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Plane ticket, lunch and drinks at the terminal, rental car, dinner and drinks, hotel accommodations, drinks from the mini get the idea. Over the course of your run of the mill business trip, you rack up all sorts of receipts that you will need to reconcile for your expense and petty cash reports. And lord knows those receipts aren't getting any smaller, some the size of a magazine, so storing and shuffling through your pockets isn't the most effective way of managing these documents. Since you're already relying on your iPhone to schedule and jot notes for the trip, add iReceipt to log and record all your out of pocket expenses to ensure the full reimbursement you're owed. Because remember, there's nothing more difficult than going to battle with the folks in accounting and HR without proper documentation. Let iReceipt be the great equalizer for you!

iReceipt is designed for the business traveler who doesn't have time to manage paper receipts for expense reimbursements. If you travel and need to track your receipts for expense reports, then this application is for you!This useful program will let you record your expense details, optionally take a photo of your paper receipt (as proof for your accounting department), and email yourself a text generated expense report. At the end of your travels, you can optionally download your receipt images by syncing your device to your computer to make the bean counters happy.

Imagine... no longer having to sift through your pockets at the end of a trip trying to separate personal expenses from all your business related receipts. Or even worse, losing some of your business receipts and not getting paid back! Just document receipts as you go so when you get home, you can instantly generate your report, download the receipt pictures, and email it all away... out of your life.

Note: Because the iPod Touch doesn't have a camera, those related features will be disabled in iReceipt on that device.

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