cooperate in improving our customer database.

  • No iPad version.

    by Yavgen

    Very bad version, no iPad support, they want you to use double zoomed iPhone version, no pictures can be attached for estimates. You can't print your invoice from iPhone to printer with dedicated printer wifi . Phone connecting to printer and invoice even it's on your screen saying you need Internet connection. Even I have 4G.I use it into car to wright estimates and print them out. I can print anything from my phone on printer which have build in wifi. But when I connecting to printer , phone loosing 4g but program needs Internet always even when my estimate on are screen ready to be printed.Go with something else.

  • Slow typing in search field

    by vcrugby

    This app was really helping improve our productivity in the field. The new version has radically slowed down the typing when using the search function to find items to add to an estimate. It is almost non-funtional for us now.Using it in OS7. Please, please, please fix this!

  • Disappointment

    by Electrianman

    I just wish I could edit anything. You are limited on what can be edited. The new update is awful. Typing is slow!!! What's up with that!!!

  • Great-for iPhone

    by Da'P

    This is a very useful app for the iPhone!!! however Inuit is way behind on creating an app that fits the ipad screen. Very disappointing!!!

  • I love it

    by It's me Jimmy T

    Use it for past dues so I can make collection calls on the road.

  • Owner

    by R.C. Inc

    Hate this version like the old better. When I go to add item could do a search without going to an individual list. It's soooooo slow and to many steps.

  • Solid for basic things

    by Cowboysforever32

    No real financial info but let's you see what customers owe money and what has been done for them.

  • You messed it up..

    by Basicallysteve93

    You added 3 more steps to adding each item to my invoice.. Fix it please.

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