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Seller: Intuit Inc.

Easily create itemized receipts by adding multiple custom amounts into one order, perfect for people who sell one-time or custom items.

Performance enhancements/updates.

Some helpful tips while using GoPayment:

- Want to add a memo or note to your transaction that you can see later in transaction history or QuickBooks? Use the Add Memo feature on the Review Order screen so you can see the information later.
- When using items, tap on one or more items to add it to your favorites list, edit category or delete the item(s).
- Want to edit a specific item? Tap on an item and hold for a second to bring it into edit mode. In edit mode, you can add an image, add it to the favorites list, and edit the name, price, category or whether or not it ís taxable.
- For security reasons, only admins can edit items, sales tax and tips. To change them, simply log into the app with your admin account or enable other users to do so by logging into
- You can add multiple companies to your GoPayment account. If you would like to add another company under the same GoPayment account, go through the same sign-up steps to create a new account except use the existing user name you already have. Switching between multiple company accounts is easy. If you have multiple companies under the same GoPayment account, you can switch between them by tapping the company name at the top of the navigation drawer.

Customer Ratings

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Intuit offers a fast, easy and commitment-free way for you to accept credit cards anytime, anywhere. Simply plug your free credit card reader into your iPhone or iPad and start accepting credit cards anywhere you go so you never miss a sale.

Pricing Options
GoPayment offers two pricing options to fit your needs, with NO set-up fee, NO commitment and the ability to cancel anytime:
Option 1. Pay Monthly and Save: Rates as low as 1.75% per swipe with a $12.95 monthly fee
Option 2. Pay-as-you-go: No monthly fee, with rates as low as 2.75% per swipe

Download the free GoPayment app from iTunes.
Start accepting payments in as few as 15 minutes.
To see how GoPayment works, take a test drive in the app.

GoPayment transactions integrate with QuickBooks Online, Desktop and Point of Sale to help you fully manage your business

- Easily accept credit cards and record cash and check transactions anytime, anywhere so you never miss a sale*
- Scan credit cards using you iPhone or iPad camera
- Receive a free card reader compatible with your iPhone or iPad**
- Customers sign with their finger and a personalized receipt can be sent by text or email
- Encrypts transactions, unlike many other card readers
- Add up to 50 users to your account so multiple people can accept payments for your business

* Requires internet access
**Free Intuit card reader is available to new, approved GoPayment merchants only.

By installing this app, you agree to the GoPayment Terms of Service found at

To learn how Intuit protects your privacy, please visit

The free Intuit GoPayment Card Reader is available to new, approved GoPayment customers only. Supplies are limited.

Customer Reviews

  • Great app

    by Rqs81

    I would like to see some totals of sales by week as an option. Other than that it is a great service.

  • Blondies boutique

    by Hmula

    I love my go payment but lately it's been taking 3 business days to deposit my funds. It used to be 2, they should go back to that! But besides that it awesome and super convenient!

  • Awesome

    by Risa2531

    This app is awesome and cost affective Everyone should get it!

  • Look No Further

    by Dean Vollmar

    VERY clean and intuitive interface. Start using immediately! Many optional features not found in other apps that I have tried. Flexible and powerful. It looks like Intuit has really hit the mark with this app.

  • Options for my customers.

    by NHhandyman

    I do a handyman business, so I travel all over to many locations and clients homes. My project costs vary so clients may not be ready for the amount either cash, or check. Or the may prefer to use a specific card for certain projects. I can use this app anywhere switch my phone or even on my computer from a call in. I can give instant receipts by email and can download my charge history into my books. It make my business more professional and approachable with more ways to say Yes to the customer. Great app!


    by Funicochi

    Just input the info in my iPhone and voila! I get paid. I have used it for going on four years and it only gets better.

  • Salon owner

    by I'll mom fart

    Love it--one problem--how to separate hair, product, tips etc. when the 1099's come out, the funds are all inclusive. Trouble with Board of Equalization charging tax on the entire amount--even though portions have already been taxed !! ???

  • Driver

    by Driver Drew

    Awesome! Use it everyday in my Taxi . Make my job so much easier. Customers love it.

  • Super easy

    by Bluubird

    Gopayment is super easy. The rates they charge are comparable to other companies. Their advertised price LOOKS like it will be cheaper, but there are charges in the fine print that makes it about the same fees as other readers

  • Another salon owner

    by Lovepeeps

    What a great savings this is for me and being able to hand the iPad to the client while in tip mode has increased my tips quite a bit!!!!

  • Salon Owner

    by mitchdext2012

    Great software. Very reliable

  • Works Great!

    by TheMotoShack

    This app works great for my mobile welding business. I've been able to get paid on a baseball field and on a yacht. I recommend it to all my small biz friends.

  • Barcode scanner

    by Tienrod

    All it needs is to be able to add a bluetooth barcode scanner.. Great app

  • Easy and professional

    by Wendyalyn

    I haven't been able to use the card reader yet because if a phone setting I haven't figured out yet. Overall this ap is great. It's easy to use. You can use it on phone or iPad. Payments come in 2-3 days. I plan on getting quick books for my business. It is supposed to sinc with this ap.

  • Owner/Designer

    by Leather Lady

    Works fine for me! nd

  • E a s y !

    by Francois Martin Hair Studio

    Love it! Easy to set up and easy to use. Deposits are made into my account in a few days. No credit check or hassles. I tried using another service, it got complicated. Go payment was a snap! Customer service is very helpful as well.

  • Takes to long to reach my bank

    by Marissamoran

    It takes 4 business days for the money to hit my account and its expensive

  • Does it's job

    by Stephen Jurisic

    fact that the inventory is an option on tablets only, and not on the phone app, new look is copied from Windows 93 word pad feels like

  • Does it's job

    by Stephen Jurisic

    fact that the inventory is an option on tablets only, and not on the phone app, new look is copied from Windows 93 word pad feels like

  • All I need and more!

    by Heather Coms

    It does everything I need it to do and more. Easy access to review what payments ive received and when with a daily totals breakdown, plus saves email addresses I've sent receipts to. The latest update is the best layout and has the best signature screen so far. The card swipe adaptor works well and is sturdy. I'm a happy customer.

  • Intuit Discriminates..! Beware!

    by Ak Rugby Mom

    If I could make it ZERO stars I would! Signed up and was approved within an hour. Started processing payments and 2 days later got a call asking what I was taking payments for. Said I do in-home parties, like Tupperware, but she pushed further asking what products I was selling. When I said they were romance products, I was told "the bank that sponsors us doesn't allow any adult-based businesses and we'll have to cancel your account." Thanks, Intuit... for NOT allowing the world to be a better place one orgasm at a time!! SHAME ON YOU for discriminating against a legitimate small business!!!

  • This version is awful...

    by Brown161

    Previous version let you view the transaction history and send an email receipt from there. The new version doesn't offer any details in the transaction history besides the amount charged and the date. Terrible design flaw... Also, when i tired sending a reeipt at the end of the transaction, it popped up a request to access the contact list on my phone. When I clicked NO, it closed the app without letting me send a receipt. And since I can't send a receipt from the transaction history, I have no way to send...

  • worst APP every. Stole my money!!!! DONT USE!!!

    by Huniebunie

    opened a account to be able to take credit cards. Account was approved. They sent me a card reader. I used it to let a customer buy a car from me. They closed my account and would not give me my money!!! Thieves.....

  • I Canceled my account

    by Fatboyplumber

    There customer service people are rude and not helpful. Didn't even try swiper was done with them before I even received it. Also they will charge with out explaining charges, you have been warned

  • Hidden fees

    by Heidi183

    The app works great and I like the receipts. The problem is more with intuit. They claim to have a flat per transaction rate with no hidden fees which is untrue. Their monthly statements are so convoluted that they actually post a video on how to read it. Also, very hard to access the fee schedule on their website. I switched to square which is straight-forward and upfront about their fees.

  • What happened to the inventory feature??


    I use to use this app for everything including keeping track of inventory. That feature is now gone with the new update.. :(

  • Don't waste your time!!

    by Main Street Marketing Company

    Please read online reviews about this service before you ever think about signing up! Many people are complaining. I've only used them for two months before they held onto a payment and incessantly bugged my busy client. Even though I sent them a legitimate legal binding contract. Such a waste of time! Forget these people go with Square or PayPal here!

  • Payments easy, register function useless

    by Chris Renslow

    While it's nice to be able to add your own items to the register, the app will not provide a sales summary (Z out). This makes it almost useless except for taking card payments. Would definitely not recommend for anyone looking for more than a payment processor.

  • One month in!?!?

    by Wreckin Crew

    I recently started a towing business and decided to use Intuit for the convenience of my customers. I am about one month in and have conducted numerous transactions through GoPayment. Now they suspended my account in order to "investigate" my financial status to ensure that I can cover charge-offs, etc. Shouldn't that have been something they did in the beginning when I first signed up??? There is also a lot of fine print regarding what they charge for their services. 90% of my customers pay with a credit/debit card. If my business survives their ineptness and investigation I will definitely change to another service and will not recommend them to anyone....

  • Update ruined this app!! DO NOT UPDATE

    by keltin

    I have been using gopayment for a few years and loved it, the new update is awful. I have now deleted this app and switched to a more "square" company. So Sad

  • This program has been ruined

    by Richcookin

    This program has been ruined since last update- Totally messed up- can't paste carder nos on a key in! Really! When I complain for last 3 Wks I'm told" oh- you're the first person who complained". Really! Somebody's sabotaging that company. Great when it worked but bye bye go payment!

  • Horrible

    by Valdiman10

    Don't use...

  • Update

    by TheShoeLady

    Since the new update the Memo option has been removed. I use this area to notate info about the donations received. Once I import into Quickbooks I can see the memo for easy reference. Per one of the customer service reps, the Memo option was moved to the end of the transaction. It was not there either. What happened? Your reps need to be updated on all changes that occur. The new look does not bother me, I just want some of the old features back.

  • 6.0.0 update screwed it up.

    by PCLINK

    In addition to my previous post, turns out that if you copy/paste the card number, the app fails to recognize the card type. Card # must be entered manually where as it allowed copy/paste before the update. Now I have to write down the card number from my web orders and then enter it manually. This is not good for card security and not in compliance with PCI security standards. I suggest that the copy/paste capability be re-added. Another thing the update messed up is that before you could go to the transaction history and resend a copy to customer, now it shows the list of transactions but does not allow to view details or resend the receipt. One more problem with the app that has been around ever since it's conception, is that during a card processing if you leave the app to get customer data such as expiration date or zip code, the app puts you back at the beginning rather than where you left off. I really don't care about the new look or the old look, the darn thing should be efficient and user-friendly.

  • Cost

    by KJKierce

    It works well, it just cost a lot.

  • Inventory Option Removed

    by Jennifer Aleman

    I use this app to take payments but also to keep inventory of my products. After the update, all inventory numbers were gone. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. The look of the app is not working for me. Lines are not defined well so it's hard to distinguish what price goes with which item.

  • Good transactions but poor printer support

    by Ryroryan

    Using this on iPad and can take transactions just fine. But it will not print to a Star sm-t300i printer (battery powered portable printer). All other apps I have print just fine to this. I call intuit support and they tell me that the app only supports one printer right now and it is also by Star but it is a 120v plug in printer. By the name I thought GoPayment meant that you can use it on the go, but I guess not, the only supported printer that works, you have to plug into a wall?

  • Great app for all small biz

    by Harsha Jagadish

    Been using this for years. Best app for taking payments.

  • Do not update!!!!

    by Too hard to mine

    Do Not Update! They ruined the look of this app. It now looks like a dry word document. I wish we could choose our skin, as this new one is a giant stumble backwards

  • Excellent

    by Oxford House Apts

    Simple to use. Fast. Reliable. Reads the CC first time-everytime. Was using Square previously. It was a toy in comparison. Had to swipe 15-25 times to get a reading. Love the Gopayment. I recommend it highly.

  • Vice prez

    by Meux1

    Nice easy way to take card payments

  • Taxidermist

    by WVUFan75

    Great addition to my shop. Fast and easy to use.

  • Good app great support

    by House Call MD

    We decided on Go Payment because they understood that we needed a higher weekly dollar limit -- from day one -- to run our medical practice. The history and comment sections are critical for our business. Swipe card readers are an issue, but we just key them in. The rest of the app is worth the minor issue on the swipe readers. Tech support has been strong every time we had a question. Far better than our short interaction with Square and the others.

  • Design flaws make it user-UNfriendly

    by Pacifikat

    The signature line needs to be moved. Everyone tries to start on the line, but they invariably start below the line, so the app doesn't recognize that their finger is on the screen. Or, they start too close to the left edge. There should be a box outlining the signature area. The signature line should be at least a quarter inch above the bottom boundary. The "clear" button should be red instead of blue. Too many people touch it, thinking it is the "charge" button. Plus, it should be on the other side of the screen instead of just underneath the "charge" button. On the iPhone version, when you enter your email address to get an emailed receipt and touch "done", it takes you back to the previous screen instead of sending your receipt. This button should be labeled "cancel" instead of "done". On the iPad version, the "charge" button should not be underneath the signature box because people like to rest their hands there and end up sending the charge before they've finished signing. Also, we should not have to switch keyboards to get to the @ when typing in an email address. And there should be a ".com" button on the email input screen. Fix all those problems, and I'll change my review to 5 stars.

  • Great app

    by AnytimeTowing

    Great app. Quick processing and easy to use.

  • Good App but needs upgrades

    by Aggiesis13

    App works well, but would be better if each item had sub-categories, like color and size. Also would like to see item sales reports within the app, showing sales by item and top selling items; and the ability to upload all transactions into Quickbooks, including cash sales and items sold.

  • Love it !

    by Luv4Gsus

    I'm very happy with this app. Works very well.

  • Worst experience

    by ventzislav orachev

    Dont buy this app if you are a new business. They will hold your money for indefinite period of time. Its been 10 days and they still giving me the run arounds. My account didnt qualify ??? Duh its a brand new business ofcours this are my first charges its a new business. The most dumb people ive dealt with. Do not sign up and u will thank me. If uve already signed up cancel it before u do any transactions. I have $5,000 that they wont release and closed my account due to a security risk. ?????? Really stay way people. They are a scam and will be months until u get ur money. They hire people to put positive reviews on here. Stay away

  • Be careful, dem lying ...

    by Andrew Brockman

    I guess they are really good at letting you think you will be accepting credit cards in 15 seconds. Well, 2 days later I get a clinical email that my application was declined. No reason given, just to reapply later. Went to Square, all done in 30 seconds and thank God! Rates are cheaper and don't need a monthly $19.99 service!!!

  • Easy

    by lcedwards321

    Very convenient app. Easy to use, easy to send receipts. Highly recommend!!


    by Alphawav

    Intuit GoPayment is one of the least well-organized payment systems for the iPhone available. Our company had to sign up and continue calling their underwriting department several times, They were extremely slow. The underwriting department lied saying that it was a soft pull on our CEOs credit report when in fact it was a hard pull what they did. Their whole underwriting team says it's a soft pull we spoke to 2-3 different people. On top of that, you get emails from two or three different departments that don't even know each other. By far the most unprofessional , in fact we are reporting them to the FTC for lying and deceptive tactics.

  • Blondies boutique

    by Hmula

    I love my go payment but lately it's been taking 3 business days to deposit my funds. It used to be 2, they should go back to that! But besides that it awesome and super convenient!

  • Owner

    by The sassy granny

    Awesome! Unlike other swipers this one ALWAYS works like a charm. Payments made promptly. I recommend to anyone. The only down side is that instead of taking their percentage before deposit they debit each time. This adds up to the bank charging additional fees if you go over your monthly limit. When this happens it becomes very expensive as to your total percentage

  • Love it!

    by Framesandflowers

    We love go payment at the store! Have used for about four years. Have trouble w reader on my iPhone but otherwise payment is fast and accurate and easy to use.

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