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• Stability Improvements

• New Oracle Databases connector. Support to connect to Oracle databases for versions 10g, 11g & 12c.
• Multiple Data Sources connector, supporting mashup of Enterprise data sets from different data sources.
• Enhanced Dashboard Layout Manager.
• Fixes iOS 7 issues

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Don’t just access reports – build them! ReportPlus empowers you to create dashboards & reports right on your mobile device, iPad or iPhone.

ReportPlus maximizes users’ ability to derive business intelligence from popular data sources such as: Excel, SharePoint, SQL Server, MySQL, Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Reporting Services or Analysis Services OLAP cubes. The application has a highly intuitive user interface & requires little to no training.

ReportPlus is the premier mobile analytics & reporting app that enables knowledge workers through data discovery & data visualization to quickly create –not just retrieve– reports & share strategic enterprise insights, ensuring you have the latest information to make real-time, informed decisions on the go.

ReportPlus is available for individual users & Enterprises.

• Self Service: Connect directly to data sources & build dashboards interactively on the iPad – no server-side setup required!
• Ease of Use: Elegantly create dashboards – no programming necessary
• Visualize: Use data visualizations like grids, charts, maps & gauges
• Anywhere access: ReportPlus gives you complete mobility
• Collaboration: Share business insights with others right within the app

ReportPlus allows you to:

With no IT support required, follow ReportPlus’ intuitive prompts to connect directly & securely to data sources like:
• Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheets
• Microsoft SharePoint Document Lists & Libraries
• Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, MySQL, PostgreSQL Databases
• Microsoft Analysis Services Olap Cubes
• Microsoft Dynamics CRM & Salesforce
• Microsoft Reporting Services Reports
• Hadoop Hive
• Dropbox & GoogleDrive
• GoogleAnalytics, Facebook & Twitter
• Email Analytics with IMAP
• OData web services

Go beyond pre-existing dashboards – build & interact with new reports & scorecards right from your iOS device.
• Customizable dashboard style & layouts
• Full screen mode
• Autoplay slideshow

Change how data is expressed to maximize business insights.
• Grid & Text views
• More than 15 chart types with zooming & panning support!
• Trend lines
• Find data correlations with 2 Y-Axis charts
• Follow business state with gauge controls & conditional formatting
• Mash up web content with web view support

Sort, filter & finesse data to meet your BI needs & glean crystal clear insights.
• Sort data sets by column
• Filter by values or rules (top 10, starts with)
• Swap columns for rows
• Drill down support
• Aggregate & summarize information in pivot tables
• Assign icons & values to data to create scorecards
• Smart time aggregation & calculated field properties allow you to derive insights from calculations without leaving the app
• Page selection & binding

• Save data sets locally
• Access cached data offline
• Email dashboard/dashboard image
• Annotate & export to PowerPoint
• Open & save dashboards in SharePoint Libraries

• Local data is protected using “Data Protection” built-in hardware-based encryption system
• Multi-Account Management
• Authentication support for Windows, Forms, Office 365
• Client-side certificates
• Channel security: HTTPS (SSL) support & compatible with VPNs

ReportPlus Enterprise provides the features, services & support to implement ReportPlus enterprise-wide. The following features are unique to ReportPlus Enterprise implementations:
• In-House Deployment
• Custom Branding
• Centralized Configuration
• Enhanced Security
• Shared Dashboard Repository
• Preconfigured Data source connections
• Preloaded dashboards & dashboard templates

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