MyTaxRefund by TurboTax - Track your refund status Finance App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Finance
  • Publisher: Intuit Inc.
  • Updated: Apr, 06 2010
  • Version: 4.2
  • Size: 1.94 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Intuit Inc.

In version 4.1 and 4.2
- Squished a few bugs

In version 4.0:
- Tracks 2013 federal and state tax returns
- Brand new look and feel optimized for iOS7...

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283 Ratings
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Quickly check the e-file status of your tax returns after you’ve filed them, and get an immediate estimate of your federal tax refund delivery date.


Just give us a bit of info and we’ll show you:

- The e-file status of your tax returns - both federal and state
- An estimate of when you’ll get your tax refund

You don't have to be a TurboTax customer to use MyTaxRefund!


From Intuit, the makers of TurboTax, QuickBooks, and

To learn how Intuit protects your privacy, please visit

Customer Reviews

  • Alright

    by Sbell911

    This app is ok to give you an idea of when to expect your return but not as accurate as when you check the IRS website

  • Best tax application available

    by TheFoxyLady54

    I have been using Turbo Tax since it was made available to the general public. Simple and easy to use. If you provide your information correctly, you can feel confident your return is filed correctly.

  • Awesome

    by Tomato_sauce

    Thank you :)

  • Delivers

    by cswtwo

    Does just as described. Simple and effective. Thanks TurboTax.

  • Re-entry

    by Ffudneerg

    I needed to re-enter my ssn. Better instructions on form would help.

  • Great app.

    by 4YearsTill40

    Works as advertised.

  • Best app for tax return

    by 看到去看卡快

    As the subject

  • iPad Optimized

    by Wrolly15

    Great app. Would be nice to be iPad optimized too for horizontal viewing. Just easier to see and interact with.

  • Very clean design.

    by Sam Stigler

    All in all a good app.

  • Good app

    by Timelessmurray

    Easy to use and happy with results

  • Refund Rainbows

    by JGeiser

    ...shoot out my buttocks every time I use this app!

  • Great App!

    by Cadym

    Love it, so easy to use!!!

  • Cool ....

    by Lin-akbizou

    I like it on my fingertips

  • Great App

    by Spookdilla

    Best one so far!!!

  • Great

    by Grocery List

    Live being able to check refund status

  • Love the App!

    by Kpent48

    Was easy to use

  • Awesome

    by joseph cambric

    Very good tool

  • Love it

    by Jezzikaxxx

    I use it every year and it never fails :)

  • Best app

    by Tipster56

    So easy to use - no more guessing on where the money is.

  • Ttax

    by ejm79

    Nice,easy and quick

  • Does not update

    by Felicia Glenn

    There is no need to download this app, if you want to accurately track your return go to the where's my refund link. This app shows the same date nothing about progress and when you email them an auto response comes up and says to update the app.

  • Why different dates?

    by Slushfund61

    The IRS app states a refund to be deposited on 2/18/14. This app says 3/1/14. Why?

  • Pretty useless

    by Alexander Warfield

    I don't really understand how anybody can give this app a good rating. It gives no date for state returns and simply adds 21 days to the day you filed since this is the estimate the IRS gives. You don't need to enter a social security number to add a number to 21. Just pick up a calculator or look at a calendar to see what the date is 3 weeks from the time you filed.

  • Doesn't do anything

    by ThePandy

    Other than give you the general time to expect your refund, which for me was off by 10 days...

  • Refund info not up to date or accurate

    by mspixiechick

    I figured since I used TT to file my taxes this app would be helpful to keep track of my refund status. It is not - at all. Don't waste your time. Just use the IRS tool.

  • Slow

    by Alex12996

    I already have confirmation of the deposit from my bank and this app still says the same "accepted" status it did when it first told me almost two weeks ago; with the estimated refund date of February 20th. The IRS2Go app is more accurate, that's kinda sad!! Otherwise this is a very simple app to use, and i still love turbotax!

  • No!

    by TwistedRx

    An app that asks for my social??? No thanks. I'll just wait patiently. Login would serve the same purpose.

  • This is a USELESS piece of crap!!

    by TempestSurge

    Any idoit can add 21 days to the date they filed. Thats ALL this app does!

  • Don't use this as a reliable option of information

    by Crow jewels

    It seems as though the app does nothing but uses default information to provide you with a response. You put in your Ssn then zipcode and it responds with you've been accepted on this date, and your estimated refund date is "this". The only issue is they don't seem to be using an estimated refund date based off of real time information. It seems as though they are playing it safe and going with the natural very last date you can get it. (You know the 21 day estimate). I say this bc the irs has given me a DDD which is like 10 days earlier than what the app says, also my status changed days ago from accepted to approved. It seems that if the app communicated with irs info each time u put in your Ssn as it claims. It wouldn't be saying the same long out info it had the very first day I checked this app weeks prior and each day in between.

  • Thisreviewthingsucks

    by Okthissucks


  • Useless App.....not accurate

    by Newt82

    My federal refund was direct deposited several days ago and this app still says the status is "accepted". Instead of downloading, just go directly to IRS Where's My Refund website if you want accurate results.

  • Love turbo tax but not this app

    by Jkmty

    Check it everyday still says allow 21 days blah blah blah. Use IRS website if you want exact info not just the same generic message everyday. My refund hit bank in nine days according to IRS website. Hope it's correct.

  • It's DiamondGrin

    by Diamondgrin

    Well this app is smooth - @diamondgrin

  • It's really easy

    by Kenah24

    Even an illiterate will understand how to use this app and even to fill using turbo tax

  • Awesome!

    by missneal78

    I usually use the web version, but this is even faster and very user friendly.

  • Doesn't work

    by ShoemateJ

    You open the app, put in your social security number and zip code, it tells you when to expect your refund. Every time you open the app you have to put in this info again. Ours said Feb 22, 2014. It hasn't changed in the last week. So I thought I would go directly to the IRS's website. The website asks for your social, filing status and amount of your refund. It then tells you where you are in the refund process "Return Received" "Refund Approved" "Refund Sent". Right now we are in the Refund Approved section. It then tells us when the refund will be sent to our bank and the date we should check with our bank if it hasn't been credited yet. It said it would be sent Feb 12th, and check with the bank Feb 17th. So the app gives the longest timeline, but isn't accurate as to what the IRS is actually saying. Don't waste your time with the app. Just go directly to the IRS through your browser.

  • Awesome!

    by I love coupons!

    Great app and I love Turbo tax!

  • Nice

    by 00gnirts


  • Outstanding!

    by Dock Goode

    Just hope it's accurate - see in a few days.

  • Awesome tax app!

    by SPENCER R.

    Really nice option when filing!

  • Best Tax App I've Used!

    by jterukot

    I am writing this review again because when I tried to do this from pressing your icon, I was led to my email send feedback reply page. I received a message from you that my app is not updated. It is, was updated on Jan 24, 2014. This review comes from the Apple iTunes form. I just want to say Intuit online is the quickest (I only needed to give you amounts) and easy. I get a refund. IRS and State accepted my taxes the next day. By myself I do not understand deductions and I end up paying more than the refund I get with you. I also like to say I filed with another tax service 2 years ago, and one hour after I filed with you! they sent me an email to come back. Intuit is my tax service for life. I feel blessed and thank you. Wishing you a blessed Happy Valentines day. :) Sincerely, Janice Teruko temple

  • TTReview

    by Bethwantsher$

    I really like being able to know what the status of my refund is and when I might expect it! Great app!

  • MyTaxRefund

    by Selinnaagarciaa

    Love it

  • Not up to date

    by kdub24

    I have been keeping up to see when I would get approved on turbotax. According to both this app and turbotax site I'm still just accepted. But to my surprise today I got my state refund and my federal should be deposited in a couple this app does not have the most up to date information.


    by Ac3Rich

    Was a skeptic at first, I overheard a few of my friends talking about there experience using it & now I see what the fuss is about, I love it & will be a Turbo Tax user from here on...

  • Good and Simple

    by Will Tur

    I use it every year and works like its supposed to. No problem. And I'm glad it doesn't save my info.

  • Doesn't do a lick of good

    by Ashb2010

    Gives generic info of 20 days after you return was accepted. Not approved or a deposit date. IRS updated my refund date two days go, this app still says the same as before. Thumbs down.

  • Easy & Simple

    by Lynaelover

    Works great . No issues

  • Useless

    by Cassandra N. Broussard

    I've been using Turbo Tax for years and I love it. This app only gives an estimated date based on the three week time frame given from when you file. It doesn't update to match the dates given on "Where's my refund." When I used the app last year, it gave the exact date of the refund, not an estimate. What happened?

  • Awesome app

    by Mandykay7

    Easy simple

  • Easy!

    by Jeanmermaid

    Makes everything so easy to monitor!

  • Great App

    by FiremanNC

    Nice to be able to put your info in and keep tabs on return.

  • Mytaxrefund

    by shreddkill

    Great app. Simple and straightforward.

  • Good

    by Meraugusto


  • Seriously?

    by phiteinphils

    An app to tell you the date 21 days from now? Thank god I signed up for this...

  • Love this app

    by Keiko33540

    Have used turbo tax for the past three years very satisfied

  • Was definitely surprised!

    by Zundwig

    It gives me a time to expect my bling from the "government."

  • Love turbo tax

    by Tchaffin

    It's so easy!

  • Fast and easy

    by Honey bear 4

    This app good to check on ur stuff

  • Tax return app

    by Auntbean2all

    Love it great ap

  • Nice and simple

    by Jacaddict

    Useful once a year. Turbotax in easy to use and it has this awesome app that gives me updates.

  • Great tax app

    by Rhindo88

    Works great,especially since I'm a very impatient person so I can keep tabs on how my refund is doing I deffinly recommend this !!!

  • Love it!!

    by merceytwo

    Turbo tax is easy to do. I have no tax experience. I have been going to H&R block for 20 yrs. I got tired of giving my money to them. Thanks to turbo tax putting that money in my pocket!!!

  • Fast and easy

    by Kevinwhite1

    This is much easier than checking the IRS website constantly, but since turbo tax emails any change in status to you anyway, it is kind of redundant now. Still it is nice to have it to confirm.

  • Awesome

    by K money master chief

    Works exactly like displayed very satisfied

  • Load this app

    by Jewell's phone

    Wonderful tool

  • Tax app

    by Jman603

    While this app is pretty useful, I was still not able to get it to snap a picture of, My W-2's and fill in the information on it's own. Maybe they still have some links to work out, as I don't think they had this feature in the app last year. Thank you for a Listening/Reading, Y'all!

  • Amazing!!!!

    by Angell3

    Turbo tax made it simple to do my taxes online!!! Then I came across this app-I couldn't be more impressed with their accommodations for their customers!!! Way to go Turbo Tax!!!

  • Great app to track your refund

    by billieleggins

    This app is simple to login into and gives you exactly the information you need. Love iy

  • Easy to use

    by Mistxb1

    This tax app is extremely easy to use and following. Simple use your SSN and Zipcode and your tax status pops up. Can't get much easier then that.

  • Like it

    by Obaid Khan

    Fast, easy and accurate ! Love this service! Easy to follow and get you the most possible.

  • Having an issue

    by Can't get settings right?

    I love this app, I download it every year. But I'm having an issue opening it. It won't even show up in the on the front screen ? Any help?

  • Very simple, too simple actually.

    by Lynrod

    This app needs to have more features. I was very surprised that it didn't have any notification options built into the app. I shouldn't have to keep checking it, the app should notify me when my refund status updates/changes.

  • Love it!

    by Pixie715

    I'm an incredibly impatient person, and it's sooo nice to be able to check the status of my refund instead of waiting (impatiently) for it to appear one day! :) Have used this app 2 years now and have been using turbo tax for 7 years! Love it!

  • Cool app

    by alaw_333

    This is pretty cool

  • Awesome App

    by TremendousKNOX

    5 stars!! Very Accurate

  • Good app

    by Al Roberg

    Easy to use!!

  • Great

    by David Saldana

    It was simple, and they process it very fast

  • Tax tracker A+

    by Petita88

    Love this app it gives you a great estimate and tracks your tax return

  • Awesome

    by Samanthaa0357

    Gives you accurate details. Perfect app.

  • Fantastic

    by Vivienne379

    I have used Turbo Tax for over 10 years and they are ALWAYS great!

  • Wonderful

    by TCCW1

    Does exactly what it says it does.

  • Amazing!

    by Melody2327

    This app is great! I love it! I download it every year to know everything about my tax refund.

  • Nice

    by Bruja32

    Nice job to make the taxes thanks

  • I thought it was completely broken on my iPad Air...

    by mausdesign

    ...until I turned it to put into portrait view. This is serious issue, as I usually use my iPad in landscape mode. I didn't know it wouldn't work this way and could not use it for over a week because I didnt realize the input windows were being cut off. This is simply stupid interface design. Either prevent it from being rotated into landscape view or at least give us a clue to rotate the screen for it to work.

  • Works great!

    by AmbBamALam

    Just filed my taxes with Turbo Tax. The info was on this app within 10 minutes! Thanks Turbo Tax!

  • Electronic filing

    by Frank-Das

    Beware, the CD version allows you to do 5 electronic filing for $30. The ipad version charges you $30 for a single E-filing.

  • Not working

    by Street Lights76

    The app just sits on the blue loading screen

  • Works on iPhone 5S

    by RafaelxRafael

    My return is still pending (obviously) yet the app shows it's status and was able to find my info fairly quickly. Not sure how much of a difference it makes but I filed with Turbo Tax.

  • Doesn't work

    by Jamming Ruri

    App doesn't work just shows a blue screen

  • Doesn't do anything

    by Dinodak

    Weak sauce

  • Brian

    by  jem57


  • Highly recommend

    by boyznoyz1973

    Great app

  • Nothing is happening

    by Cutiepierenay

    I updated this App and now it's not working, please fix

  • Garbage. Goes nowhere, does nothing.

    by Scooter Mac

    Empty screen. Nothing to it.

  • Not up to date

    by Staynbroke

    It's showing me info from last year.

  • Simple & Easy

    by tress195 

    This app works great! Does what it's intended to & it was information was accurate. Thanks.

  • Good app

    by LEVI L.111

    Easy to use.

  • Great App- must use!!!!

    by Ely lizzy

    It's so easy to use. You can always check your taxes at your convince . This will bee my 2nd year using this app.

  • great app!

    by Teh Awesome Wendy!1494

    works fine!

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