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Seller: Intuit Inc.

Now, faster and prettier!
- New upgraded look and feel for iOS7
- A few pesky bug fixes
- Improved performance

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Fast and easy payroll on-the-go that automatically syncs with your Intuit Payroll account.*

· Create accurate paychecks for employees and contractors
· E-pay taxes and e-file forms in all states
· Pay workers by direct deposit (it’s free!)
· Get timely reminders on upcoming payday and tax deadlines
· View past paychecks
· Get free, expert payroll support M-F 6am-6pm PT

Your data is protected by bank level security.

* This app supports Intuit Online Payroll, QuickBooks Online Payroll, Intuit Full Service Payroll, QuickBooks for Mac Payroll, and Intuit Online Payroll for Accounting Professionals.


“Nice and Easy. Worked great. Paid my taxes while lying in bed.” –Pastor SJ

“Using the iPad app, I set a personal best record for approving payroll in less than 1 minute. If simplicity & speed are the key measurements for evaluating payroll, then the Intuit iPad app should contact Guinness.” – Scott

"The app is grab and go. I can run payroll away from my desk while selling goods at the farmer's market." -Karin Uebbing, Farmer's Wife at Woodbridge Dairy Farm, MI.

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Customer Reviews

  • Very convenient

    by Maria's Shelly

    I love being able to pay my people on the go!!

  • It works!

    by AllWillFall

    And, works well.

  • Intuit Rocks

    by TimirP

    Before this is was using some payroll service every time I felt it was an hassle saving the IRS forms or requesting them from the company. But this is super easy, every thing is just a click away! It is super user friendly too!

  • Excellent

    by Stefan Wilson

    Perfect for on-the-go business owners! Makes payroll quick and painless. I LOVE the reminders.

  • Awesome App!

    by gaddirod

    Payroll made easy. Very user friendly.

  • Perfect for my mobile office!

    by MissMissyV

    I love that on the go I can take care of my payroll! With just a few clicks checks are direct deposited and I don't have to add any more running around on my to do list. Super user friendly. Thanks

  • Great time saver

    by Sean Rosser

    Just wish it allowed a bit more functionality for assigning check numbers.

  • User friendly!

    by remember2love

    I love this app! Great companion to the website!

  • Can't live without it. Even though it's not perfect.

    by jpeppers

    It's a must to have to get my employees paid on time. However, some little bugs are annoying, but don't prohibit the use of the app. Worth it!

  • Owner

    by Payroll king

    Quick easy and very practical. Easily available and secure.

  • More editing

    by Jamba Bananaman

    I would like to be able edit employee info in the app.

  • great!

    by mwheat

    I'm able to submit my payroll easily via the iPhone app. A huge time saver.

  • Love it

    by A.orson

    Very convenient and I certainly recommend this app to anyone looking to run payroll for a small business.

  • Simple, intuitive, fun

    by Love the trees!

    It took me less than a minute to do my payroll. It predicted my payroll actions and had it all taken care of with a couple of clicks. Much easier than the desktop web version. Their desktop team should learn from their mobile team.

  • Intuit Payroll

    by K.Link

    Fabulous! Has made doing payroll and taxes a dream!

  • Makes payroll easy

    by Mariana Collins-Romero

    Never would have imagined doing payroll would be this easy!

  • Great!

    by Mydallasmassage

    Does what i need!

  • So great to have mobile

    by DaynaB hockey mom

    Love this. Helps me stay on top of nanny payroll.

  • Better than the website

    by Jmo7890

    I actually find this easier than the website. I only have one employee (our nanny) but it works great for weekly payroll.

  • Good

    by PeteGordon

    Good for what I need so far.

  • A total waste!

    by Mozymomma

    I was so excited of the use of my payroll program on my iPad or iPhone only to discover that it is not compatible with the time tracker system that intuit offers for my employees to keep time sheets so I cannot process payroll AT ALL without going to the full website. This seems like it should be a compatible concept and an easy fix. If they could just get the two to work cohesively I would give this a 5 star rating, but it is of no use to me until they make it REALLY functional.

  • No functionality


    This app is horrible. There is absolutely no functionality. You can't create checks here or modify them. Only look at what was already paid on the computer. In my opinion it is worthless if you can't even run payroll on the app. What is the purpose if even having it??

  • Crippled!

    by PerkyPatLayouts

    Can't go back more than 11 months to review pay history. Would that really be a big deal to implement? Does anyone actually think about users?

  • Intuit is 5 stars!!

    by Jason Lester

    Been using Intuit for over 5 years now. In that time there is not one negative thing I can say that I have experienced with them. They made switching my account from Independent to a Corporation one of the easiest things I have ever done. Customer support is wonderful. Now with this app payroll is made even easier.

  • Great app

    by MargieMDE

    Took care of my payroll and payroll taxes quickly.

  • Awesome

    by Tom Dickhudt

    So easy to use. Payroll takes less than 5 minutes

  • Fantastic

    by DrMarck

    Just like Intuit to come up with the best app - thanks.

  • Better than QBO payroll

    by Me too - 4

    I prefer this app over QBO version any day!

  • Please remove inactive clients

    by Robska

    *You have cluttered up my client list with inactive clients I haven't used in years. It's very confusing and my list is excessively long. Could you allow me to hide these? On my PC they are separated and below the active ones. Otherwise it keeps getting better. If also like to see tax payments made and reports.

  • Needs improvement

    by To1961

    Need to allow user to enter week ending. When I approve checks on Monday for the week we just finished it doesn't let me put in end date. When checks are cut or deposited the Friday after it has pay date a week later

  • Good Job !

    by Dharamsiti

    I hope they will add a function for check printing and pay stub printing option soon! Hey don't get me wrong this app is awesome !

  • No export function

    by Naga Baba

    Nice UI and very convenient but without the export function to my online Quickbooks makes little sense. I still have to log in on my laptop and do the export.

  • Great on the go App

    by Modern Elc

    Very convenient!!

  • Fantastic.

    by Mucuk

    We use this to pay our nanny. The product works extremely well. Couldn't be happier!

  • DONE! 34 seconds!

    by LikeMike1970

    Intuit, you are my hero. I've been a qb user since 1996. You ARE the bookkeeping standard, and you keep upping your game. Payroll from my iPad in 34 seconds??? Yep. I'm a lifer. Mike Marron

  • Use this app every week.

    by KLH285

    Before this app, I would always forget to run payroll before the direct deposit cut off because I wasn't in front of my computer when I remembered about it. Now, it's so easy for me to take care of this wherever I am. I love it.

  • Very streamlined

    by Ardeaalba

    Works great for very simple payroll entry on the go. However I don't like the that it can't adjust for time zones and gives me an error that says I missed the deadline for direct deposit when that's not actually the case.

  • Very Simple To Use

    by Sananda's Place

    Intuit has made my life much easier...and more cost effective. This app has even improved on that! Thanks

  • Easy to use!!!

    by Kaatiex3

    This app is very easy to use and payroll is done in a Very short time. The only thing I cannot find is a way to export it, I have to go into payroll later to export to quick books

  • Payroll in 56 seconds!

    by Compurev

    I just ran my company payroll in 56 seconds during a break from a client meeting using my iPad just hours before the deadline. How would I live without this service, I cannot possibly imagine!

  • I love this app

    by Bermi Mom

    This app is so easy to use!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!

  • Less than 1 min to do payroll

    by lcpnurse

    Great reminders for taxes and I can do payroll anywhere on mobile app!

  • So easy

    by Timmermt

    So easy to use. Even when I make a mistake the support team is the best. Quick, easy, great price can't go wrong with this app or the service from Intuit.

  • Awesome

    by Anthonysk9

    Works great. Simple to use. Can even run payroll taxes from app! *must add and setup employees online first prior to using.

  • Doesn't seem to work. At all.

    by boclark

    Can I log in? Yes. Does it show any of my employees? No. Does it show any past payroll payments. No. Does it show any information at all? No. For some reason, Intuit, when it comes to QBO, or anything related to tablets, likes to put out products that either don't work properly, don't work at all, or are functionally useless for the simple tasks we need the app for. Why...why don't you fix problems in a timely manner, and stop releasing apps and updates that don't provide simple functionality that the majority of your users need? Why?

  • Easy and Fast

    by Akbillp

    This is soooooo easy to use and really fast! Just a few taps on the screen and you are done. Hit payday, put in the hours, the next screens come up auto fast and you are finished. Should win "App of the year"

  • CFO

    by BZ1alwaysL8

    This app is essential for busy people who are always on the go. Couldn't live or get paid without it! Intuit online payroll app rocks!

  • Simple and effective

    by startingblock

    Great app.

  • Super application

    by Heyderbob

    Just fabulous !!! Quick, easy, intuitive - could not be better for running payroll for small business.

  • Payroll

    by Iceman 11442

    Payroll is so easy now!!!!! With the mobile app I can now process payroll at any location and time. Thanks quickbooks !!!!

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